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The Big Fat Indian Wedding- a spectacle of music, dancing, food, laughter, and colour.

This beautiful chaos is what every Indian looks forward to for two reasons – to enjoy the food and music, and to wear gorgeous wedding clothing with dazzling jewellery.

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I believe we’re all extremely lucky to get several opportunities to wear those expensive clothes that we bought and lost weight for. I mean, in a population of 1.3 billion people, you’re bound to know at least 10 people who are of marriageable age.

Trust me when I say that doughnut was sacrificed for a good cause. Indian wedding dresses are some of the most exquisite weaves in the world – shimmering silks, glittering stonework, resplendence in every thread!

The best part? The number of occasions within the main event. You have the Mehendi function, the sangeet, the main wedding, the reception and several other pujas and gatherings!

So here’s a quick list of all possible Indian wedding dresses that you can choose from. We have some for the blushing bride, some for the bashful bridegroom, and some more if you’re just their friends.

The Sari

The thrill of wearing a sari to a wedding is something elsesari-225x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings entirely! The sari is the wedding dress to contend with for it can be worn for any occasion!

A sari is a single length of cloth that is draped around the body, paired with a blouse. One can choose between several materials such as silk, chiffon or Georgette. Generally, silks are worn for the main ceremony, while chiffon and sheer drapes are worn for the receptions and sangeets.

Bridal silks, especially are beautiful pieces of art, with shimmering zari borders and ethereal colour combinations. Depending on your style, you can drape it in several different ways, for each state in India wears their sari in a unique manner.

Over time, designers came up with new ways to drape the sari, such as the dhoti style and butterfly style. Choose the material and the style that you feel reflects your taste, best. These designer sarees make a great choice for wedding receptions.

Further, you can get your blouse tailored to your desire. You can go virtually crazy with your blouse design! Get gorgeous prints and embroidery done, or sport a unique sleeve! Finish the look with grand jewellery and a beautiful hairdo. It’s a simple, no-fuss way to look like the most beautiful person in the room!

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The Lehenga

admin-ajax-158x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings A lehenga is a 3-piece outfit- a skirt, a blouse and a perfectly-fitted choli. They come in bold colours such as reds, shocking pinks, and yellows. However, there are subtle versions available. Bridal lehengas have exquisite work done on the skirt. It is guaranteed to make you look like the gorgeous bride that you are.

Moreover, the blouse gives room for innovation. As the blouse in a lehenga is more visible than it is in a sari, it can be given a lot of attention to detail. One can get lace or net attachments along the edge of the blouse, or get it heavily embellished with beads and embroidery, or even experiment with necklines and cuts.

Alternatively, opt for a long kurta to go over your skirt for an elegant look at the engagement. You can also sport a sheer choli with embroidery or do away with it completely.

Currently, lehengas with long cholis, skirts that trail and fishtail patterns are trending. Designers are also experimenting with florals and colours such as teal and midnight blue. More common these days are lehengas made of brocade or even velvet, making for elegant Indian wedding attire for any function!

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The Anarkali

anarkali-134x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings For several years, the Anarkali has been a go-to wedding dress option. It consists of a long frock-like top which is cinched at the waist, a slim-fitted bottom and at times, a choli.

Anarkalis come at different lengths. However, the trend is to wear Anarkali dresses, which are floor length. The dress is heavily embellished, and depending on your style, you can wear it with a skirt as well! Alternatively, you can choose to pair it with a jacket instead of the Choli.

Another factor one can take into consideration while picking the perfect Anarkali is the sleeve. Anarkalis come with different kinds of sleeves- net, embellished, or even plain. Pick an elegant option that doesn’t clash with your jewellery.

Depending on the work on your Anarkali, you can pair your outfit with heavy dangling earrings. They’re sure to bring together the perfect look!

Fusion Gowns

gowns-242x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings Fusion gowns are the latest trend in Indian Wedding dresses. They are perfect for receptions and engagement parties! Gowns combine the traditional elegance of Indian designs along with the simplicity of a Western dress. It’s a great no-fuss option!

Available in several colours, gowns generally have sweeping skirts. However, you can opt for a more sleek fit. You can wear bright yellows and blues for engagement parties and sangeets. Whereas, for an evening reception, you can boost your glam quotient with a perfectly fitted sequined number.

You can also accessorize in several ways, wearing both modern and traditional jewellery with it, depending on the colour and the cut.

Moreover, it’s appropriate for the main ceremony as well if you’re the friend of the happy couple!

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Jackets and Suits

jackets-199x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings A relatively recent trend, jackets are slowly growing into a popular option. They vary in lengths, styles, and material. You can simply wear it over your gown for an edgy look!

Further, you can substitute a closely cinched jacket for a blouse and wear it with a lehenga. Yet another option is a heavily embellished long jacket with a simple blouse to go over your lehenga choli! There are several designs and cuts to choose from.

Designers such as Rohit Bal and Neeta Lulla feature jackets in their collections, each with heavy floral embroidery and beadwork.

You can also pair a jacket with dhoti pants! It makes for a good outfit at receptions and sangeets. 

There are some great boutiques you can look into while shopping for your ideal wedding dress!

As for the men, don’t worry. We have a pretty exhaustive list for you too!

The Dhoti

The dhoti or thedhoti-and-mojari-167x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings veshti as it is known in South India has been worn for centuries. Much like the sari, it is a single length of cloth that is wrapped around the lower-half in several ways. At times, the dhoti is accompanied by an upper cloth called an angavastram, which is more common in the South.

Dhotis are one of the most comfortable outfits to wear, and we all know comfort is key while sitting through the functions for several hours.

In South India, the more common colour is a plain white with a gold border. But, a variety of colours are available. Deep maroons and greens are more common. However, your style and preference determine it all.

Pair your dhoti with a crisp shirt or kurta and look effortlessly handsome!

The Sherwani

The Sherwani is a sherwani-200x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings long coat which is buttoned at the neck and extends below the knees. It can be traced back to the era of the Delhi Sultanate- a dress worn by the nobles. Do you feel like royalty yet?

Sherwanis are immensely popular as wedding dresses for men. It’s a close-fitted dress, so make sure that it’s tailored right. A well-fitted sherwani adds to the rugged charm that makes a man.

Generally, sherwanis are very elaborately embellished, making it perfect for a reception. You can wear it with slim fit pants- an easy, fashionable option. However, if heavy embellishment is not your style, you can jazz up the look with a jewelled brooch. At times, a sherwani is accompanied by a drape.

You can also opt for a simpler sherwani, paired with a grand drape. When well placed, you’ll be the classiest man in the room.

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The Kurta

kurta-139x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings The Kurta has always been a popular option for men when it comes to Indian wedding dresses. It’s a tunic that can be worn over either dhoti pants or slim fit trousers. It’s completely up to the wearer’s style! Most kurtas are made of silk- a traditional, yet classy option for the main ceremony and the rites that follow.

However, embellished kurtas are gaining popularity. One can also add some bling to their simpler kurtas with a nice, bold brooch. Kurtas are available in several colours and are perfect for any occasion!

Printed kurtas and embroidered ones are deemed perfect for sangeet and receptions. The most appropriate colours for those functions are electric blue, fuchsia, grass green, purple and golden yellow. Recently, floral prints on kurtas have been trending. They add a lot of freshness to the outfit and lend a youthful grace to the dress.

A well-fitted kurta brings the look together impeccably!

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The Suit

suit-256x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings A well-tailored 3-piece suit is always a good option.

This outfit transcends borders and brings together the most dapper look possible.

Though the classic black is most appropriate when you’re standing at the altar, you can also opt for steel grey, burgundy, or a midnight blue.

A suit can also be worn for sangeets and receptions! You can add some quirk to the look with customized cuff links, or an embellished breast pocket on your outer coat.

Further, you can match the colour of your tie to your bride’s dress. Or if you’re a part of the wedding party, colour coordinate your ties for a great group shot!

One can never go wrong with this outfit as it is the very epitome of class!

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The Ethnic Jacket

polo-pants-with-kurta-indian-ethnic-wear-for-men-620x929-200x300 Indian Wedding Dresses - For All Wedding Occasions Weddings A recent trend, ethnic jackets are really picking up among younger people as an Indian wedding dress trend.

These jackets are an innovative blend of rugged Indian design and the ease of a suit. They are generally heavily embellished and make for an elegant glam factor.

There are several cuts and styles you can You can opt for a close-fitted one or even one with an open front. The designs are very innovative, and depending on the cut and embroidery, pick the outfit.
You can pair a jacket over a simple kurta, automatically jazzing up the look. These jackets are perfect for an evening reception or a glamorous sangeet!

You can pair a jacket even over a simple sherwani. They add ethnic class to your outfit, and you’ll be sure to make some heads turn!


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