Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression

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corporate gift ideas

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Gifts can convey your feelings of love, gratitude, concern as well as appreciation. Corporate gifts are a goodwill gesture. Moreover, corporate gifts are given out with an ulterior motive. The aim behind it is to increase business exposure, maintain client and customer loyalty, as well as motivate employees. Therefore, it becomes more necessary to choose corporate gift items that portray the vision and standard of your company. That is to say, the best corporate gift ideas are not easy to come by.

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In other words, corporate gifting is a wonderful way to maintain relations with your clients as well as boost employee dedication. Moreover, the thought you put in your gift speaks greatly about how you value your people. Consequently, it affects your rapport with the recipient of the gift. As a result, it becomes quite a task to select the best corporate gift items. However, to make your job easier here is a well-researched list of corporate gift ideas for your next giveaway.

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Select from these unique corporate gift items and make a name for yourself among your employees and clients. Thank us later when you receive the award for the giver of the best corporate gifts!

Electronic Items

A long-lasting gift will strengthen a long term relationship with the client and employee. Therefore select a sturdy product as a corporate gift item. Electronic items are useful items that serve as a presentable gift to give.

The electronic product you select will largely depend upon the budget you have kept aside for corporate gift items. There are a wide variety of options in products suitable for each budget and interest. You can select items of home improvement like a microwave oven, a washing machine, or the trending dishwasher appliance. Mobile Phones come in all shapes and prices and moreover, are the most useful gadget out there. Therefore, it can be a good option for high-end clients or high-value employees as well as lower-level employees. A Kindle Reader is one of the most unique corporate gift ideas.

At a further modest budget, Portable Phone Chargers, Headphones and Portable Speakers can be very handy corporate gift items with high utility. To sum up, kitchen appliances, the latest gadgets, and other useful electronic products make for great corporate gift items.

Corporate-Gift-300x300 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events home-appliances-300x159 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events

Exclusive Food Baskets

With the rise in awareness of the necessity of a healthy diet and healthier lifestyles, a gourmet food basket would be one of the best corporate gift ideas. Your clients and employees would be impressed by your thoughtfulness and concern for their well being.

You can handpick healthy substitutes for popular snacks and gift a gourmet food basket. For example, low sugar dried fruits, energy bars, dry fruits, soup mixes, and more. Alternatively, choose an assortment of unique food products for the corporate gift basket. There are a number of goodies to select from to fill up the basket. For example, an exotic fruit basket that includes the best of the seasonal fruits will serve as a fresh and beautiful corporate gift item. On the other hand, a mix and match basket can be prepared with items like nutty gritties, premium chocolates, flavoured popcorns, and so much more. A bottle of wine and a dark chocolate hamper is one of the classiest corporate gift ideas as well.

Basket-as-gifts-300x120 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events

On the other hand, a hamper with exclusive tea blends is a fascinating corporate gift idea too. Various mesmerizing varieties of tea can be combined in one basket to make one-of-a-kind corporate gift items. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the VARIETY of flavours available for tea. It will be a task to assemble the tea hamper that is of a rich flavour and taste. However, it would be a unique corporate gift. Similarly, coffee blends can also be gifted in a hamper with coffee mugs and company logos.

tea-blend-300x120 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events Indoor Plants

With a radical shift in view towards the dire need to protect our environment, a green gifting solution will make a unique corporate gift. It would serve the dual purpose of making the company look good as well as feel good. Therefore, one of the best corporate gift ideas is potted indoor plants.

This is a wonderful gift that is alive and grows, more importantly, it cleans the air and brings positivity. Unlike fresh cut flowers that fade quickly, indoor plants are the gift that keeps on giving. Moreover, it could be a reminder to the employee that you wish to see them grow like these plants. The lovely plants can be beautiful desk accessories. Further, it would be preferable if the plants you pick do not require much maintenance and can thrive with minimalistic care. Your gift should not be a burden for the receiver. More importantly, it should be long-lasting.

Whether you select green plants, hardy succulents, or flowering plants, the recipient will be reminded of your company as well as how much you appreciate them. This corporate gift item is truly special and reflects the company’s consciousness towards the environment and people.

Indoor-Plants-as-corporate-gifts-300x240 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events

Gift Cards

It is not easy to know exactly what your client would appreciate as a gift. Therefore, best corporate gifts in situations when you cannot read the person’s interests would be- Gift cards and Vouchers. Gift your special ones the gift of choice!

The gift card could be for a number of different types. For instance, an employee is, certainly, going to appreciate the tickets to an upcoming IPL Match. You can gift travel vouchers with exciting offers. This will show your employees how much you care for them and are accepting of their holidays. Moreover, there are opportunities for learning interesting stuff online. You can pick this unique corporate gift idea and pay for one such fun course for your employees. Further, you could give a voucher for a free meal at a popular local restaurant to your esteemed clients. Taj hands out coupon booklets with some pretty amazing deals. Finally, passes for a live performance or a concert by a renowned artist are sure to get you brownie points from the recipient of this gift.

On the other hand, online shopping vouchers will also be a hit with the employees at your company. After all, online shopping is all the rage these days. All major brands like Zara, Fab India, Tanishq and big e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Make My Trip, etc offer alluring gift certificates. Take a pick and give your employees and customers the gift they will truly love.

Gift-Card-300x210 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events

Personalized Office Accessories

The classic corporate gift idea is that of gifting stationery. The stationery is, undoubtedly, a useful gift item. Moreover, there is a wide selection of products and designs to select from. However, to be on top of the corporate gifting game, you should add a touch of customization to the stationery you gift.

The office accessories are corporate gift items that are easy to procure and certainly of utility to the employees. Further, these gifts would come in handy to the customers as well. Therefore, some of the suggestions for gifting stationery would be stuff like Yearly diary, calendar, pens, notebooks, etc. The diary and notebooks are great ways to put in the details and achievements of the company over the past year for promotions as well.

If you wish to show your employees and customers how much thought you truly put in their gifts, you can personalize the merchandise. A simple pen with the recipient’s name would become an exclusive corporate gift item. Do not underestimate the functionality of Mugs and Bottles, that too personalized. Laptop bags are another gift item that will truly be appreciated.

book-300x200 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events gift-set-initials_1-300x300 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events Leather-bags-300x197 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events

Home And Furnishing

This is a more personal level of gifting and is reserved for your most valued client or colleagues of senior levels. This corporate gift idea includes items of home decor and furnishings as corporate gift items.

A home is a personal space. Therefore, if you are closely associated with your client, items under this category would be a lovely gift. For instance, valuable art is a remarkable gift. Fancy decorative items or a designer piece of carpet are great options too. A classic book or a coffee table book could be impressive corporate gift items as well. You can select fashionable crockery for the recipient.

In conclusion, any gift given with thought and love will be well received.

Gift-Items-288x300 Innovative Corporate Gift Ideas To Make A Lasting Impression Corporate Events

The corporate gift should be as extraordinary as the company giving it. The employee should be able to use it and the client should be able to showcase it. Moreover, corporate gift items should be thoughtful and useful.  They should, most importantly, be a reflection of the company’s beliefs and status.

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I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

Nikita Kejriwal

I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

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