Iris Hotel Chennai – An Exquisite Experience For Events & Stay

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Iris hotel Chennai

Whether your stay in Chennai is a short business trip or a long vacation, we have the perfect hotel for you. From its amenities to its design, everything about the Iris Hotel Chennai emanates luxury. Located in the heart of Chennai, this hotel is connected to almost every important place here. Marina Beach, Senmozhi Punga Park, shopping centres, temples, and even a world-class hospital.

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This 3-star hotel earned its name and fame through its dedicated services and facilities. One amongst the city’s most recommended hotels, The Iris Hotel has state of the art facilities to host any event. Be it a wedding, betrothal, conference or meeting, this hotel promises to deliver and keep the guests beyond satisfied.

The Iris Hotel Chennai offers all things great. A banquet hall which can accommodate up to 250 guests, 3 varieties of luxurious rooms and an in-house restaurant which serves mouth watering food. What else does one even need when the food is exemplary?

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The-iris-hotel-chennai-300x217 Iris Hotel Chennai - An Exquisite Experience For Events & Stay Conferences Corporate Events Venues Weddings

Why Customers Should Choose The Iris Hotel Chennai?

The Iris Hotel is a premium hotel nestled in the heart of Chennai- T Nagar. This hotel
combines comfort, luxury and extraordinary service. Moreover, the cosy and peaceful atmosphere of the banquet hall which overlooks the amazing building architecture is available. Additionally, traditional Indian and International Cuisine are at your disposal. Therefore, The Iris Hotel Chennai is the venue you are looking for.

Keep scrolling to find out what this hotel offers, apart from class and luxury.


The Iris Hotel Chennai offers three varieties of rooms.

– Deluxe Room, Executive Room and Suite

The rooms are elegant, snug and well furnished. They come with all the basic facilities and much more. Each room has a separate working area which comes in handy for business travellers who wish to get some work done.  In addition to that, all the rooms include a tea and coffee maker, free Wi-Fi, iron and ironing board and a safety locker. Plus, Each room can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

  • Deluxe Room

The Deluxe room here is elegantly furnished and has warm tones which are soothing to the eye. In fact, the rooms come with the option of king size bed and twin beds, making it a viable option for business travellers as well as leisure travellers.

  • Executive Room

The executive room is plush and comfortable. The amenities offered are modern and up to date. Therefore, it ensures that your stay is pleasant and relaxing. The Deluxe Room comes with a king size bed which might make you want to stay in the entire time.

  • Suite

Yes, Suite is the best and the most magnificent room that this hotel offers. This room is spectacular, majestic and splendid. It comes with a king size bed and a separate working area. Furthermore, it also comes with a separate living room. The Suite is perfect for a luxurious stay which is satisfying and enjoyable.

BRB, dreaming about jumping on that king size bed. *sigh*

Meetings And Corporate Events At The Iris Hotel Chennai:

The Iris, through its services and amenities, ensures that your experience here is not just satisfactory, but marvellous. Apart from leisure, this hotel is popular for business purposes. This is because of their top-notch facilities, which ensure that the event progresses smoothly. The Iris offers a spacious banquet hall, The Aquamarine, which is apt for meetings and conferences. It is packed with modern equipment like a good quality projector and sound system. It is vital for any meeting that it moves according to the time given in the agenda and not late. At Iris, the staff here strive to ensure that there are no obstacles in the meeting which would inadvertently slow the event down.

Banquet Services At Iris

The Aquamarine Hall

                  the-aquamarine-hall2-300x193 Iris Hotel Chennai - An Exquisite Experience For Events & Stay Conferences Corporate Events Venues Weddings    

                the-aquamarine-hall-300x207 Iris Hotel Chennai - An Exquisite Experience For Events & Stay Conferences Corporate Events Venues Weddings  

This banquet hall is all things fancy. Packed with modern amenities and world-class facilities, The Aquamarine promises to deliver. With a capacity of 250, this hall is ideal for both social and corporate events. The facilities it offers include:


  1. In house catering: The Iris offers scrumptious in house catering services. The items on their menu are mouthwatering. The food here does not let you down as every item is deeply satisfying. Plus, they permit outside caterers too, so you can adapt according to your needs.
  2. In house decorator: Apart from offering in house catering, The Iris also offers an in house decorator. This shows that this hotel strives to make your experience as smooth as possible.  You won’t have to struggle and search for a decorator. However, this hotel also permits outside decorators.
  3. Projector: For meetings and conferences, it is vital that presentations progress smoothly and without any issues. The Iris provides a high-quality projector which is available at the disposal of the guests.
  4. Built-in audio: The built-in audio systems at The Iris are top grade. The sound quality is high and the volume can be adjusted according to the requirements of the guests.
  5. Wheelchair friendly: The Iris Hotel takes care of all its guests. It has developed its facilities in such a manner to make everyone’s stay as comfortable as possible. Making the banquet hall wheelchair accessible is a sign of their dedication towards ensuring a smooth experience.

The Aquamarine can be arranged in the following ways:

  • Classroom: 40 people
  • Board Room: 30 people
  • Cluster: 60 people
  • Theatre: 120 people
  • Floating crowd (Standing): 200-250 people

The highlight at The Iris Hotel Chennai here is their dedicated support staff. They strive to ensure that your experience is one of a kind. Moreover, the staff are vigilant and responsible. They work hard to deliver and fulfil their promise of a comfortable stay.

You can choose this hall for any social event like a betrothal, pre-wedding party or even a wedding. The Aquamarine hall is appropriate for corporate events too. Hence, you do not have to look anywhere else as this is perfect for meetings, conferences and product launches.

Chill Out Grill: In-house Barbeque Restaurant at The Iris Hotel, T. Nagar, Chennai

chill-out-grill Iris Hotel Chennai - An Exquisite Experience For Events & Stay Conferences Corporate Events Venues Weddings                                                        chill-out-grill-1-300x187 Iris Hotel Chennai - An Exquisite Experience For Events & Stay Conferences Corporate Events Venues Weddings    

Chill Out Grill is a unique restaurant which brings the concept of “live barbeque or grill” to a mouth-watering reality. Watching the food get bbq-ed live is an altogether different experience. In fact, it’s like watching the trailer for a brilliant movie and then watching the movie. In this case, the movie does not let you down.

The restaurant is open within the following timings:

  • Morning: 7:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.
  • Afternoon: 12:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.
  • Night: 7:00 P.M. – 10:30 P.M.

One of its highlights is its dynamic theme settings. It ranges from seafood carnival to mango festival every time you visit. Furthermore, they also offer customised services on request.  Besides, through BigFday, you can avail their basic vegetarian plate and non-vegetarian plate which originally cost Rs 750 and Rs 850 respectively at discounted rates.

Chill Out Grill is really chilled out btw.

The Iris Hotel Chennai is definitely one of the best among the 3-star hotels Chennai has to offer. From hosting lavish weddings to professional gatherings, the experience is guaranteed to be a class apart. The team at Iris will work hard until they turn your dream into a reality. Plus, a stay here is undoubtedly unmatched.

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