Gone are the days when kids birthdays meant calling home a few friends of your little munchkin to cut the cake, play a few games, serve two-three dishes and send them back home. The elements of a birthday party now involve a venue, decor, games, food, party favours and whatnot. And essentially a theme to connect them all. This theme is the basis that navigates the planning of all the other aspects of your party. Therefore you certainly don’t want to go wrong while choosing it.”I googled kids birthday party themes, and there are tons to choose from. What do I do?”

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Well, here is a well-researched list of the hottest kids birthday party themes in 2019; themes that are fresh, enticing to both the host and the guests. Don’t mistake them to be for a selective budget. A party at home, or at an outdoor venue, hired party planners or mommy planners using DIY decor; this is a one for all list. A party in 2019 can’t go wrong with these themes!

Go ahead and find the one that’s perfect for you.

Doughnut Theme

To all those kids who love doughnuts more than you should, you do-nut have to look further. The perfect theme for you is trending in 2019! A testament to this¬†is the fact that the searches for “donut decor” have gone up by 748% on Pinterest! If you’re someone who looks at a party as an opportunity to exploit all your creative potentials, let me guarantee you that this sweet colourful theme will more than satiate your needs! And what is better than the decor that you can eat ūüėõ¬†This theme choice will assure you a Pinterest worthy party!

doughnut-theme Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties


Unicorn Theme

Highly popular for some time¬†now, the theme continues to run hot in 2019 as well. The cutesy element that this imaginary(is it?) animal brings to a party is soaring high and will leave your guests in awe. Its versatility in terms of how it can be incorporated in the invite, decor, cake, dress code, food, party favours etc doesn’t allow you to discard the theme based on do-ability. While all the pastels and brights will form the colour scheme of your party, white, pink and gold are the primary colours that are majorly¬†used.

unicorn-theme Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Enchanted Forest Theme

Sucker for nature’s beauty or the candles and fairly light decor? A new and fresh theme, Enchanting forests is being experimented and loved all around the world in weddings and birthday parties, especially outdoor ones. Since this one would be for your kid’s birthday party, you might want to add up an animated element to it. Tinkerbell, Jurrasic Park and Alice in Wonderland are popular choices for the same. If you’re intrigued, explore to see the multiple¬†interpretations of it. Honestly, each one’s beauty and uniqueness will amaze you leaving an urge with you to try it as well. The¬†scavenger hunt is a must activity as it highly trending this year.

Enchanted-Forest-Theme-Setup-1-1024x683 Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Nautical Theme

Ahoy! Get all the sailors aboard for a sea-lebration! The love for sand castles, seashells and the beach is a commonality thread running among most kids. To have a party in a set-up like that would be awesome, isn’t it? Even if it isn’t shore-front you could give it the nautical vibe by adoring your venue with anchors, ring buoy (inflated water tubes), ship wheel, compass, shells and an overall colour scheme of blue and white. ‘ Message in a bottle’¬† is a super cool idea for this theme. A bottle or a jar is arranged where the guests can drop their messages and wishes for the birthday boy/girl!

nautical-theme Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Superheroes Theme

Marvel or DC, every kid dreams of saving the day like a superhero. Bam! Kapow! Pop! they cannot wait to make some of that action on their own. From invites to party favours, and from DIY to rented decor, this kids birthday party theme can easily be tailor-made according to your own budget. Turn your venue into a scenic movie plot with highrise building to fly from. Put on their capes, masks and costumes and divide them into teams of superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Wonderwoman etc. Organise team activities and aggregate points to declare the best superhero among all!

superheroes-theme-755x1024 Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Monochromatic Theme

A single colour theme with its hues from darkest to lightest, in different shades and patterns, is not just exciting to create but it also simplifies the entire planning process. This kids party theme is voguish, highly unique and brand new. It promises to create a lasting impression. Pink, white, gold and blue are among the popular colour choices for the same. Imagine the decor, venue, dress code, cake, most of the food in white. This theme in itself could make your party a hit!

monochromatic Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Baby Shark Theme

Who could have thought a rhyme could land at the top of youtube charts? Since your kids are kids, chances are you have heard this catchy tune a 100 times. Maybe you’re even jamming with them to this upbeat rhyme. This obsession has turned Baby Shark to one of the popular kids birthday party themes. Mommy sharks, if you can relate to this you got to doo doo doo doo doo this theme. Get underwater animals, fishnets, surfboards and not to mention, a lot of sharks to every element of the party to make it look nothing less the video of this song!

baby-shark-theme Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Boss Baby Theme

Arrogant, demanding, yet smart; this walking and talking infant in a black suit with a black briefcase managed to become a superstar among the kids. The boss baby theme is still as charming as ever before. Think black, white and blue while planning the boss-themed party. Though this theme has been known and used for some time now, it still excites kids and hence, trending this year as well!

boss-baby-theme Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Tropical Theme

Tropical is another nature-inspired theme, yet more on the ‘fun in the sun’, colourful, festive side of it. While you can always execute it indoors, it is perfect for an outdoor party specifically in the summers. Blue, teal, yellow and pink hues accent the theme and promise to have the party aesthetics on point. Decor elements comprise flower crowns and garlands, palm leaves, carved fruits, beach umbrella, watermelons etc. A cute themed photo booth just cannot be forgotten. Bright colours and floral prints, the dress code of this theme makes it just so much more attractive.

tropical-party Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

Wonder Woman Theme

This movie and her dazzling female super-heroine won all our hearts. Didn’t she? Princess Diana saved the world by killing Ares, the god of war and saved mankind. If your little one can’t stop fangirling Wonder Woman, she’ll love you guys for organising a birthday party themed her. To set the tone for the same primary colours you should use are red, blue and gold (or yellow). Wonder Woman badges could be pinned for all your guests¬†at entry. Props for your guests like crowns, capes and hand accessories go without saying!

wonder-woman-theme-1024x1024 Trending Kids Birthday Party Themes For A Rocking Party In 2019 Birthday Parties

As this list of kids birthday party themes is inclusive of a number of general as well as specific ones, you’re ought to find the ideal one for you!

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