Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms!

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A wedding is an auspicious event which plays a very significant role in two people’s life. For the bride and groom is once in a lifetime experience. Hence, they desire for everything to be impeccable on their wedding day, right from their attire to the wedding venue. Talking about wedding attires, in recent times the grooms too have become cautious about their wedding look. They too want to match up with the bride. Hence, we have carefully compiled a list of the latest sherwani trends in this blog. 

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Though the bride may be the centre of attention on the wedding day, it is fair to say that the groom actually completes her look. It is very important to select the wedding sherwani that is not only beautiful but also compliments the bride. Hence, explore all the possible options in terms of design and style, both via online research and stores nearby. So let’s get started with our list of some irresistibly stylish designs of sherwani worth considering this wedding season!

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Indo-Western Sherwani 

Indo-western-682x1024 Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms! Weddings

People’s perception of style and tastes are evolving with times. Simply put,  grooms too prefer a modern twist to the traditional sherwani designs of sherwani.  An Indo-Western Sherwani will have contemporary details that are strikingly different from traditional sherwani designs. 

The design and the cuts are very different. Firstly, the asymmetric cuts of sherwani are very unusual. It also consists of some different collar designs such as Angrakha, Chinese collar.  The bottom/pyjama is usually replaced with a dhoti, Indo-western churidar or a Patiala salwar. The combination of stylish sherwani with a traditional dhoti is impressive and fashionable.

As a matter of fact, many movie stars/celebrities have been spotted sporting Indo-Western sherwanis in fashions shows and high profile events. Hence, for grooms who are confused between choosing an ethnic and modern look, this type of sherwani is perfect.

Pastel Monochromatic Sherwani

pastel-1-708x1024 Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms! Weddings

It’s time to overcome the myth that pastel-hues clothes are only confined to women’s wear. In fact, the recent popular runway shows have generously used colours such as aqua, ivory, light green, light pink, etc on men too. Pastel hues on rich silk fabrics such as Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Brocade, etc make an elegant combination.

Predominantly a groom who prefers a Sherwani both elegant and subtle should opt for a pastel-coloured Sherwani. Similarly, if the bridal attire is in a pastel shade, the groom too can opt for the same hue and the couple will look chic and classy together.

Also, this style is appropriate for both, the engagement function as well as the wedding day itself. Complete the look with ethnic accessories like a Turban, Dupatta/Shawl, neckpiece, sarpech, Jootti/Mojari, etc!

Sherwani With A Royal Touch

royal-683x1024 Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms! Weddings

A sherwani style immensely influenced by our ancient epic characters such as Arjuna, Karna, Nakul, Akhbar, Humayun, etc. Donning such a style is all about making a powerful and royal impression. This style of Sherwani looks impeccable in a peach or gold-tone, which is the colour of royalty. It will also have a lot of intricate Zardozi work. Hence, this type of sherwani often tends to be heavy to wear. 

It’s one of the favourite styles among the top fashion designers across the country. They have given their own creative twists to this epic ancient sherwani design.


Contemporary Style Sherwani


If you are the type who is very flamboyant, stylish and ardent in his personal choices you are sure to prefer designing contemporary groom wear. One of the examples of contemporary style is a long jacket with either a front opening or bandh gala.  Any groom donning this attire will definitely look distinct and set a benchmark for himself. Further, the long jacket can be both designed in a printed or solid colour as per the groom’s choice and preference.  Similarly, the jacket can be customized with different motifs.

This type of wedding Sherwani is something new in the fashion world and a must for all the fashion savvy grooms.

Sherwani With A Drape

drape-1-300x282 Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms! Weddings

Coming up with some unusual touch in usual sherwani design, this latest trend in a sherwani with a drape is something very fascinating. Moving away from the standard designs, a drape pattern is incorporated in the front section of the sherwani. This introduction of drapes in the sherwani gives a whole new look to the outfit. Want something creative yet trendy for your wedding? Then this is style worth trying! It is essentially a traditional design with a little drape attached to it. But has an entirely different impact on wedding attire. This style is also a great attire option for a Sangeet or Engagement ceremony.  Needless to say, the colour of the sherwani can be customized as per the groom’s choice.  Likewise, for a more fashion-savvy look, consider pairing it with straight pants instead of a chudidar. 

Head To Toe Camouflage Sherwani

One of the latest sherwani trends happens to be using the same colour tone for the top as well as the bottom along with some matching accessories. 

For instance, draw a picture in your mind where you are pairing a beige colour sherwani with a beige turban and beige hued churidar and a neckpiece and jutti in the same colour. Impressive, isn’t it?

Similarly, there are floral print and abstract print sherwanis too. Additionally, it can be worn with a dupatta and a waistcoat. This sherwani style is bound to make the groom look stylish.

Floral Sherwani

16906708_1956390537916120_8269999411514310656_n-e1488366287275-1024x686 Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms! Weddings

Initially, men were quite apprehensive to wear floral printed clothes. It was because they thought it was only the women who opted for such prints. But these days the perception is changing and men too, are comfortable wearing floral prints. This change in perception has allowed designers to design sherwanis for the groom in floral prints. As a result, in recent times we have seen some fine pieces of art in floral fabrics. The floral fabric can be used in a variety of designs. Besides, this floral printed sherwani can be worn as it is or with contrast dupatta and churidar. The groom will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd in a floral sherwani.

Traditional Sherwani

traditional-sherwani-2-745x1024 Latest Sherwani Trends And Styles For The Fashion Forward Grooms! Weddings

On the traditional sherwani design many changes, modifications, patterns can be done as per the specific preferences of clients. But a good fitted traditional design of sherwani matched with the right accessories itself is enough to do all the talking. This wedding sherwani will always be on the list of latest sherwani trends. It is eternal and classy. Therefore, if you wish to have a complete ethnic then the traditional sherwani will never disappoint you.


A perfect Groom’s sherwani is not only imperative for the groom, but also for the bride. And we hope this blog on the latest sherwani trends was useful for you.

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Writing is that form of art that speaks your mind. And I love speaking my mind through words. With a passion for writing, my approach is always to write something new and better.

Neha Garg

Writing is that form of art that speaks your mind. And I love speaking my mind through words. With a passion for writing, my approach is always to write something new and better.

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