List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar

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marriage halls in T.Nagar

Searching for the ideal venue to host your special day in T Nagar? Don’t worry, we got you. T Nagar is one of the prime areas in Chennai and definitely a wedding hotspot. It is also known as the shopping hub of this city. Be it clothes or jewelry, you’ll find everything here, including the finest marriage halls. From 5 star hotels to low budget halls, with high-quality service, courteous staff and a variety of amenities, Mambalam has it all. Amongst the bustling streets, there are a variety of options for you to choose from.

Hence, to make your search easier, we bring you the list of the top marriage halls in T Nagar.

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EVP Rajeshwari Marriage Palace

EVP-Rajeshwari-Palace-1 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings

EVP Rajeshwari Marriage Palace has two banquet halls, each with beautiful interiors. The banquet halls have tradition-rich designs, emanating culture and heritage. For couples seeking a royal wedding which is light on their pocket, then these halls are a good option amongst the many marriage halls in T Nagar. The seating capacity of the two halls is 170 and 400, therefore making it a viable option for both wedding and pre-wedding festivities. They offer an on-site professional decorator, a dance floor and a stage for artists. Apart from providing a variety of amenities, they also have an in-house caterer whose price per plate is just Rs 400 ( vegetarian). Furthermore, they permit outside caterers too.

Address:  No.23, Pondy Bazaar, opp GLOBUS, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Krishnaswamy Kalyana Mandapam

Krishnaswamy-kalyana-mandapam-300x127 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings


Krishnaswamy Kalayana Mandapam is a spacious marriage hall that can accommodate up to 800 guests. Hence, it is ideal for large scale weddings. Also, it offers 21 A/c rooms for the guests, kitchen fuel and vessels in their package. With valet parking services and a parking capacity of  30 cars, it ensures a comfortable and joyful experience for the guests. This 6000 sq ft hall also comes with generator back-up in case of power failure. This hall is ideal for those looking for vegetarian catering. Krishnaswamy Kalyana Mandapam is the combined package of good services, excellent seating capacity and affordability.

Address: No.62,(Old No. 31), South Boag Road, T.Nagar, Chennai -600017

Shree Convention Centre

shree-hall-t-nagar-chennai-300x197 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings


Shree Convention Centre was inaugurated in 2017 and has been flourishing ever since. This hall can accommodate up to 500 guests, making it ideal for weddings and pre-wedding ceremonies. With a parking capacity of 25 cars and 100 bikes, it ensures that the guests are comfortable. It is equipped with modern kitchen facilities, 24 hours generator back-up and fire safety measures. Moreover, the hall also provides 10 A/c rooms, which comes in handy to the bride, groom and the guests. Furthermore, this hall has a temple nearby and is well connected from all parts of the city.

Address:  Old No. 20, New No. 47, Burkit Road, T Nagar, Chennai – 600017

Vijaya Mahal

Vijaya-Mahal-300x171 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings


Vijaya Mahal is an air-conditioned hall with a mega seating capacity of 1500 guests. This spacious hall has elegant interiors and ample amenities. The kitchen comes with modern and hygienic equipment to facilitate the working of the caterers. 10 air-conditioned rooms are available for the use of the bride, groom and guests. The 24-hour telephone facility is a sign of their dedicated services. Moreover, they have an indoor car parking facility of 50 cars and 200 two-wheelers as well as valet parking services. Vijaya Mahal is the ideal choice among the others in T Nagar to host a large scale wedding, free from obstacles and disturbances.

Address:  Sir Theagaraya Rd, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai, 600017

Balaji Kalyana Mandapam

sree-balaji-kalyana-mandapam-300x200 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings


One amongst the popular marriage halls in T Nagar, Balaji Kalyana Mandapam has all the facilities required to make the event a success. The hall is so popular that it gets pre-booked for almost a year in advance! A seating capacity of 350 guests and a dining capacity of 80 makes this hall ideal for weddings with a small gathering. It provides generator back-up in case of power failure and allows vegetarian catering. What more, this hall is also budget friendly. Balaji Kalayana Mandapam is a good choice to host a simple and elegant wedding.

Address: 2, Sundaram St, Near Big Bazar, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Sree Anandavalli Kalyana Mandapam

Located at 100 feet road, this hall is ideal for weddings on a budget. Sree Anandavalli Kalyana Mandapam has a capacity to accommodate 200 guests. Therefore, it is ideal for weddings with a small gathering. Though they don’t have a dedicated car parking space, the road in which it is situated is a dead end, thus enough space is available to park cars and two-wheelers. The kitchen comes with vessels and cooking fuel, which can be used by the caterers. If you are looking for a budget-friendly hall among marriage halls in T Nagar, Sree Anandavalli Kalyana Mandapam is the perfect hall for you.

Address:  New No.40 old No. 112, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Road, T Nagar, Chennai, 600017

Geetham Mahal

Geetham-Mahal-300x200 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings  Geetham Mahal is located at 60 feet road, thus it is easily accessible and convenient to find. This hall provides a variety of facilities including safety lockers, generator back-up and kitchen equipment. Additionally, they also provide lodging services which can be of great help to outstation guests. Finding a good budget-friendly hall in a prime area like T Nagar can be difficult but Geetham Mahal is a good option among the few.

Address: No. 14, Rajachari Street, T. Nagar Chennai 600017

Kanthimathi Kalyana Mandapam

Located at 20 Feet road, Kanthimathi Kalyana Mandapam is not just ideal, its also easy on your pocket. There are two options for you to choose from, an A/c hall and a non-A/c hall. Apart from that, with its seating capacity of 500, and a dining capacity of 150 guests, it is suitable for weddings, betrothals, etc. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the frequent power cuts, this venue has a fully functional generator back up facility. Moreover, it also offers 11 A/c rooms, a well-equipped kitchen and parking facilities. This elegantly designed hall is definitely one of the best marriage halls in T Nagar.

Address: Old No.28, New No 11, BN Road, 2nd St, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Gowri Hall

The-Gowri-hall-300x202 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings


Built in 1980, The Gowri Hall is a top contender amongst the other marriage halls in T Nagar, for your special day. Located at Arya Gowda Road, this hall is easily accessible and not difficult to find. This aesthetically designed venue comes with practical interiors like the smoke exhaust facility in the Homam room. The chairs are vibrant and add a sparkle of life to the room. One of the highest rated halls in T Nagar, it is known for its courteous staff who are dedicated to their roles and always ready to help. Additionally, it is packed with 24-ton air conditioning, a must for Chennai, it has a seating capacity of 220 guests, ideal for functions with a small gathering.

Address: New No 31 (Old No 10), Arya Gowder Road, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600033, Near Mambalam Railway Station

Sri Bhuvaneshwari Kalyana Mandapam

sri-bhuvaneshwari-kalyana-mandapam-300x200 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings


One of the popular marriage halls in T Nagar, Sri Bhuvaneshwari Kalyana Mandapam is a relatively new Kalyana Mandapam with ample facilities to suit your needs. With its unique design, it is catchy and different from others. The hall is equipped with generator back-up, lifts and 8 rooms. Having a seating capacity of 750 makes it ideal for large scale weddings and other events. The hall is centrally located which makes it easily accessible from all parts of the city. Packed with all these features, it ensures that the event goes on smoothly and without any encumbrances.

Address:  Sri Bhuvaneshwari Kalyana Mandapam, No 6, Dr, Singaravelu St, Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

SS Kalyana Mahal

ss-mahal-300x201 List Of The Finest Marriage Halls In T Nagar Venues Weddings

Established in 2012, this hall has all the basic features required to ensure that the guests are satisfied. With generator back up, there are no worries of extreme heat and humidity. Along with that, the hall also comes with 9 rooms and a car parking capacity of 20. The seating capacity of 350 makes it ideal for weddings with a small gathering. The courteous staff are helpful and committed to their roles. SS Kalyana Mahal is a venue that won’t let you or the guests down.

Address: No 48/28, South West Boag Road, T Nagar, Chennai – 600017, Near T Nagar Bus Terminus


We genuinely hope that this list helped you in your search for the ideal venue. We understand how exhausting it can be to look for a hall which satisfies all your needs and requirements. But you do not need to worry, we can help you! All you need to do is contact us to help you plan your event. We will make your job much easier by going through hundreds of venues until we find the best hall which satisfies all your requirements. Ensuring that you enjoy your event and be stress-free is what we strive for.

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