List Of Amazing Wedding Decorators In Chennai

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Wedding season is coming up, and so is the pressure to find the perfect decor for the perfect wedding. Feels like there are too many of them out there does it not? Don’t worry we have put up a list of wedding decorators in Chennai who will blow your mind with their work. They cover everything from floral work to be done to catering.

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A wedding is the most important event in life. It is the ceremony that takes place when two people get bounded or united in an unbreakable bond for lifetime called marriage. To embellish, spice up the mood and light up such an occasion, you need to find the right decorator who can empathize your dream, understand your style and materialize your vision. Below are 10 wedding decorators in Chennai that will make that happen for you.

1. Red Thread Eventz

It is an ancient belief that there is a Red thread that connects two people who are destined to be connected by a red string of fate which is believed to be tied around their ankle. Red thread eventz has been soaring through since 2014. They won’t even let you break a sweat once you hand over the responsibilities to them. Also, they make it a point to do everything with perfection. They cover events ranging from weddings to birthdays. The offered services include- Wedding/engagement decor, theme birthday parties, sangeet planning, photography and video, photo booth and DJ nights.

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2. Shribha Wedding Decorators
shribha-wedding-flower-decor-t-nagar-chennai-florists-for-wedding-decoration-3kdjzas List Of Amazing Wedding Decorators In Chennai Weddings

Now, what is an Indian wedding without flowers? Shribha is the one for you. Their main objective is for you to have the perfect wedding you dreamt of as a kid. Covered with flowers and chocolates. I mean what is more romantic than flowers and chocolates. They also have the perfect return gifts for the guests who attend your magical day.  They offer services like Wedding Decorations, Church Decorations, Bridal Bouquet, Bridal Garlands, Car Decoration, Corporate Arrangements, Hotel Lobby Arrangements, Round Arrangements, Boat Arrangements, Side Arrangements, Bouquets, Posies, Basket Arrangements, Chocolate & Flower Basket, Fruits & Flower Basket, Valentines Day Arrangements, Wreaths.

3.Midst Decorators

Midst is a derived decor company and is a unit of K. Selvam decors. They have been in the wedding decor game since 1975. They are probably like the godfather of wedding decorators. Midst knows every angle at which to plan and decorate weddings. The weddings they decorate are so versatile and unique. They cover from authentic south Indian temple wedding to a western backyard wedding. They also do decor for a birthday theme, puberty function, baby shower, housewarming, cradle parties.

4.Bonding Decor

Their name says it all. The meaning of the word bonding literally means the formation of a close relationship, especially through frequent or constant association. They do not fail to deliver just that. Bonding Weddings offer a distinctive range of decor to suit both traditional and modern tastes. They have an impressive portfolio which includes elegant mandaps and aisle accessories, spectacular venue and foyer decorations, contemporary flower arrangements.

5.Auron Wedding Decorators

The Hebrew meaning of the word “Auron” translates to “mountain of strength”. Auron Events is an event management company that completely manages your event so that you can sit back and enjoy to the fullest. Their wide range of services includes Venue, Decoration, Catering, Photography & much more & is tailor-made to match your dream. Other additional services they’ve included in recent times are Bridal makeup, costume and also DJ’s on the go. These days pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding’s music has been from a DJ’s turntable.

6. Wishing Well Events

The company was founded by Prerna Asrani Shalini. Most of the decorations are done by. Wishing Well has brought joy to all of their clients. Prerna who is the heart of Wishing Well has been organizing events for more than 8 years now. She will help you with everything, right from conceptualizing the theme to organizing the food to making sure that all your guests and entertained and having a great time. Their work is done with utmost care and precision. They also offer services like Birthday parties, Magician, DJ, Bouncy Castle, Photobooth.

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7. Mehak Wedding Planners

canva-mandap List Of Amazing Wedding Decorators In Chennai Weddings

Here is another florist wedding decor company for you. They have been in the game since 2000. They have won awards like “EMERGING ENTREPRENEUR AWARD BY THE SINDHI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE”. This is quite a big deal to get an award for wedding decor. Florist Mehak is one of the leading florist affianced in offering the optimum flowers at the clients end. The flowers are made accessible with a beautiful presentation to express your feelings with ease, I mean you name your favourite flower and they have it.  Flowers just light up women’s faces, especially on their wedding day. It is almost like flowers complete the bride and also the venue.

8.Dream Day Designers

All of us as a kid would have thought about our dream wedding. Since 2015, Dream Day Designers have been making those dreams come true. Found by Dhanusiya in September 2015. The designs you get from hiring them are all done by Suvidha. The designs you get are custom made for you. They also do engagements parties and birthday parties. They have a good photographer to capture your perfect moment. Caterers are also there under them who would steal your heart with their food. You can just explain what you need on your big day, sit back, relax and they would meet your necessities with a dash of perfection.

9. Vermillion Wedding Decorators

Vermilion is considered the colour of life, associated with blood, and eternity. It carries with it the same symbolism of love, marriage, and religion. This company offers just that. Lokesh and Imran of Marriage Colours have decorated many weddings since their genesis.  The company keeps in mind of what you want and also suggests some of their ideas. When you give them the go they would start working towards building you the perfect wedding. Now, you can just sit back relax and enjoy the ride leaving all the responsibilities to them. They also do complete event services for Corporate, BTL, Birthdays, Fashion Shows, Entertainment.

10. Marriage Colours

Close your eyes, imagine your perfect wedding I bet the first thing you’d think about would be the number of colours that you’d see, let it be flowers, carpets anything for that matter, Colours can express feelings that even words can’t. Speaking about colour Marriage Colours specializes in colour, they want you to go through the experience each colour gives you almost like a roller-coaster of colours you could say to make your beautiful day your perfect day. This company is probably the most creative one here. You name the kind of wedding you need and they will deliver with style and perfection. They’ve had weddings on the beach, on rooftop’s and also backyards. This makes them one of the most versatile wedding decorators.

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Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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