DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy!

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mehendi decoration at home

Mehendi laga ke rakhna, ghar ko saja ke rakhna.

The mehendi function is one of the most special functions there is. A holy event, it is loaded with happiness and fun. As the ladies get tattooed with mehendi, the kids dance around and capture sweet memories. The designs may not be with you forever, but the memories surely do.

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The best part about these functions is that there are no set rules. The food can be of any cuisine, the dresses can be traditional or western, the music can be of any genre and the decorations can be of any type.

You can go with the traditional practice of hiring a decorator and dressing up the venue. However, for a more fun event, you can make the mehendi decoration at home!

You may think that is difficult or time-consuming, trust me it is not! Making these decorations at home is fun and easy. It may require some of your creative skills, but it is worth it!

Worry not though, I’m going to make this task easier for you. Here’s a list of DIY ideas for a stunning mehendi decoration at home.

Tassles Decor

tassles-217x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Tassles are beautiful, easy to arrange and catchy. Hang out brightly coloured tassels at your mehendi function and you are guaranteed to get stunning pictures. You can either go for a single colour scheme or add life to the event with multicoloured tassels. They are in trend and are easily available in the market. Plus, tassels make for a great photobooth!

Fairy lights Decor

fairylights2-300x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Fairy lights are one of the best inventions ever. Period.

These beautiful series of lights are alluring and mesmerizing. You can hang them in any fashion and light up your event (pun intended).  From the walls or from trees, fairy lights look great everywhere. You can put them in the photo booth and capture stunning portraits.

fairylights-153x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Instead of hanging them out, you can even put these lights into transparent glass bottles or just any glass bottle. The effect is amazing, as you can see. This decor is preferable if the function is in a closed space as it would be more illuminating. Such bottles are easily available almost everywhere. For a more catchy effect, you can put the fairy lights into coloured glass bottles. Just imagine it, isn’t is beautiful?

Flower Decor

flowers-300x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Flowers are the ultimate decor. A great idea for mehendi decoration at home, they are evergreen. Never out of trend, flowers bring life to any event. In an already LIT party, they just add more glitz. They can be arranged in any way and in any form. Pick a flower of any colour, they are all equally beautiful.

Tie them up in strings and hang them out in a consistent way. Use a single or a multicolour scheme, both are just as stunning. For a sober mehendi decoration at home, use white coloured flowers, it will look simply surreal.

Photo Decor

photos-300x209 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Using photos as a DIY mehendi decoration is catchy and creative. Collect old and new photos and hang them out everywhere. You can hang them on strings or stick them on the walls. Plus, you can add on to this by decorating around the photos with tassels and fairy lights. As the ladies wait in line, they can look at the photos and pass time. Photos as a background for new photos will give you a cutesy effect.

Wreath Decor

wreath-200x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Along the lines of the previous idea, hang out wreaths throughout the venue. Making them is a simple task and worth the effort. Add small flowers on them and the end result will be simply beautiful. To jazz it up, you can even add small tassels at the bottom of the circle. Wreaths are also available online if you don’t wish to personally make them. Still, you can hang them out in any way you want!

Kite Decor

kites-225x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Using kites for mehendi decor is a great way of adding glitz to the event. They are catchy and different. The photos will turn out great! The guests won’t ever forget such decor and your mehendi function will be the benchmark for a long time. The best part is, kites are easily available and hanging them out everywhere is fun. Who knew making mehendi decoration at home can be so easy?

Candle Decor

candles-200x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

I don’t think I need to justify this.

Bright, shiny and sophisticated. Candles are perfect as decor for any event, be it mehendi or sangeet. Put candles in a small glass bottle and arrange them in any way you want, it is bound to look fantastic. Again, this decor is preferable for an indoor venue. You can use coloured glass bottles too for an added effect.

Vase Decor

vase-225x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

A rather alluring decor, vases make for an eye-catching background. Using strong strings, tie the vases to the ceiling using the help of a hook. You can fill the glass vases with beautiful flowers or even fairy lights. A great way to glam up your mehendi function, vases can be used along with any of the above ideas.

Bangle Decor

bangles-300x240 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Using bangles is a great idea for mehendi decoration at home. Attractive and bright, they go with the traditional theme of the event. This idea is uncommon and budget-friendly, more the reason to choose this! You can use the bangles you have at home or buy a few, they aren’t expensive! Put the bangles in wooden stands or even tree barks and the end effect is guaranteed to be stunning.

Bottle Decor

bottles DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

In this, all you have to do is arrange for some glass bottles of different colours and arrange them at different heights. You can also arrange them all in the same height, but make sure to keep it above 5 ft. You can also tie the bottles at their necks in one string and hang them out carefully. In this, you don’t have to necessarily fill the bottles with something. Empty multicoloured bottles look just as attractive.

Origami Decor

origami-240x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Just call some kids, give them candy and make them do origami.

Probably the cheapest of them all, origami is one of the best options for mehendi decoration at home. Many kids nowadays know how to make them. If not, just Youtube it! Make a variety of shapes and sizes and as colourful as possible. This idea might seem a little dry, but trust me the end effect is simply splendid.

Feather Decor

feathers-200x300 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Simple and sober, using feathers for decor is the new “in thing.” All you have to do is buy some colourful feathers or even white (paint them if needed) and hang them to thin wooden circles. These look really pretty and feminine.

Mehendi Cone Decor

mehendi-cone-300x200 DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

Saved the best for the last. 

Mehendi cone decor might just be the most obvious idea there is!

What can be more suitable for a mehendi function than this? First, fill mehendi in bright shiny papers and then tie them up in strings. Hang out these strings throughout the venue and you are all set. The shiny papers will add sparkle to the event and there can probably be nothing more apt than this idea.

giphy.gif?cid=790b76115d139ca33636715273f27442&rid=giphy DIY: Mehendi Decoration At Home Made Easy! Weddings

I hope this list of ideas for mehendi decoration at home helped you and even inspired you. Mehendi decorations are just one item in the long list of things to do before the wedding. Don’t stress though, we are here for you. You can contact us to plan your event and we will do so wholeheartedly.

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