Tamil Muhurtham Dates In 2018 For Getting Married!

tamil muhurtham dates 2018

In the Hindu religion, a wedding ceremony is a holy and auspicious occasion. Moreover, there are several traditions and wedding rituals which are carried out with religious bearings and sentiments. As a result, these rituals are very significant for the groom, bride and their families. Therefore, the families of the groom and bride consider specific auspicious dates in certain months for solemnising the wedding. Likewise, these auspicious dates depend upon the planetary positions. It is an ancient belief that conducting an important ritual on an auspicious day will not only be completed successfully but will also yield good results. The auspicious dates are referred to as muhurtham dates when considered for special occasions. We have enlisted the Tamil muhurtham dates 2018 to get married which will bring happiness and prosperity to the couple’s life.

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Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2018

The calendar below displays all the Tamil calender muhurtham dates for marriage. Each page shows the Tamil marriage dates for that particular month. Use the arrows on either side of the calendar to view the dates on the previous and next months. Based on the horoscope (jathakam) of the groom and the bride, the suitable wedding date from below can be selected.

Please note that Rahu, Gulika and Yamaghanda timings are considered inappropriate and these timings should be avoided even on auspicious days.

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