8 Best Resorts For One Day Corporate Team Outing In Chennai

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corporate team outing in chennai

Taking a break is imperative, whether it is from work or your mundane daily schedule. If you think working in a great environment does not exhaust people, then you’re mistaken. Even if people are amongst the most exceptional colleagues, they need a break. This is the reason why corporate outings are a great idea to strengthen your bond amongst your colleagues as well as rejuvenate yourself of all the stress. If you are based in Chennai, then here are some one-day corporate outing destinations that you can consider for your next corporate get together.

Corporate outings not only introduce you to the other members of your team that you do not usually meet, but they also strengthen your bonds. The best thing is that Chennai being a port city present on the eastern coast is surrounded by a number of great destinations that you can choose from. There are a variety of affordable resorts that you can select for your upcoming corporate gathering.

Here is a list of eight of the most beautiful resorts that can be chosen for your one-day corporate outing. So what are you waiting for? Scroll and begin reading!

The Country Club Jade Beach Resort

This resort lies on the East Coast Road in Chennai. It is known for the beautiful stretch of beaches that it incorporates. There is a variety of many different facilities, including a swimming pool, gym, spa along with a steam bath. There is a beautiful garden restaurant along with the conference hall in case you need to discuss important projects. Basic package in this resort will give you access to a welcome drink, indoor and outdoor games, high tea with snacks along with a buffet lunch.

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As this resort provides spacious areas, it is perfect for big corporate teams.

Chariot Beach Resort

The Chariot Beach resort is present near Mahabalipuram. This means it lies on the outskirts of Chennai city and will be a great option to consider in case you love to drive further. It is spread in an area of 42 acres and is very close to the famous Five Rathas of Mahabalipuram. For swimming enthusiasts, there is a massive Olympic sized swimming pool that your teammates can use to chill in the water. There is ample space for organizing events and games for big corporate teams.

D0A54B5C-A2CB-4E05-B606-BD6F07A9F7F0-1024x589 8 Best Resorts For One Day Corporate Team Outing In Chennai Corporate Events A basic package at the Chariot Beach resort will include a refreshing welcome drink, buffet lunch, high tea with snacks, access to the private beach along with outdoor and indoor activities. However, please note that the minimum number of people limit is important while buying packages here.

Hudson Hotels And Resorts

This resort is present on the Bangalore Highway, and as such, it is very accessible from the main parts of the city. It is prayed in several acres of land and is situated right in nature’s lap. You will be surprised to notice the rejuvenation that your body gets after spending some time here. It is provided with excellent facilities such as a wellness centre, conference hall, farm area, etc. The resort has a well-maintained swimming pool along with some stunning waterfalls.

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One can easily contact the reception to get to know more about the packages offered. A typical package will provide you with access to the swimming pool, indoor activities, outdoor activities, lunch, and snacks.

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Green Coconut Resort

The Green Coconut resort is one of the most affordable resorts to hold your one-day corporate outing. It is located in the Muttukadu region of Chennai, which boasts of lush green surroundings. The entire space is very beautifully decorated and equipped with the best amenities. The grounds are very spacious, and there is a well-maintained swimming pool as well.

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A typical package at the Green Coconut Resort will provide you facilities like indoor and outdoor games, a welcome drink, buffet lunch, swimming pool usage for two hours along with evening tea or coffee. Not only this but conference facilities are also available in this resort. In case you are looking for conference facilities you can inform the reception beforehand.

Anora Resort

This resort is another favourite destination amongst the Chennai residents for a great getaway. Not only people prefer this resort for weekend getaways, but it can also prove to be an excellent destination for one-day corporate outings. It is located very close to major cities such as Chennai, Pondicherry, and Mahabalipuram. The resort is constructed amidst greenery, which will take away all your stress.

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It provides all the necessary amenities, including delectable food, a well-maintained swimming pool, lush green lawns, event spaces, great interiors, and a badminton court as well. A typical packet at this resort will give you access to all the above-mentioned things along with high tea and a delicious buffet lunch.

Silver Sands Beach Resort

The Silver Sands Beach Resort is ideal for a beach-loving corporate team. This resort is located right near to the beach from where one can enjoy pristine views of the Bay of Bengal. It lies close to the seventh century port of the Pallav Dynasty near Mahabalipuram. If you are looking forward to some adventure activities, including rock climbing and rappelling, then this will be an ideal resort for you.

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If you purchase a one-day package at this resort, then you will be provided with a refreshing welcome drink, access to the lawn and the beach, indoor and outdoor activities along with a vegetarian lunch. After bathing at the beach,  you can also swim in the beautiful swimming pool of the resort. A one-day corporate outing in Chennai at this place will give you lots of memories!

Ideal Beach Resort

Ideal Beach Resort lies close to Mahabalipuram. This means that your team will get to spend quality time near the beautiful beaches that this town offers. The resort is very affordable, and as such, it is preferred by a variety of firms for their one-day outing. They have a great spa and wellness centre along with a well-maintained swimming pool. The resort also has its own private beach.

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The support services of this resort are incomparable to any other place. The staff keeps checking on you in case you need anything. As such, they are always at your service! The food at this resort is very well-reviewed, especially the seafood that is cooked by local chefs. Ideal Beach Resort is a top-rated resort, and as such, it is usually full of tourists and families. In such a case you must book your packages way in advance to plan your one-day corporate outing in Chennai a great one.

Golden Sun Beach Resort

The Golden Sun Beach Resort is also present in the vicinity of Mahabalipuram and is one of the best properties to take your team for a one-day corporate outing in Chennai. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the main town, which is why it will give you the most relaxing experience ever. You can relax near the beach or play some outdoor activities with your team. There is a great swimming pool surrounded by a good number of sunbeds for everybody’s comfort.

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This resort is also trendy amongst the residents of Chennai. It is a very unique place to spend a weekend getaway. A typical package sure will give you access to the private beach and the lawn, an AC hall, many indoor and outdoor games, and a delicious lunch for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. However, you have to note that a minimum of 20 people is required to book a package at this resort.

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So there you have it. It is a list of eight of the best destinations to plan your upcoming one-day corporate outing. These are some of the best and well-reviewed locations. However, because they provide such excellent services, the packages get sold out very quickly. This is why we recommend you to make your bookings well in advance. So what are you waiting for? Make your bookings for a perfect one-day corporate outing today!

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A 23 years old biology undergrad who loves to put her thoughts onto digital documents!

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