Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks!

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Bridal Makeup

Lights- camera- Wedding day! Feeling the pressure to look perfect on your big day? From your nails to your bridal makeup, every bride goes through these jitters. It is also the day you will be photographed the most.

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Apart from dedicated photographers and videographers documenting every step, most of the guests are sure to snap, post and hashtag away from your wedding! The pressure to look good from every angle is very high.

2OKMrLX Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks! Weddings

Indian Weddings are long, colourful, and very busy. Functions start early in the morning and generally go up to early hours of the next day! The events and festivities can vary from a Haldi function in the morning to a formal cocktail night in the evening. Each outfit has to be carefully planned for the occasion, weather and the company!

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dancer-03 Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks! Weddings

Indian Outfit tends to be bold. The usual colour palettes in Indian Outfits are of pastel shades with a tinge of gold or silver to bring out the edginess of the outfit. Due to this and the long hours of each function, it is important for your bridal makeup to be long-lasting while giving you a flawless complexion throughout.

Every girl’s wedding day is a dream and nothing short of a fairytale. Hence, nothing short of perfection can pass on this day. While your event can be handled by event planners and members of the family, your personal care is your responsibility! This includes pre-bridal skin routines, finding the perfect bridal makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding/engagement day and going for all your fittings on time.

Here are some Indian bridal makeup tips to help you look picture perfect during your wedding/engagement festivities!


Chennai is one of the most humid cities in the country heavy makeup is not an option. Experienced bridal makeup artists will tell you the same. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin regularly. Also, drink lots of water months before your wedding and make sunblock a habit.

10649254 Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks! Weddings

Natural Look Does Not Mean No Makeup

Brides often worry about their look being too extra and might opt for a more ‘natural’ look. However, they should not confuse this for no makeup.

A look which is a notch higher than the usual everyday look.

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Take Advantage Of Free Demos

There’s a word we Indians love- FREE! Don’t hesitate to ask for free makeup demos from experienced bridal makeup artists. Do your research and keep a few reference images of what you would want and ask for a test session before!

Sit down, relax, and take your time deciding your look. Don’t forget to ask for suggestions and tips for experts for your bridal look! Take all the advice you can get to turn heads on your wedding day 😉

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Always Be Prepared With A Retouch Kit

Wherever your function is, always be ready with a pouch full of makeup essentials for retouching between the functions. The pouch should contain the following: oil blotting paper, lipstick. Lip balm and Compaq powder.

bffd5ad34348f6f0dc7a0212e718d1a9--make-up-kits-to-make-up Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks! Weddings

Airbrush, Airbrush, Airbrush!

Invest in airbrush makeup. You do not want to look back at your wedding photos 40 years down the line and be disappointed with your look right? Airbrush makeup does have its own advantages as well. It lasts much longer, is lighter on the face and looks more natural in images.

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Overnight Makeovers Are Fictional

Brides often book facials, skin peels and cosmetic surgeries close to the wedding date. These drastic changes also have a chance of going horribly wrong. This is often overlooked and not scheduled in advance. Facial treatments should be done approximately a month in advance. On the other hand, short term treatments for the eyebrows arms and legs should be done a few days before the main day.

makeover Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks! Weddings

Tie Up Your Hair

Although the models on Pinterest will give you major envy with perfect blow-dried waves in the summers. However, you do not want hair all over your face when you are sweating. You can choose from various tie-up hairstyles to match your outfits!

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Recommend A Sunset Shoot

Indian weddings are not complete without photoshoots. Opt for a photoshoot during sunset. The light is flawless and the images will be the most flattering. This time will also give you a well-deserved break between evening festivities and dinner.

Relax, enjoy the sunset weather and remember that you are the most beautiful woman in the room!

46e7519768268757d3d220865efec1d1--indian-engagement-photos-engagement-pictures Look Picture Perfect With These Bridal Makeup Hacks! Weddings

Practice Your ‘Signature Pose’ Well In Advance

You will be in literally every picture taken that day. For this, you must practice your signature pose. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Brides look the best when shot with their bodies angled to the side that is away from the camera
  • Avoid talking between portraits
  • Do not press your arms towards the side
  • Lift your chin up to elongate your neck

Smile 🙂

This is probably the most underrated advice for a bride. The pressures of the big day do get to an individual at some point. However do not forget that it is your big day, and you are surrounded by people who love you and have collected to celebrate you. So relax, and take in this moment, for it may be the best day of your life and the beginning of a brand new chapter!

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These are just some Indian bridal Makeup tips to get you ready for bridal makeup pictures on your wedding day! Of course, some of the best beauty advice comes from your mothers! So do share with us your family’s best-kept beauty secret in the comments section below! You can also find Chennai’s best Bridal Makeup Artists at the BigFDay.com!

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