Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook

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PB-Collage-pic-1024x568 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

What can you probably overlook in the famous premium hotels of Chennai? Nothing.

It’s all simple. Once you have finalized the date for the engagement or wedding, you ask your relatives and friends to suggest banquet halls that is classy, elegant, gracious, decent and… Yeah, one that serves delicious food. The generosity of your well wishers will be annoying at times, but helpful most of the time.

But you still can’t buy their opinion entirely because you know that their idea of class and elegance will not be the same as yours. You don’t want to be going to the venue with them and be like…

mr_bean_what-e1476529912934 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

(You can actually skip reading this… I say it’s not really that difficult to know whose option to buy. A friend of mine didn’t want to go for a Mani Ratnam movie because he didn’t like the actress! I never considered his movie reviews again. I’m of the kind who would watch a Mani Ratnam movie even if it’s about birds and animals. The other day I got a swipe with this girl. We met up at a cafe. I ordered for a Death by Chocolate. She sighed. I told I forgot my keys in the bike and never went back. It’s that easy.)

And then you can’t do the sin of not asking professor google for suggestions. So you do your permutations like, let me guess..

clk Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

It runs from ‘Premium banquet halls in Chennai’, ‘best luxury hotels in Chennai’ to ‘where the hell do I find a nice place for my wedding?’ depending on your creativity.

I did almost all of those.

No… I’m not one of you who are looking for a banquet hall for your child’s wedding. Not because I’ve delegated it. Just that I don’t have them yet. Neither am I one of you who are trying to find the perfect wedding venue before your fiancé does. Except my grandmother, nobody else in my family believes that its time for me to get married.

I was trying those combinations to figure out how bigfday can help the soon-to-be-weds in finding a perfect venue for their D-Day. Man.. I discovered, if we can do so much of just listing down the best luxury hotels in Chennai, we can save you like 7 hrs 30 mins of googling and 84 calls.

You must be already knowing a few of these hotels and might have heard of the others. So here is a quick run through what each of those is known for. And these are not all of it. Of course, I’m not going to tell everything here.We have a card up our sleeve always.

Experience and reviews of thousands of bookings, community of banquets & hotels and event planners have created these algorithms in the minds of each of our Jojo’s (Don’t know what it is yet?! I’m not going tell that too) and we can get you deals and secret tips that will not be possible otherwise.

Enough of the crap.. Let’s get to the stuff.

Wait.. Why would you buy my options? I know you will..! Because..

Cut it.. Let’s get to the subject..

1) ITC Grand Chola


ITC-3-300x160 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

I cannot skip the architectural beauty of the palace even though you might’ve seen a lot of sites bragging about it. I just can’t. It’s a marvel and it has set a new luxury standard in India. Do you remember the ten mark answer “Chola art and architecture” in you fifth standard history book? Yeah. Chola dynasty’s contribution to architecture and Tamil Nadu is so significant and important. ITC Grand Chola boasts of same grandeur and royalty.

It has the most lavish banquet space option with an enormous 30,000 sq. ft. It can either be used as such to accommodate a wedding of 600 people or even as three different spaces with distinct soundproof areas for pre-function.

I’m not going to bore you with their amenities and standards because there is absolutely everything that is required for a wedding crowd of 600. A talented team of event planners and professionals take care of every personalized need right from floral decoration to elegant cuisine. There can be no better place for a grand royal wedding.

2) The Leela Palace


Leela-Palace-1024x575 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

We have made a dedicated post on the numerous amenities that The Leela Palace provides, its banquet hall photos, menu spread and all the tidbits that you need to know. Besides that, here is what I would actually want you to know. One invariable delight that we have always got from our customers is about the food and cuisine. I can use adjectives and describe the food, but.. let me remind you the cliche.. It will never be the same as making you feel how it is to taste their cuisine! They go on about how was the arrangements and when it comes to food, they just stop.. And..

Tangled Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

It took experience to figure out this was what happening at the other end of the phone.

So, next time you call one of our Jojo’s to fix Leela Palace for a wedding, we wouldn’t mind accepting your invite for the wedding.

Winnie-the-Pooh Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues And btw, we got to attend The Leela Roadshow at The Leela Palace Chennai, where all the 9 Leela Hotels across the country had come under one roof to connect with the Chennai community. It was a grand event and got a chance to take a glimpse into how The Leela Palace hotels across India is redefining luxury! So in case you want any of The Leela Hotels to host your wedding or engagement or a corporate event, we can get you some amazing deals! Contact us @

3) Hilton

We’ll get to banquets just after a tiny detour. Hilton is scoring a lot amongst the Chennai party-goers with its Q Bar.


Hilton-Q-Bar-1-1024x639 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

It is a rooftop lounge and almost everyone who has gone there vouch that just the ambiance and breeze itself is worth going. Add to it the cuisine, liquor and the acoustic rhythm your heart and legs can’t resist sway.


hi_ballroom04_3_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Center Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

When it comes to the wedding hall, the pillar-less Grand Ballroom which has a floor space of 4,757 sq.ft has a unique style and look for itself.

It can accommodate up to 750 for a reception and up to 500 for a wedding with ease.

For smaller parties and corporate meetings, it has 4 multi-purpose meeting rooms. Attached pre-function area adds to its versatility.

4) Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency, located at Anna Salai is an ideal place if your guests are from across the city. It would be easily accessible for most of them. Hyatt’s Regency Ballroom can accommodate up to 500 people in a theater type seating.


hyatt Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues
It also has multiple breakaway rooms, studios, ballroom and outdoor spaces which make it an attraction for corporate events, product launches, conferences, personal events and quick small family get together.

Hyatt has signature restaurants like signature Hyatt restaurants such as Spice Haat, Focaccia, Stix, 365 AS, Biscotti, Lobby Lounge and Yakiniku-a Japanese Pop-up restaurant.

Want to see availability at Hyatt for your event? Don’t call one of our Jojos. Jojos always make an offer that you can’t resist. You wouldn’t stop with just checking the availability!

5) The Raintree


raintree-purple-room-1024x575 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

Yeah! Right what just crossed your mind!

This is more common for parties and DJ Nights. The purple room of Raintree gives a unique ambience for a peppy night. This is so not a place for a dull meetup or a boring family get together. If there is a slight thought whatsoever that your gathering might turn out into one, go for Raintree, add music and every kid to that stern disciplined uncle will turn upbeat.

The hall is considerably huge for a wedding or reception occasion and can accommodate 350 people. Raintree also has the reputation for having a sincere and dedicated event management team.

6) Le Royal Meridien


le-meridian-1024x575 Premium Banquet Halls: 6 luxury venues that you shouldn’t overlook Venues

Le Royal Meridien is one the oldest, biggest, awesomest, grandest, everythingest hotels in Chennai. It has a certain admiration, respect and loyalty among Chennaites.

The Grand Madras Ballroom, 9200 square feet, is the largest pillar-less ballroom in Chennai.Located between the international airport and the business district, Le Royal Meridien Chennai features meeting and banquet space for up 1,500 guests, five restaurants and bars.  

The Madras Foyer is a large 6000 square feet pre-function area whose lighted chandeliers blend with the decor to give a beautiful warm look.  

It also has a range of small halls for meetings and corporate events.

Yeah… This is the end of it.

I’m sure not all of you like dark chocolate or see Mani Ratnam movies for the reason I do. So, why would you buy my options?

You will… Because we both don’t believe in buying others’ options. 

And, Who are Jojos? Get to know about us here.

In case, you want to know more about any of these hotels or want to host an event here, do get in touch with us. Besides these premium venues, we also do work with around 500+ venues in Chennai, so immaterial of how the size of your guest list, your budget and location constraints, we can hustle for the best venue in Chennai for your wedding, engagement, birthday parties and corporate events!

(P.S: BTW, if you are the type who went through the post waiting to find a reason to bullshit this post of mine, you are so my type! Just call me and tell the magic words “I hate your post”, I’ll not only move heavens to find the best venue and deals for you, I would love to catch up with you out of bigfday, too. But be hush about it. ‘Cause I’m just adding these lines after my go-to-guy reviewed this. I even asked our developers to take care that he can’t see this from his devices. LOL. Good day.. )

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