8 Key Steps To Follow Post Organizing A Conference

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Conference follow up

Congratulations on organizing a successful and impressionable conference. You, certainly, did a great job. But is your work done? Is it time for that holiday you postponed? Not yet! There is one very important aspect of organizing a conference that is yet to be performed- The follow-up! Therefore, find out the most effective ways to conduct important post-conference follow-up procedures in this post, to guarantee new work relationships and business ventures.

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Your attendees had a grand time at the conference and they could not stop raving about the arrangements, the speakers, the objectives and so on. However, there must have been some minor glitches. That is to say, however well your conference went, there are always lessons to be learnt. Therefore, you need to follow up with your attendees to learn about your mistakes and how you can avoid them in the future.

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Moreover, follow-ups are performed to express your gratitude to your attendees and guests for showing up and being a part of your organization. One of the main objectives of any conference is to connect with like-minded people and grow your network. Therefore, read on to see the steps that will ensure an effective post-conference follow up from your side.

Update Your Conference Website

Social media diligence is a pre-requisite to running a successful business in today’s digital era. Therefore, you should update your conference website with information about the successful conclusion of the conference. Further, keep your viewers intrigued with anticipation for future events and offers.

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Send Out Thank You’s

One of the major follow-up steps after a conference is to acknowledge all your participants. That is to say, you should express your gratitude to ALL the people involved. For instance, it is obvious you will send out tokens of appreciation to your guest speakers and other VIP guests for their involvement. Further, thank you notes should be sent to your team and volunteers for their efforts and dedication to their jobs. Moreover, you should thank your sponsors for the support. The vendors should be acknowledged for their services and cooperation as it would enable long term relations with them. Above all, you should express thanks to your attendees for their active participation and presence.

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There are various methods to show your gratitude. You can send them emails, personal letters, or notes, or curated gift baskets and hampers. This effort helps nurture future relationships, leaves a positive impression and is effective in bringing probable new business.

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Collecting Feedback/Survey

Another important step of the conference follow up is collecting feedback from the attendees and participants. This is important for future growth and even better organization.

To collect the feedback, you can send short Emails with a link to an online survey. Put up simple questions, for instance, What did they like the most about the conference? Further, you can pose questions where the reviewer has to rate the arrangements, food, ambience, activities, etc. Above all, provide a space for recommendations and suggestions to further improve your organization skills.

Alternatively, if you handed out feedback forms during the conference, it is time to gather them together and analyze them.

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Organizing The Feedback

One of the most pertinent tasks after the conference is sorting the data you collected during the conference. For instance, the business cards you collected and stashed in your briefcase have to be immediately filled in whichever database you use. This would help to shortlist real leads. Further, the entire point of your conference was to connect with like-minded businesses and create new connections. Therefore, analyzing the data you collected, people you met, the connections you made, is an extremely important conference follow up procedure.

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Creating A Post-Conference Report

Analyzing the data received from various departments like tech, etc, reviewing feedback, and putting together the costs will constitute a full report of your conference. Such a report is helpful in conducting future meetings, for maintaining a record and organizing conferences better than before.

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Converting Leads

This is the part of the post which you, most certainly, were looking for. Organizing the conference is as much about discussing fresh approaches in business as it is about discovering new connections and adding to the business. Therefore, it is very important to find out the potential new connections and convert them into successful business relationships. Hence, here are the steps to take to increase your chance of converting possible leads into new business.

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Do Not Delay

Human memory is short-lived. Do not postpone your follow-up procedure beyond 1 week after the conference. However, do not rush too, as an attendee would take some time to process the conference events as well as settle comfortably in their original routine. That is to say, in any case, connect with your potential leads within two weeks of your conference while it is still fresh in their minds.

Personalized Email

Sending an email is the easiest and the most professionally accepted form of communication today. Therefore, follow up with an email after the conference. However, a person receives tens of emails in a day. Hence, the follow-up email you send should Stand Out!

To make your email exclusive and alluring, choose friendly yet intriguing subject lines that make the receiver click on it. Use their name. For example, Let’s have a 10-minute call on this, (name)? Further, you can attach gift cards to the email to show your pure intention of connecting genuinely. For instance, you can add a Starbucks gift card or restaurant coupons.

As for the subject matter, keep it friendly and polite. Mention only what you had a chat about or clearly discussed. Alternatively, research the company or person you are pitching to, and specify clearly why you think your collaboration would be a good fit. Be genuine!

A New Invitation

Organizing a meeting with a potential business lead is paramount to taking the relationship to the next level. However, instead of generic board rooms, you can invite your connection for meeting at a breakfast, brunch, or coffee place! It would be a more relaxed ambience and this different approach would excite your probable business associate.

On the other hand, you can invite your important prospect to a conference/event you are attending which is of interest to him as well. This would be a personal yet professional gesture and is most likely to get you noticed by the prospect.

Publish An Article

As your conference concludes, list out important topics brought forward by attendees, guest speakers, or the most trending idea at the event, and publish a relevant article on the same topic online or in a prominent business magazine. This would show your diligence and commitment to your work. Therefore, this is another conference follow up method to entice your prospects into making a business association with you.

Make A Call

You may wonder if the oldest trick in the book still works, and you will be surprised by the results. It works! Making direct calls to your likely prospects is, certainly, one of the most effective methods to follow-up after an event.

If they put their number on the business card, they expect to be called! Therefore, make that call. Be polite and explain how delighted you were at making their acquaintance. Further, explain how they made an impression o you and how apt your businesses are for each other. Above all, keep the call short and schedule your next meet or call.

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Connect On Social Media

Social media is a very effective tool for advertisements as well as an equally useful platform when it comes to building connections and maintaining contacts. Therefore, search your prospects on Twitter, Facebook, and the like and give them a follow. Look up their interests and strike up a conversation.

If they publish a blog, be an active supporter like share and comment on their most recent posts! That is to say, make your presence felt while appreciating their interests, and form a connection via social media.

Clear The Bills

As your event is concluded, clear your dues with the vendors and other service providers. Do not delay or postpone the procedures. As a result, your vendors will appreciate your professional and timely approach and be reliable sources for all future endeavours.

Take That Break!

You did exceedingly well. From organizing the conference to taking the right to follow up measures You deserve a break. Take that long-awaited holiday and give yourself a pat on the back. Refresh and rejuvenate for future successful endeavours.

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I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

Nikita Kejriwal

I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

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