Tamil Muhurtham Dates In 2019 For Getting Married!

tamil muhurtham dates 2019

According to the Hindu astrology system, getting married on auspicious wedding dates is a good way to start a new life together. Elders strongly believe by getting married on an auspicious date one can avoid problems in married life. Especially in Tamil tradition, the muhurtham date and auspicious time for the wedding is the most important thing.  As this custom is followed in most weddings the dates are generally fixed at least few months in advance. It helps in planning the wedding and making the necessary arrangements easily. You may have to book the hall and vendors in advance. As on muhurtham dates, they have high demand. Therefore, we have listed the Tamil muhurtham dates 2019 to get married.

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Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2019

The calendar below displays all the Tamil calender muhurtham dates for marriage. Each page shows the Tamil marriage dates for that particular month. Use the arrows on either side of the calendar to view the dates on the previous and next months. The bellow wedding dates in 2019 are for the purpose of reference only. Please check with your astrologer before fixing your wedding date. Based on the horoscope (jathakam) of the groom and the bride, a suitable wedding date from below can be selected.

January 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
January, 23 Wednesday Theipirai Muhurtham
January, 27 Sunday Theipirai Muhurtham
January, 30 Wednesday Theipirai Muhurtham

February 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
February, 1 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
February, 6 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
February, 10 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
February, 11 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham
February, 15 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
February, 17 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
February, 22 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
February, 24 Sunday Theipirai Muhurtham

March 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
March, 3 Sunday Theipirai Muhurtham
March, 4 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
March, 10 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
March, 13 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
March, 17 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
March, 22 Sunday Theipirai Muhurtham
March, 24 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
March, 31 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham

April 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
April, 10 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
April, 17 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
April, 22 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
April, 26 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
April, 29 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham

May 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
May, 1 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 5 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 8 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 10 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 15 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 16 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 17 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
May, 24 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
May, 26 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
May, 29 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham

June 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
June, 6 Thursday Valarpirai Muhurtham
June, 13 Thursday Valarpirai Muhurtham
June, 14 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
June, 20 Thursday Theipirai Muhurtham
June, 28 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham

July 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
July, 1 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham
July, 4 Thursday Valarpirai Muhurtham
July, 8 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham
July, 11 Thursday Valarpirai Muhurtham
July, 15 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham

August 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
August, 2 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
August, 8 Thursday Theipirai Muhurtham

September 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
September, 2 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
September, 5 Thursday Theipirai Muhurtham
September, 8 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
September, 11 Wednesday Valarpirai Muhurtham
September, 16 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
September, 25 Wednesday Theipirai Muhurtham
September, 30 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham

October 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
October, 21 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
October, 24 Thursday Theipirai Muhurtham
October, 30` Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham

November 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
November, 1 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
November, 10 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
November, 15 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
November, 18 Monday Theipirai Muhurtham
November, 22 Friday Theipirai Muhurtham
November, 28 Thursday Theipirai Muhurtham

December 2019

Date Day Muhurtham Type
December, 1 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
December, 2 Monday Valarpirai Muhurtham
December, 6 Friday Valarpirai Muhurtham
December, 8 Sunday Valarpirai Muhurtham
December, 15 Sunday Theipirai Muhurtham

Please note that Rahu, Gulika and Yamaghanda timings are considered inappropriate. Hence, it is better to avoid these timings even on the auspicious marriage dates in 2019.

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