Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience

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team outing places in Hyderabad

We were on a break!

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference always makes everything better.

All of us need a break, be it from studies or work or even routine chores. It helps to revitalize and refresh ourselves. A break works as a charger for our mind and body, it powers us up for our upcoming tasks. However, as much as it is fun, we can’t keep taking a break always. If only though. So, on the rare occasions that we do, it needs to be the best.

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There exist two types of jobs- One where you look forward to Mondays and one where you don’t. You automatically look forward to Mondays when you love your job and when you love the people you work with. A corporate office works efficiently when the people in it are happy and energetic. To maintain a good atmosphere and a happy vibe, it is extremely important that the employees get the break they deserve, which will not only help in keeping them happy but will also be a great bonding experience.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are literally so many places to choose from, all of which are great for a corporate team outing. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Below are a few team outing places in Hyderabad which are exciting and fun!

team-outig-300x224 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues


leonia-300x200 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

Leonia Resort is a popular outing place in Hyderabad. With an array of fun-filled activities, it is a guaranteed bonding experience for all the employees. All the activities are structured in such a way so as to imbibe team spirit and fellowship. This place occupies a top spot on team outing places in Hyderabad.

Take a look at the activities available here :

  • Leo Splash

Leo Splash is a mini water park which has both adults and kids slides. The team can frolic around in the electrifying water slide which will help them wash all their stress away.

  • Outdoor games

The team will have access to Badminton, Football, Fun Basket Ball, Volleyball, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis, Sand Volley Ball & Tug of War. What could be more fun than teaming up and playing these exciting games?

  • Indoor games

The team will have access to Table Tennis, Chess and carrom.

  • DJ with rain dance

The group can have the time of their lives by dancing under the rain with energizing music. This will help in de-stressing as well as bonding. Plus, there will also be High tea with snacks.

  • Buffet dinner

The team can end the day with delicious food at the designated restaurant.

Dream Valley Resort

dream-valley-300x225 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

Dream Valley Resort is a resort which will bring everyone closer to the magic of nature, with its splendid views and serene design concept. Moreover, the staff here have only aim in mind – customer satisfaction. The team is sure to leave this place happy and satisfied.

Their package includes:

Welcome Drinks, Lunch, Hi-Tea, Access to Water Park with Rain dance, Swimming pool and outdoor games.

Surrounded by nature is proven is to be a great relief for the mind. With lush greenery around them, the team will get a chance to relax. Relaxed minds will aid in bonding and a deeper sense of belonging to the company.

District Gravity

District-gravity-300x300 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

District Gravity is a place where you have to shed all your inhibitions and just let go! A place filled with adventure and gravity-defying activities, prepare the team for a surge of thrill. Also, the policy here is safety first, so everything here is of adequate safety standards.


  • Giant Swing

An experience which feels like being on a pendulum. You can “hang out” with your partner there.

  • Rope Course

An activity at 50 ft above ground, where the team will have to overcome many obstacles, spread over 3 levels, to reach the finish point.

  • Multi-activity Tower

A tower extending to a height of 60 ft, the team can face up to 6 thrilling activities. The activities are Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Slithering, Para Jump, Multiple Climbing and Net Climbing.

  • Mud Run

An ideal activity for corporate team building, this activity can be taken up 8 people at a time. They will have to clear many obstacles, on the muddy ground.

Apart from these, there are many activities like Paintball, Meltdown and Basketball.

This place may help in bonding, be it because of common phobias or common likes. Therefore, definitely one of the best team outing places in Hyderabad.


wonderla-300x160 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

Does this place really need an intro?

This place has a wide variety of water rides, land rides and high-thrill rides.

  • Wonder Splash

A crowd favourite, Wonder Splash hurls down a steep incline at a dizzying speed and splashes into a shallow pool, spreading a spray of water over the entire team.

  • Lazy River

What can be more relaxing than lazying around in the water with your colleagues?

  • Recoil

Imagine riding on a reverse roller coaster at 80 ft. Giving you the chills? Don’t worry, it is safe, fun and thrilling.

  • Equinox

In this, riders will travel upside down at 70 kmph, 16 meters above the ground, while experiencing a combination of thrilling forces.

Wonderla is a great option among the many team outing places in Hyderabad.

Papyrus Port Resort

papyrus-port-resort-300x200 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

Built like an Egyptian resort, Papyrus Port Resort is filled with sculptures of sphinx and pyramids. This resort has an abundance of modern facilities, making it an ideal place for recreational activities. The team can bond over a game of beach cricket and even work out together and beat the stress in the gym. Moreover, in the lush greenery, the team can play many fun team building games in the midst of a calm environment.


Smaaash-300x145 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

Smaaash is a popular arcade gaming zone which has a huge variety of games which guarantee fun for everyone.

  • Bowling

The team can indulge in a competitive game of bowling and have too.

  • Cricket

There just cannot be a better bonding experience than a game of cricket.

  • VR games

Virtual Reality games are in the trend right now and are definitely fun.


lasermaxx-300x198 Team Outing Places In Hyderabad For A Great Bonding Experience Corporate Events Venues

An entertainment hub for gaming fanatics, LaserMaxx is a much-loved place. It is a combat area involving laser guns and targets. This game requires alertness and physical stamina. At a time, 12 people can participate. The rules of the game are pretty simple and easy to grasp. This place is different than others in the same genre because it provides an exceptional amount of adrenaline and rush. A favourite among people, this place is a top team outing place in Hyderabad.

Now that you have an idea of the ideal venue among the various team outing places in Hyderabad, you might be thinking of games and ideas to conduct. Rather than going through so much trouble, you can use the curated list of corporate team building activities.

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