The Rising Trend Of Intimate Weddings In India

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Intimate weddings

Most of us have some expectations from our wedding that makes it a “wedding of my dreams”. For some, it is that of an extravagant ceremony whereas some prefer a simple and private affair. As one gets older, we tend to be more practical. This is perhaps the reason why the rising trend of intimate weddings in India is significant now. While traditional weddings involve a long guest list and money, of course, intimate weddings are more of a personal affair.

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So what did you dream of when it comes to your wedding? We bet it would include beautiful decorations, a massive hall with a vast number of people, a designer outfit for each of your functions, and a noisy celebration. Nothing short of a Bollywood movie, isn’t it? Unfortunately, for a number of people, this dream tends to cost a lot of money as well as energy, which is why intimate weddings are becoming a thing!

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Why Is The Trend On The Rise?

Intimate weddings only include people that you have grown up with, people that you value, and people that would love to bless you in your happiness. It doesn’t incorporate all those relatives and guests which you have never met or known about. Unlike a traditional Indian wedding, an intimate wedding is something that is private yet beautiful. You cancel the freeloaders beforehand, and as such only, the people that you love make it to your celebrations

If we consider the financial aspect, then to an intimate wedding proves to be very useful. You don’t have to book a place for 300 people who will end up complaining about the smallest of inconveniences. The lesser the people, the less expense you will have to manage. Not only this, but the saved money can be utilized in paying for new things. This might include buying a house, going on a trip, or even some other investment.

What’s interesting is that even if you do not have financial constraints, an intimate wedding can be an option to consider if you’re looking for a wonderful time with your loved ones. Without having to invite people that are very distantly related and making merry out of the alcohol table, an intimate wedding would prove to be a lovely gathering.

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Intimate weddings have been a standard affair in the West, where usually wedding ceremonies last only for a day. This is the reason why they make RSVPs mandatory. On the contrary, big traditional Indian weddings have never considered the importance of less is more. Indian weddings usually are a display of how much wealth a person has and how much is he willing to splurge!

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If you are still not convinced about the idea of an intimate wedding, then here are some more reasons why you can consider it:

Attention To Details

When you are inviting over 300 people to your party, everything happens in massive amounts. Whether it is the food, the gifts, or even the other festivities, nobody is able to enjoy them the most. On the contrary, in an intimate wedding when you can pay attention to the smallest details! Designing the wedding dinner table would be even more fun with little customized notes with each guest’s name on it.
Moreover, the entire cuisine can be customized to the taste of the people that you will be inviting. Unlike a big wedding, everything would be in a little number but with the most exceptional quality. How great is that?

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Unwanted Clatter

We all know how Indian weddings incorporate almost a thousand people at their ceremonies. We can safely say that these people have no interest in the ceremonies but just come there to have good food and alcohol. Even after that, a majority of them will complain. So why have them in the first place? You can avoid a lot of wastage of food and money if you keep your guest list short. This is why an intimate wedding is instrumental in case your budget is small or if you want to splurge less!

Dream Destination

If you were a girl, you must have had a dream to get married at Disneyland! With the fairies and Disney princesses all around you, how impeccable would it be? But do you think that would be possible in case there was a burden of so many people on you? Let’s get this straight, with fewer people, you can choose your dream destination without having to spend a lot. Many times couples deny the idea of a destination wedding just because the guest list is so long that they cannot afford to pay for so many people. On the contrary, an intimate wedding will help you to choose the most magnificent of destinations and make your wedding memories a little more special!

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No Budget Constraints

Have you planned to go to Iceland for your honeymoon and stay in a hotel that offers you a full view of the northern lights? Well, you would certainly have to compromise on the budget if you invite the entire district to your wedding. When people have a long guest list, they have to make sure that they provide all the comfort to the guests. This means the budget keeps expanding. But in an intimate wedding, you will definitely have to spend less money, and the saved money can be utilized for a massive travelling expedition with your significant other!

Better Gifts

An Indian wedding is not complete without giving your gifts to your guests. But when they are so many guests to be gifted, compromise on the quality, which is why a small wedding is a great idea. When you save up on the other expenses, these gifts can be elaborated, and they will actually be loved by the people who receive them. Who loves a set of candles anyway? Not only this, but you can also post additional after parties for this little crowd that you will invite. Won’t that be the best gift for them?

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Given above are some of the best and the coolest reasons why you should consider the idea of an intimate wedding. Your wedding pictures would boast of simplicity yet immense beauty. If we were able to convince you here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while planning an intimate wedding.

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Steps To Plan For An Intimate Wedding

  1. Only invite the closest people. Of course, you would love to invite the entire side of your dad’s family and the whole side of your mom’s family, but that will result in the same crowd. As such, you should always consider inviting those people with whom you have spent your time!
  2. Once the guest list is made, decide the venue. You can experiment with the venues from having a garden wedding to an elaborate destination wedding. Because the number of guests is small, wedding planners would be able to provide you with the cutest decor. You can also suggest to them what you would like according to your requirements.
  3. After being done with this entire procedure, decide your budget. We assure you that because your guest list is so small, the budget won’t be a big problem. Even so, the process of deciding will give you an idea of how much you will have to invest.

There is a reason why there has been a rise in intimate weddings in India. The financial situations of a lot of couples prohibit them from having a big fat Indian wedding. Moreover, there are couples who would prefer to have their closest relatives near to them on the big day. In either case, an intimate wedding proves to be a beautiful affair!

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