Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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First Birthday Party

You have been blessed with a boy or a girl child and the following week is going to be their first birthday. What is it that comes to your mind? Certainly, we all do remember our first birthday, wherein the celebration was all big and enormous. Friends and relatives were called, the house was decorated, shopping was big and cakes and food filled the hall. First birthdays are always special. Of course, it is an event of celebration of the first year since your child has come into existence. Every parent will proudly want to celebrate this. Normally, parties have always been celebrated in the usual way, with just cake cutting and hogging and gossiping. Hey, but those were the ancient times man! Earlier, during those days when pizzas were the biggest invention, parties were very simple. These days, where this generation seems to be going high up in the air, you need to update yourself in all terms. If earlier, there were just one or two ways by which birthdays could be celebrated, now you have like millions of ways to make celebrations interesting and innovative. You can plan a party, or change it into a surprise party, make it a formal party or a themed party. But, when it comes to your kids, it is always good to understand their likes and plan accordingly. Honestly, no one would ever expect a very professional decoration for a kid who is just turning a year old. This is why you must go for themed birthday party Air Max 90 Premium EM Sale. There are innumerable crazily attractive themes that you can use to make your kid’s first birthday, the most memorable and the best birthday. When they grow up, it is the memories  that will be cherished by them, bringing happy tears. Okay, that is enough of sentiment. Now, coming to the point, themed birthday party is the coolest and the most exciting one. They involve a lot of colours and decoration, and mainly pertain to a particular theme, say for example, superheroes or random cartoon characters or sometimes ancient period and many more like that. How you want to make it solely depends upon your child. Take for instance, if it is a girl child, you may want to use themes from fairy tales like Cinderella or any princess kind. But, if it is a boy, then pokemon or spiderman can be tried out. Kids these days, begin watching cartoons at a very early age, that they tend to inherit their characteristics and develop a unique fancy for them. Now, let us take a look at some of the most popular themes that are loved by kids. Superheroes and cartoons. Every kid loves watching cartoons. And not to forget, Mr. Superman, Spiderman and the like, are their only heroes of their age. There are many cartoons that are most enjoyed by the kids like the Oswald, Noddy, Pokemon, The Powerpuff girls, Chotta Bheem and many more to mention nike air max shoes. The list is never going to end, so I better stop here! These cartoons excite the kids as much as the sight of the pizza guy bringing our pizza would actually excite us. Hence, these would be one of the best themes that could make your kid’s first birthday party be all peppy and colourful. A themed birthday party starts right from the printing of the birthday invitation card. You must obviously specify the theme, and probably ask the other kids to dress up accordingly. This will not only excite the kids, but will also make the party seem colourful. You can get many stickers and stick it on the walls. Balloons are the brightest and the most required element, for any party. You can get several balloons matching the theme colour and blow them up and tie it in a suitable pattern that will suit the theme chosen. And then comes the cake. See, it is not mandatory to actually buy a cake that will suit the theme. But, if you do not wish to spoil the josh, then buy the same cake that is in the theme. Like, for example, if superman is the theme, then you can get a superman cake, These days, cake designers are plenty in number, who design such cute and innovative cakes. Return gifts are no lesser important. Do not forget them! superman-45 Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties Jungle theme. Hey, how about some monkeys and tigers and elephants joining your kid for the party? Jungle theme is by far, the most popular one. This gives scope for a massive celebration and the exhibition of your innovative thoughts. There are so many things that you could do, right from the invitation to the final send offs. When you print invites, make sure they are cut in animal shapes or something, or they have pictures of animals in them. And yeah, the dress code will be the main highlight of your themed birthday party. The kids can either dress up themselves as an animal or a hunter. The very thought of having to dress up differently will make the kids want to come for the party. There can be several activities such as catching a fish in the pond, or playing with a dart, naming animals or musical chair, depending upon what the kids want. Such activities will make the kids want to participate and win loads of prizes. The winners of the events can get many prizes such as jungle toys,  jungle story books, etc. How can you forget the cake? You can get cakes designed in the form of animals like monkeys who are standing amidst some grassland and many other designs. One tasty advantage of this theme is that, it gives scope to mix upon several flavors in one cake, so you could actually get the flavour that you like, rather than having to eat random flavors that you don’t want. Sounds selfish, but yeah, true story buddy. Jungle-Theme-Birthday-Party-300x200 Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties Winter theme. Sounds kind of new and weird, doesn’t it? This theme is for all those who love to play with snow! A very interesting one, you can actually give the kids the feel of being in a snowy region. You may wonder how to set this up. It all begins with the hall decoration. Use lots of cotton and every white thing you find, to decorate the room. There are certain agencies, that produce artificial snow for occasions like birthdays and other parties. You can probably take their help, although artificial snow isn’t completely good for health. Make several snowmen and keep them in every corner of the hall. Or you could have igloos where the kids will fit into and they can have some fun time playing there. White is a very mild color that will give a soft and cold feeling to the party. And for the cake, you can get a vanilla cake with a few more designs to make it up to the theme. While cutting the cake, do not forget the snow spray! Winter-Themed-Birthday-Party-300x196 Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties Color theme. Colour, what color do you choose? Remember those days when colors meant something special, while playing four cups? Till date, they still been remain very special. Themed birthday parties based on just colors can actually become a very big hit. Maybe you should actually try it out, to see how good they look. If it is a girl child’s birthday, the whole hall can be in pink, from the balloons to the cake Girls Air Jordan 11 Sale. Pink pink everywhere. That is how colour themes are being used. This is one of the most common themes used by all. You can use almost all bright colors like pink, red, blue, green, black and blah blah. the-beautiful-set-up-with-pink-boas-barbie-silhouette-barbie1600-x-918-260-kb-jpeg-x-1024x587 Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties   Oh, btw, aren’t you aware of the neon trend that is running around currently? Neon is the new shizzz. You could fill the room with balloons and papers in neon green or yellow or pink, that will make the place look too bright. Dressing up in neon colours will also give you a different feeling of a tubelight (oh no! That wasn’t meant to be a pun!). The themes mentioned above, are just a few among the several hundreds that exist. You can either google or squeeze your brains or flick ideas from your friends and make your special one’s first themed birthday party, a funky affair. Catch up with new themes and make yourself a good plan. Oh, and hey! If you are looking out for some good venues, why don’t you try reaching out to us for assistance @ . We could put our pumpkin heads together and get you the best venues for celebrations.

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