Tips For Hosting A Fabulous 1st Birthday Party In Chennai

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Every parent wants to host a memorable birthday party for their kids. And if it is your child’s 1st birthday party then it has to be perfect and extraordinary. And why shouldn’t it be? Your child deserves the happiness that he would love to share with his or her friends. Easier wished than done though! The nitty-gritty of planning a birthday party can be quite demanding especially if it’s your first time as a parent. You should make sure that you consult the right people in case you want the party to be fabulous. Hence, in this article, we are going to give you a few life-saving tips for a stress-free and fantabulous 1st birthday party, especially in Chennai.

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Whenever there is a lot to handle, stress is bound to come. And if it is your child’s first birthday party, then you certainly want everything to be in order. In such a case, the entire process of organizing a party and managing one becomes exhausting. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Your child’s birthday party should be enjoyable and memorable for not only your child but also for you! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get set reading!

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Choose The Venue Wisely

If you are planning to organise the party outside of your home, then be careful about the venue. The venue should be spacious for kids to run around and enjoy themselves.

If you are planning to host the party at home, then stick to a realistic guest list. A lot of children might feel uncomfortable in lesser space. This is why proper venue planning is essential.

Take Cue From Kids

If you are a first-time parent, it’s better to talk to other kids in your family to know what kind of activities, food, games, etc they like in a birthday party. They will be able to guide you better about what is enjoyable and what is not. You can also ask about the themes that can be considered.

Create A Kids Friendly Menu

Irrespective of whether you are making the menu yourself or hiring a caterer, plan your menu such that it has options for both the kids and adults. While the doughnuts will be loved by kids and adults both, lollipops and candies might not be a great idea for adults. Your menu should have options suitable for both the age groups. Make sure to include something that kids love or they won’t enjoy the party as much!

Select A Theme

Selecting a theme makes the entire birthday decor easy as you stick to one idea. It also sets the right tone for the party. Moreover, it also gives you a chance to experiment onto what your child loves. From Star Wars to Mermaids, you can theme up your venue in some very interesting topics. Not only this, your cake, food and favors can also stick to the theme selected. A theme makes the preparations easier and improves the overall look of the party!

Stick To The Itinerary

Chances are your baby will get cranky after some time. So make a realistic itinerary and stick to it! Adults may enjoy laid back parties but unfortunately, this is not the same for kids. Kids get irritated after some time which is why you will have to make an itinerary accordingly.

Buy Theme Decor Packs

If you want to save yourself from the hard work that a lot of those beautiful looking DIY projects bring with themselves, then buy this stuff. When you look for a lot of things online, you find quirky results. However, these might not be the most natural things to do on your own.  And your child would certainly not be able to make out the difference between home-made décor or the store-bought one. This step would help you to save a lot of time as DIY activities can be quite exhaustive.

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Invitations Can Be Omitted

We understand if you want to be all formal with your guests, but this step has in due course of time become somewhat extinct. Inviting people over for birthday parties does not require elaborate invitations. A better way to do this is through an email or even a simple WhatsApp message. Informing them about the date time and the venue is not a big deal and can quickly be sent via electronic media. Deciding on invitations and its pattern takes a lot of time which is why can omit this step! After all, planning a birthday party is all about prioritizing the tasks and discarding the secondary or not-so-critical ones.

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Pick A Good Time

This step might sound a little secondary, but it may prove to be very useful if you are a working individual along with your partner. Your work schedule should not be compromised, which is why you should choose a favourable time for the party. Moreover, a convenient time for the party means that your guests can attend without any issues. Even if you decide a particular time for all the preparations, the entire process of planning a birthday party and executing it will become organised. You won’t have to stress on minute details because you will be able to pay attention to everything accordingly.

Prepare Beforehand

If you will be managing the catering all by yourself, then this point is crucial for you. You might think that the icing of the cake could be done later or the starters can be fried fresh, but it might all turn to a disaster. Doing everything end moment would not only decrease your fun, but it will also prevent you from enjoying the party. This is why you should begin early in the evening and keep enough time for final minute preparations. A stress-free birthday party does not mean that you will exhaust yourself in the kitchen!

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Practical Party Favors

Party favours need not always be some funky. It can also be something practical which can be actually used by kids. We all know how kids grow out of toys and how the majority of these toys end up in the dustbin. This is why something practical can be given as a favour so that they can actually use them. These things include pens, pencils, cute erasers, hand sanitisers, hand soaps etc.

Invite Parents

Inviting the parents to a kid’s 1st birthday party might sound absurd but trust me, it helps. When kids run around, you won’t have to be after them all the time. Their parents would keep a watch on them, and you can look after other things peacefully. It also ensures that the kids will return back home safely with their parents.

Contact Party Planners

If you are too busy to plan a party for your child, then hiring a birthdays planner will be the best thing to do. Birthday party planners make sure that the entire process of planning and managing a birthday party is an effortless one for you as parents. From selecting the venue, to deciding the birthday party theme to catering, everything will be planned and executed by them. All you have to do is dress up your kid and show up there.

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Best Of 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas In Chennai

You have to remember that sometimes planning your child’s 1st birthday party does not mean that you have to do everything to ensure perfection. You might try assigning professionals to do the job as well!

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