Tips For Optimising Your Conference Budget

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Are you planning to hold a conference anytime soon? Well, you might end up calculating a lot more budget than what you can afford! In that case, you might want to follow this guide, which will give you a good idea as to how you can optimize your budget to lessen it up. Sometimes you need some hassle-free tips to make the best out of your budget, which you will find in this post!

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Usually, if you’ve not planned any conferences before, you might end up choosing the wrong venue along with a lot of additional things that increase the budget. To sum it all up, if you avoid these mistakes, then you will undoubtedly be able to reduce your budget or organize a conference with lesser financial input. So are you ready to optimize your conference budget? If yes, keep scrolling!

Don’t Choose A Blank Canvas Venue

For all of you who don’t know, a black canvas venue is a place where nothing is provided. This means you will have to manage everything on your own, including the setting, catering, technical assistance, etc. Blank canvas venues are great in case you live to customize your seating along with other services and make it more appealing. Whether it is a garden or a massive hall, blank canvas venues are demanding.

This is for the simple reason because you don’t really get a lot of packages at such places. You have to manage everything on your own, which increases the cost and could have been less in case the venue provided you with a package or combined services. Therefore, make sure to choose a venue that provides bundled up services with a cost that is lesser than what you would end up paying individually!

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Automate Things

You know what? You don’t need a group of people to confirm the entry passes of your guests. Not only would that save some budget but would also keep your team stress free to focus on more important work. Moreover, if a person associated with a list of guests does a job, then it would undoubtedly be slower than what is possible through technology. So why invest in that?

Instead, you can take the help of MICE apps which help to confirm entries through either a barcode or a QR Code. Not only does it quickly scan the identity of the participant, but it would tend to cut your cost that you might have allocated to pay for the person who does the same manually. MICE apps do a lot of other beneficial things apart from scanning participants. You can also send invites and look for potential sponsors through these apps quickly. You can know more about them by downloading one on your own smartphone!


Let’s say you’ve decided on a lot of different things for this conference that you will be holding. But you are not sure if all those things are required or they’re just unnecessary additions. This is why you must prioritize on their importance. It would help if you began by listing all the things and services you’d like to include. For your conference day you can maintain them in a proper checklist.

What you can do to prioritize efficiently is by marking all the items in the list as ‘essential,’ ‘needed’ and ‘unessential.’ Once you get done with the list, you will know that you can certainly not do away with the stuff that you’ve marked essential. Moreover, you will also come to know about the things that you can evade in case you are going over your budget. These will be the ones from the ‘unessential’ category! Easy, right?

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Local Service Providers

Ever wondered why a lot of people end up spending a massive sum of money for even the simplest conferences? Well, it’s usually because they approach big brands for assistance in a variety of services. These brands are indeed known to be top-notch, but most of the time, they offer services of an average standard. The money that they charge, however, corresponds to their name in the market.

This is why another excellent way to optimize your conference budget is through seeking the help of local service providers. Their popularity won’t be as massive as the branded ones, but you can quickly get your work done. And that too in a lesser amount of fees. You can participate in preparing for any special arrangements with these locals an get your work done in just the way you’d like!

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Avoid Fancy Things

Throughout your working career, you must have certainly attended a number of conferences that are packed with fancy stuff such as goodies for all attendees, gourmet-style food, etc. However, what you’re forgetting is you might not have a lot of high budget sponsors for holding a conference of that level. This is why you must run away from investing in any fancy stuff.

It is all truthfully said that fancy things are usually unwanted. As such, you must focus on your presentation and the discussion that your conference will be about. Most of the time, good content and great oratory woos the audience more than any goodies that one tries to lure them with!

Search For Volunteers

Remember the MICE applications we spoke about earlier in this text? You can use these very apps to look for volunteers. A lot of people, especially freshers, are eager to attend informative conferences, especially the ones that give them a technical idea of their own field. If you can manage to award them with certificates, you can certainly save up a lot of cash that was previously destined for planners and managers.

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Additionally, if you can train these volunteers before the occasion, then it would prove to be a great option too. Volunteers usually make the best teams, and if they’re educated about the tasks that they are supposed to do, then they prove to be the best managers through their teamwork. In such a way, you can save up the money that you were going to allocate for the paid workforce!

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Use Social Media

Apart from all the other advantages that social media has, marketing is one of the most important ones. You can do the marketing for your event with zero cost if you use intelligent participants to design your content or great graphic designers to make attractive visuals. Then you can easily use any platform to popularise your conference and look for potential sponsors or even participants. All you have to do is to make sure that you provide all the legitimate information while keeping your content engaging and to the point!

We hope these seven tips will help you optimize your conference budget and help you get the most out of the funding that you’ve decided for this event. These tips are foolproof and have been suggested by event managers themselves, which is why you can rely on them with your eyes closed! If you plan to use any of these, don’t forget to tell us about them in the comments below!

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