10 Must Tips To Follow To Plan Successful MICE Events

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MICE Event Trends

The MICE- Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions- industry in India is still evolving. Therefore there is only one direction for it to go from here- upwards. The rise in the MICE Events will bring a boost to the Indian economy as a whole and the corporate, tourism and related sectors individually.

Corporate events are getting bigger, consequently so is their scope and size. Hence, it is upon the event planners like ourselves to be updated with the ongoing course of MICE events and more importantly, to be abreast of the upcoming trends.

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As a corporate leader, you would wish to incorporate the most sought after ideas into your event. In other words, you wouldn’t want your MICE Event to lack the most trending must-haves.  Therefore, here is a specially curated list suggesting the best MICE Events trends to look out for in 2019.

Plan In Advance

First of all, plan well ahead of your scheduled event. It is of utmost importance to have a well laid out plan and then, flawless execution. Book the venue before time to get the advantage of better rates. Prepare your guest list. Approach your first choice of speakers and presenters so that you can book their dates as early as possible.

Meticulous planning also ensures that all possible problems are forecast early and consequently, can be tackled efficiently. To sum up, planning minimizes uncertainties, helps in achieving economies and facilitates coordination.

In short, Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.

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The Right Venue

A very important decision regarding your MICE Event is the place of hosting it. The right venue will set the base for a successful show and an unforgettable event.

Be it for a meeting, conference or exhibition, each event will have its own needs. Keeping in view your exact requirements regarding ease of access, availability, costing, facilities and more, decide on the type of venue you need.

It has become a recent trend to take your corporation for a retreat to locations beyond your cities for a getaway and some leisure time. Foreign locations are also becoming a fabulous choice for hosting MICE Events. MICE tourism trends are gaining significance worldwide and have abundant potential.

In short, the MICE event trend for 2019 is unique and unconventional venues that serve your traditional purposes.

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Make Use Of The Digital Platforms

The digital era has revolutionized each aspect of life. It has certainly made connectivity, entertainment, business, travel, networking easier- to name a few. The MICE Events in 2019 have to, in full capacity, make utilization of the digital boom.

The digital platforms can be used for venue bookings, sending out invites for the events, spreading the word about the exhibitions, and really much more. The scope and the advantages of using digital media are exponential.

Social media alone is a powerful tool, not only to advertise your event but to build connectivity and stay in touch long after the event has been successfully conducted. The digital utilization helps the attendees to maintain contact after the conference. Hence, digitization enhances connectivity as well.

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Set A Theme

Setting the right and well-chosen theme can really make or break the event. A themed event creates a particular vibe, is more attractive to the attendees and certainly, becomes a memorable experience for all. As compared to events without a theme, an event with a fresh theme is more enjoyable and certainly,  unforgettable.

The selection of the theme can be based upon the main objective of your event. As a result, it will register better with the audience. Having a theme makes it easier to plan the decoration, menu and more.

Moreover, an attractive theme, along with a good advertisement will create the right excitement among the attendees and potential audience.

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Make The Most Of Technology

MICE Events of 2019 have to update and adapt to technological advancements. The use of the latest technology is no longer expected at events, but imperative.

Make the use of virtual reality applications to awe the audience. The attendee wishes to have an insightful experience at your event, hence, make use of augmented reality to enhance the experience of the attendees at the event.

Do away with traditional ways of showing presentations, and make use of  VR and AR facilities. You can make the user interaction at MICE Events easier with apps enabling the same. The apps can be used for feedback purposes as well as Q&A. You can live stream the meeting for the convenience of those who are not present.

The advantages and convenience because of technology are unlimited. Make sure to harness it in the best possible way.

Ensure Interesting Content

The objective of your event is of utmost importance. Make sure the speakers at your conference speaks the common tongue. In terms of language and content!

The content of your meetings and speeches should hold the interest of the audience. The speaker should not be selected based on their social standing but on the quality of their dialogue. One of the popular examples of a successful event is the TED Talks which speak about topics that the audience wishes to hear.

The growing impact of influencers should be acknowledged and they should be invited to speak on topics related to the objective of your event. Make your event more interactive with question rounds and feedback forms.

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Strive Towards Sustainability

Hosting a gala exhibition or conferences could be very damaging for the environment in more ways than one. One of the upcoming MICE Trends for 2019 is an awareness of leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint after a rousing event.

The latest fashion is sustainability. So let your event pick an initiative, and be part of a bigger cause. Here are some of the ways to make your MICE Event ecologically sustainable:

  • Use water coolers instead of plastic bottles at conferences.
  • For corporate activities, you can plan an outdoor event and plant trees as one of the team building activities.

team-building-300x200 10 Must Tips To Follow To Plan Successful MICE Events Corporate Events MICE

  • Food wastage at exhibitions and other events should be curtailed and looked into. Disposables should be used to avoid water wastage in washing dishes.
  • Reduce the use of paper for sending out the traditional form of invitations or for the purpose of advertisements. The digital age is of much use in that regard now.
  • Electricity should be well managed as well.

Let your event be ecologically friendly and be a part of a bigger cause. It is our duty to leave the earth a better place than we found it, for the future.

Provide An Atmosphere To Relax

One of the best types of corporate retreats is where the employees are expected to chill! Make your event about the wellness of your employees.

With the rise in mental stress and its disturbing effects on the modern lifestyles, it has certainly become exceedingly important to look after the physical as well as the mental health status of the workforce. MICE Event is a wonderful way to show your employees you care about their well being. Choose a spectacular venue to host your retreat and let your people relax and rejuvenate.

The relaxing atmosphere will do wonders for their personal well being and motivate them to work better. Win-win for all!

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Be Cost Efficient

The common purpose of any MICE Event is to help with the growth of the organization, promote an objective, spread awareness and so on. All such aims are of no use if the event is conducted without proper money management. The loss of money to the organization will subdue the success of the event.

Use the event budget wisely. More importantly, do not compromise on the quality of the event. On the other hand, ensure cost-efficiency by adopting smart ways of planning and managing your event.

For example, make venue bookings well in advance. Use digital technology in the form of mobile apps for presentations, invitations, which can be easily viewed on everyone’s phones. Make travel arrangements in groups and well before time. Haggle with the vendors enough to get the best quotations for their service like catering.

Do not leave any stone unturned to find the best ways to cut costs and yet have a grand event.

Create Unforgettable Experiences

Your MICE Event invite list is fast becoming full of Millenials who look for unique experiences with each conference. exhibitions, or events they invest their time in. They are a difficult group of population to please considering the vast exposure they have received in a short span of time.

The event you organize has to be one of a kind to arouse as well as hold their interest. Use innovative methods to capture the attention of your attendees. Instead of boring meeting rooms, provide creative spaces for collaborations and discussions. Use modern technologies and creative content. Choose your theme wisely and keep the objective of your event in full view. Look after the interest of your employees.

Host fewer events but create high-end experiences on each occasion. Invest both, your time and money, while hosting an exhibition to attract the best possible crowd. Give your attendees a unique and unforgettable experience!

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In conclusion, use the methods that best suit your corporation. Make sure you grow along with the augment of the MICE Industry. Become a forerunner of this evolving segment and set MICE Event Goals!

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I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

Nikita Kejriwal

I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

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