8 Pro Tips For Choosing The Perfect Venue For Corporate Events

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Any event you host, you wish it to be an amazing experience for your guests. And if they are corporate events, they require a tad bit more effort and preparation to become unforgettable. After all, it is the reputation of your organization at stake. Your corporate event should be well talked about and should, most importantly, leave a lasting impression upon your attendees.

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The right venue is the key to a successful event. Be it a wedding, birthday party, conference, meetings or any corporate event, the choice of the venue is one of the most primary and important decisions to be made. Above all, if it is about corporate event management, the venue should be top-notch. In other words, the event space will give the first impression of your event to the attendees. Therefore you have to give its selection proper thought.

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Further, how is it that one can make the correct selection of a banquet hall for their corporate event? To be able to make an informed decision regarding the event venue, there are many factors that should be taken into account. Here is a checklist with the points to consider that will help you in selecting the most suitable venue for hosting successful and impactful corporate events.


The first point to consider while choosing the banquet hall to host your corporate event is its capacity. The size of the banquet should be just appropriate for the number of guests you invite to your corporate event. Alternatively, the capacity of the hall or event space you are looking at can help you decide the cap on the number of invites you send out for your corporate event.

You will decide the type of hall suitable for your event depending upon two major factors. Firstly, the scope of your event. How large or small it is going to be? Secondly, your list of invitees.

To clarify, for a large gathering of guests, it is preferable to book an event space which is an open lawn or a massive hall. Further, a high ceiling gives an enormous feel to the hall and augments the grandeur of the event. The attendees should have sufficient free space to mingle and move about.

However, if you have a limited number of attendees for your event, you may choose to book a modest size of event space. A large banquet for a small-sized event is a strict no-no. That is to say, an empty banquet gives the poor impression of an event not well attended.

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One of the most important considerations while deciding upon the banquet hall for your corporate event planning is the location of the banquet. A banquet hall located in a prime location is a favourable choice for the sake of convenience for all the attendees.

It is pertinent to ensure that your event venue is easy to access from all parts of the city if you are hosting a corporate event for invitees locally. The venue should be easily accessible from all modes of transport to make it convenient for the attendees to arrive and depart freely. Further, parking facilities for your attendees will get you additional brownie points from the guests.

If you are hosting a corporate event where most of your guests are arriving from outstation, the banquet you select should be within close proximity to the railway station, the airport or the hotel where the guests are staying.

To sum up, the entire purpose of hosting a corporate event is to have the maximum number of attendance. Consequently, the venue of your event should have ease of access to fulfil the aim of your event.

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Facilities Available

Corporate Event Management requires proper planning and quite a number of facilities ranging from audiovisuals, internet, technical requirements, activity setups and more. This depends upon the agenda of the event you plan. Each corporate event will have some specific requirements which will be unique and particular. The banquet you select should be able to look after the needs of your event.

While deciding upon the banquet for your next corporate event you need to first chalk out your plan of the event. Subsequently, you will realize the facilities you need at the banquet. You may require Audio Visual equipment at the banquet for meetings and presentations. In addition, you may need a good sound system, power backup, podium, and mike set up as well for entertainment purposes. A fast Wifi connection will be much appreciated by all your attendees.

Further, you should enquire about the availability of decent and well-maintained furniture at the banquet. You would need tables, chairs, sofas and the like for your corporate event management.

To sum up, make a note of your requirements beforehand depending upon the activities you have planned for your corporate event. Look for an event space that offers you such facilities.

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Food is, certainly, one of the highlights of any event. In other words, good food and a good party go hand in hand. Great food service and its tempting display is a definite requirement of your corporate event planning. Therefore, this is another factor to take note of while finalizing the banquet hall for your corporate events- an in-house catering service.

Major banquet halls offer excellent in house catering service for the events being hosted in their event space. You should take a look at the services being offered and make an informed decision. The choice of caterer is an important decision as to the food at your event is of supreme importance.

Not only the taste and quality of the food, but the visual display will also play a great role in setting a classy vibe of your event. it will go a long way in making your event unforgettable A bar setting may receive a thumbs up from your employees at such events. Hence, choose the best option available to you for the benefit of your attendees.

In-House catering is very economical as well. A banquet which offers good food service is, certainly, a preferable option. However, if a certain banquet is ideal for your event but does not serve food, you could always use the services of independent caterers.

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Trained Staff

Before you book the banquet, take into account the staff and management at the venue. The human resource makes a substantial difference to the atmosphere at the corporate events.

A banquet should have presentable and adequate staff who is duly trained in the field of providing hospitality to the guests. The efficient service and courtesy ensure that the event is a memorable experience for the attendees.

The professional staff assures a pleasant atmosphere and further assists you with hosting a grand and successful event. Professional upper management can help with the overall conduct of your event and be there to assist you in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

A well-organized event will leave a fine impression of your organization in the minds of the guests. In other words, the service at your event is synonymous with the treatment given out by the people at your organization. Therefore, it is an absolute necessity to have expert staff available at the banquet of your choosing for support and security.


Every event space has its own character. You can find a variety of banquets to host any type of corporate events. From simple and charming to over the top glamorous, and from bare minimums to elegantly furnished banquet halls. You can take your pick depending upon the type of vibe you wish your corporate event to ooze out.

The event you host will reflect your company’s character. Therefore, select the venue accordingly. You have to take the decision regarding the need for interior decoration for the event. You should be able to visualize the stage if need be, a dance floor maybe, or any other layout you may require.

Another point to note is that if the venue is well maintained and has elegant interiors, you can save money on the decoration of the banquet. On the other hand, if you are hosting a themed event, you will require your event space to be adorned with decorations. Consequently, you could opt for a modest banquet without worrying much about the original look of the hall.

Above all, the banquet should have a lively and fresh atmosphere for your corporate event. The attendees should have a gala time and the event memory should be etched in their minds.

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The most important point to be taken into account while hosting an event, deciding the venue and other arrangements is the Budget! All other factors are majorly impacted by the fact of being under or over the stipulated budget of the corporate event.

Firstly, there should be a set budget to host any such corporate events. Secondly, there should be room for something extra. On the other hand, you should begin by shortlisting banquets that fall within the budget. There are some ways to further reduce your costs and yet be able to afford the best results for your attendees.

Decide the venue well in advance and be flexible with your event date. It gives room for negotiation of the price. Try to plan your event on a weekday to avoid the higher rates of weekends at good properties.

Have a fabulous event by prioritizing your needs. Save costs where you can but do not compromise on the quality of your event. The venue is of utmost importance! Weigh the comforts and convenience being offered by the banquet against the costs and I am positive you will make a wise decision.

Other Considerations

Some other points to ponder over before deciding the banquet for your corporate events are related to further aspects of convenience at the venue as well as the safety of the attendees.

You can look for the facility of an elevator if the banquet is on the upper floors. Restroom services for the guests is a prerequisite especially if you plan to have a long event. Ask about the fire safety precautions as well as evacuation arrangements.

Your entire corporate event planning is a reflection of the management of your company. Therefore, you will want to put your best foot forward. Do your homework, shortlist your favourites, visit the places and take in the atmosphere. Then make the final call!

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I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

Nikita Kejriwal

I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

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