Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding

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candid wedding photographers in bangalore

Photography is an art that freezes our happy moments and also, we can cherish those moments forever.  Besides, it is also a skill that allows a person to capture a picture. And process them into a beautiful photograph. When it comes to weddings, the bride and the groom are the centrepieces. Generally, every person who attends the wedding is captured into a photograph. This is not a reminder for the person who attended the wedding, But for the bride and the groom. In summary, Wedding photography is a special art-form. It captures everything which is being created by the bond of the wedding. Now, let’s talk about candid wedding photographers in Bangalore.

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How To Find The Right Photographer?

It is important that the wedding requires a premium photographer! Also, who is skilful to capture candid moments such that, the raw element of the wedding is preserved. They illuminate the magic into a photograph that shall exist until the end of time. Finding photographers with such calibre is the tough job.

Nowadays, there are photographers everywhere. A person with a camera and a crew calls themselves a photographer. Can they really capture the beauty of a wedding and produce it into a lifetime possession? In addition to finding photographers, a little bit of trust is also needed. Each and every photographer has his exhibit that is beautiful enough to make the family employ them for the wedding. Hence, it becomes necessary to employ the best to obtain the best!

Bangalore is a beautiful place for a wedding. Irrespective of whether the wedding is an indoor or an outdoor one, the city does have a beauty to it. In this case, this post is about candid wedding photographers in Bangalore. Every candid wedding photographers from Bangalore, mentioned in this list waves their magic wands. In short, they provide the best of their service.

Best Wedding Photographers In Bangalore

Mahesh Shantarampic1-3 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

“Continues to redefine it in 2015. World-class wedding photojournalism for all – rich dad or poor dad; Tamil ho ya Punjabi; palace wedding or village gathering; Kalyana Mantapa or farmhouse with a helipad. My honest pictures will tell the story of your family, your society, your culture and traditions” is their statement.

Mahesh Shantaram’s absolute candid style will let you truly be “the moment”. This person captures natural interactions! Also, he is great with candid photography. He understands how to let a couple enjoy their wedding. He also clicks them in the best way possible. Mahesh is based out of Bangalore. Mahesh will be delighted to be part of your wedding journey, either in the city or across the country.

Vaijayanthi Varma Photography

pic-2-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

A freelance photographer who specializes in wedding and lifestyle photography. She captures all the plethora of emotions. You will find yourself amazed when you look into her pictures. However, she’s not just based out on Bangalore but also shoots all over India. PS: She calls herself a wedding junkie and loves everything about the wedding!

Cinnomon Pictures

pic-3-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Their website opens with “ we can’t wait to capture your beautiful stories”. In particular, they offer a wide range of services such as like candid photography, traditional photography, pre-wedding shoots, etc. Cinnamon pictures provides us with a bunch of artists who provides consistency in terms of quality, service, creativity & professionalism. Cinnamon pictures however, continues to evolve with the requirements of this industry. They have been a gold in the industry for about 10 years now.


Richie Films

pic-4-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Usually, everyone loves a cinematic wedding. Richie films who is based out on Bangalore is one of the featured photographers who specializes in cinematic wedding.

If you have a love for cinematic weddings, this is your stop!  The photographs they capture are influenced by light, shading, systems from dark and white handling, vintage photographs, the imaginative point of view, and obviously, above all, the identities of the general population! They lure clients by glamorizing their photos. These people catch photographs suddenly as they happen to educate the world about it through their extremely well-known social media pages. Generally speaking, What’s a wedding without a little bit of drama and glamour?


North Water Star

pic5-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

“We shoot extremely powerful shots of emotions…” is how they have described themselves. This bunch of accustomed photographers are even open to destination weddings! Even the cinematic ones. North water star’s photographers have done shoots all over the world. They have also fulfill world-class needs. So in short, These people believe that they succeed when their clients are happy. They’re make a living with what they love to do!


 Focus Digital Arts

pic-6-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Focus Digital Arts offer professional photography services for all occasions. They specialize in almost all sorts of shoots for all sorts of events. This bunch has been in the business for 8 years now. In addition to regular photography, they also offer products and services. These people cover events in Karnataka and All Over World. By the way, they are comfortable communicating in English, Kannada and Hindi.

Coffee Stains

pic-7-3 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Coffee Stains shows that every bride and groom deserves to have amazing wedding images. Their pictures will tell a story, your story that you can share with your loved ones, look back at and smile. Beyond that, they are passionate about their craft and their aesthetic contemporary style of photography. These people are based out in Bangalore but they also travel across the country. Coffee stains captures the most emotional and blissful parts of your big day. In brief, works are a visual feast!

Studio Ank

pic8-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Candid Wedding photography should make you relive the day of your wedding and in short,  that’s exactly what  they provide you with. The wedding album is a treasure for the couple. They are delighted to do your wedding photography with a smile. Though they are based out in Bangalore, they do travel across the country.

These people have photographed almost 250 weddings so far in the 10 years of their experience. Furthermore, “Ank in Hindi means a mark. An impression. What memories man to us.” is what they claim.


pic9-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Fotoshaadi says “preserving precious memories in timeless photographs”. They are based out in Bangalore. These people have been running a professional photography business for 4 years, specializing in a wide range of wedding photography. Also, they undertake customized photography requirements. In addition to that, they provide with customized products and services. They provide services in Karnataka. These fellas are proficient in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, English and Malayalam.


The Wedding Ride

Screenshot-41 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Started in 2016 and is based in Bangalore. “We are a happy bunch who loves experimenting. The Wedding Ride is a big family with photographers, cinematographers, editor and more. We love to capture moments like emotions, expression, little things.” They have an industry experience of over 3 years. “We, the wedding ride is up for anything, to create a picture you wouldn’t believe was actually yours. There is no better way of telling a story better than capturing it through photographs.”

Ajay Menon Photography

pic11-3 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

A specialist in artistic candid wedding photography. They aim at capturing moments and happiness in a non-intrusive way. Rya is a photo artist while ajay loves to shoot at point blank range.

“We bring in certain kind of photo journalistic touch to our photos. It makes the images look realistic and good looking. Particularly, both of us have quit our IT MNC jobs to follow our passion. We enjoy people & photography and therefore, parties and weddings are our forte.” They cherish the moments, expressions and rituals! When they are on an assignment, they keep hunting for the right moments and locations, to create artistic photos.

Anbu Jawahar Photography

pic12-2 Top Candid Wedding Photographers In Bangalore For Your Wedding Weddings

Anbu Jawahar captures the fleeting moments in a wedding ceremony that makes for wonderful memories. He loves to bring romance into his work. Both in terms of subjects as well as treatment, he works with the couples to bring this aspect to the fore.

“Love nestles in quiet corners, sudden moments. A quick gaze. A wide smile. Unconscious expressions. This is especially true when you are in a crowd, like at a wedding. And that’s why we tell your love story as the world sees it, in all its joy and all its splendour. We capture the beauty of two people falling in love, connecting families and lives.”

“We love to tell stories – especially those that revolve around love and happy endings.” Therefore, The focus of Studio AJ by Anbu Jawahar is creative wedding photography that is truly artistic, and fashionable portraits.

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