How two college dropouts built a billion dollar company

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Around the same time last year, I was talking to a cousin of mine as she was sharing her daunting experience of booking a banquet hall for her dad’s fiftieth birthday party. Little did I know till that point that finding a venue for an event is the most difficult and painful task in planning an event.

Few seconds and I realized, in today’s world, booking a venue for a wedding, birthday, conference or even a bachelors party involves surfing the net for the list of venues, making unlimited phone calls to the most socially active friends and uncles, digging through numerous resources online for reviews and ratings and then travelling back and forth to the venue to check availability and ensure that the ambiance of the place is good… Phew!! Ridiculous right?? In this Facebook era – it can’t get worse!!

After that sleepless night,  I picked up my phone and called up a good old geeky friend Utkarsh and decided to meet up for Biryani lunch next day. Utkarsh was quick as usual and was equally excited about the problem in hand. After a week worth of market research followed by Christmas and New year parties both of us decided to quit our jobs and build an awesome solution for occasional and professional event planners to discover venues for all occasions in a way you can quickly search, choose, pay, review and get recommendations from friends in a new-age way.

Bigfday was born!!

Oh yeah, and the reason for the not so relevant title of this post ‘How two college dropouts built a billion dollar company’ – No reason, but I just thought it was cool to have it, after all, that is the reason why you are reading this right??

Btw, we are having lotsa fun in the world’s third largest country, do follow and save us some $$$

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