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Corporate event venues

Corporate events, be it big or small, are important formal occasions for any company. One has to take care of everything with professionalism. This is because it not only brings your company to light, but it also shows your work ethic. Corporate events are a way to popularise your firm or grab the attention of a majority of people who might eventually become your clients. If you are based out of Chennai and are planning to organise a formal event, here are some types of venues that would work out to be best for your needs.

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There are different types of venue formats are available each with its pros and cons. For example, you don’t necessarily need a conference room to hold a meeting or a charity show. If you want to know what other venues are possible for MICE events in Chennai, then scroll over. What is very convenient regarding this list is that these types of venues are spread across the city and are easy to book. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to transport your staff to a far off location. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Trade Centres

Generally, trade centres tend to give a very authentic and elite ambience which is why a number of high profile events take place here. Trade centres also have some cultural exchange halls which can be utilised for MICE events. This venue type if great if your guests are going to be professionals. Not only do these venues cater to foreign guests but also provide an aesthetic spot for the domestic ones.

51D9B05E-1D0F-4CDD-BC66-5F794FB0CD8C Types Of Venues For Corporate Events In Chennai MICE


  • It is a very authentic and aesthetic venue idea.
  • They are the most preferred in case of exhibitions and conferences.


  • Generally, hosting an entire event at such places costs a lot. Therefore, they will only work out if you have a high budget.


  • Chennai Trade Centre

Ballrooms And Banquet Halls

When hosting an event for a number of different guests, especially when the guest list is very long, ballrooms should be your go-to venue. Ballrooms are a great spot in case you are inviting a lot of people. Not only ballrooms are spacious, but they are efficient too. There can be additional seating areas for the guests, while the area catering to food and other activities can be in one corner. As such, nothing sounds cluttered, and everything remains organised and well managed. Banquet halls are some of the most popular venues for corporate events. Also, accommodation for guests becomes convenient if organizing the event in a hotel banquet hall.

ITC-1 Types Of Venues For Corporate Events In Chennai MICE Pros:

  • Ballrooms and halls are very spacious and readily available throughout the city in good hotels.
    They are especially favourable for longer guest lists.
  • Takes care of delegate accommodation closer to the event venue


  • Halls are comparatively a popular venue for MICE events.
  • The availability of famous halls might become an issue as mostly these are booked for weddings.


  • The Park, Anna Salai
  • Hablis, Guindy
  • Westin, Velachery

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If you are intending your MICE event to be effortless and an easy-going affair, then mandapams can be one option to consider. They are an excellent place for some fun while holding discussions. Moreover, these types of venues can be modelled in a stunning yet quirky décor that one will be unable to find somewhere else. The best part is that these venues provide excellent guest support services which contribute to exceptional professionalism. Thus, it is a very unconventional type of a venue from the list of venues for corporate events.

Hyatt-Regency-wedding-min Types Of Venues For Corporate Events In Chennai MICE


  • The guest support services are exceptional at bars and lounges.
  • It is comparatively an unconventional venue idea.


  • Mandapams might not be favourable for an entire category of events such as charity shows and discussions.


  • Shiva Pushpa Parvati (SPP) Gardens
  • Bungalow8
  • Mohan Gardens
  • Rina’s Venue

Conference Centres

Whenever one thinks of a corporate event, they indirectly or directly refer to this type of venue. Conference centres are well furnished with things that you usually need for a discussion. This includes a PowerPoint screen, computers, microphones, podiums, etc. Conference centres can be easily found in five-star hotels or even resorts. If you want a top-notch location, then you can even transport your guests to heritage locations far off from the central city. However, to do this, one needs to have a significant budget.

D6750B13-A644-4A97-8D31-0C70185D8FA0 Types Of Venues For Corporate Events In Chennai MICE Pros:

  • Conference centres are well equipped with technical assistance.
  • The issue of availability is absolutely negligible.


  • They are the most conventional, which is why they might become boring for your guests.
  • Conference centres in heritage hotels along with the accommodation cost a lot.


  • The Palace House, Injambakkam
  • Bordeaux at Novotel
  • Riviera II at Novotel

Open Spaces And Gardens

If you prefer open spaces, then garden can also be one of the venues for corporate events, to consider for a MICE event. Garden and lawns have been quite popularly used in Chennai. They can be well decorated along with proper seating and catering facilities. Moreover, the area of the garden can be either spacious or small, according to the number of people you are inviting. Gardens can be a great space in case your event is taking place in the warmer seasons of the year. You certainly don’t want to freeze your guests and leave a wrong impression!

spp-gardens-fiscus Types Of Venues For Corporate Events In Chennai MICE


  • Spacious lawns can cater well to a longer guest list.
  • These are very popular during warmer months.


  • In colder seasons, gardens as a corporate event venue might not make sense!
  • They might get tedious in case of unforeseen weather events.


  • Green Meadows Resort
  • Radisson Blu Temple Bay
  • Ideal Beach Resort

Historic Properties

Luckily, South India being so culturally rich, boasts of a variety of properties which are heritage or have been turned into hotels and farmhouses. Such historic properties are certainly a fresh way to do the MICE events. If you have a high profile guest list, reaching from far off places, then historic properties might be a great option. Not only does this venue provide excellent accommodation, but the discussion can be a very mystical experience too!


  • Historic properties are very authentic and aesthetically pleasing.
  • They come with accommodation facilities also.


  • Transportation can be a costly affair in case they’re far off.
  • Guest support services have to arranged for separately.


  • Luz House, Mylapore

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Chennai, being the most popular city in India, provides a variety of these venues for corporate events to select from. However, a few things to keep in mind while choosing a venue are as follows:

  1. When is the event going to happen?
  2. Are the additional services available easily?
  3. What is the number of guests?
  4. Do we have high profile guests or not?

So that is that! After you answer the above questions, you will have your ideal venue right in front of you! Cheers!

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