10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas!

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Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

It’s wedding season! So get ready for wedding planning, shoppinfancy-pants-224x300 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings g, teary moments, declarations of love, and best of all, bachelorette parties. While the bridal shower is usually more traditional, there’s no reason why you can’t have a bachelorette party too. Bachelorette parties are a must for the bride’s last night as a single woman. Games liven up the party and make sure that she, and all her friends, have a night to remember. The key to pulling off a few fun, quirky games at the party is to keep them short, make the rules easy to follow and make sure that any game you choose can be played with a cocktail in hand! We have curated a bunch of the best bachelorette party game ideas for a night you wont remember with the people you won’t forget.

Disclaimer – We’re presuming you to be 18+ because there’s nothing saintly about this post.

Bachelorette Categories

It’s a play off of the game Kings, except with wedding- or bachelorette-related topics. Come up with several wedding-related categories and jot them down on separate note cards. Make them as easy or difficult as you want. Your topics could be anything from wedding dress designers to types of flowers and famous wedding movies. If you want to go more R-rated, add a few (ahem) sexy categories. Everyone takes turns choosing a card and then they have 10 seconds to name an item in that category. If the player can’t think of one item for that category, they’re out and they have to drink!1442700467033-300x169 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

Never Have I Ever

Each player takes a turn completing the phrase “Never have I ever…” with a statement. The others have to take a shot if the statement isn’t true for them. Take turns coming up with scandalous deeds you’ve never done. With this game, the more dirty, the better! If only one person drinks, the rule is that she has to spill the beans and reveal all the details. Obviously, if it’s an all-ages party, tame the game a little to avoid a scene.giphy 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

A Scandalous Treasure Hunt

A saucy, new-age take on the traditional scavenger hunt. Hide sexy items, like handcuffs, body paint and other questionable items throughout the house, or wherever you’re throwing the party. Divide yourselves into teams and each team will get a list of items to find. The team that finds all the items first or the most items wins. Up the challenge by giving clues instead of item names, such as “something adventurous for the bedroom.”13007405_indian-bridesmaid-ideas-real-bride-izzy_tc84ebb60-300x198 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

Purse Raid

It’s like a scavenger hunt using each guest’s purse or bag. Before the party, create a list of standard items you might have in your purse. Start with the basics (makeup, credit cards, keys) and work your way up to more random or risqué objects (condoms, dog treats). The host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins.smiling-girl-looking-something-handbag-table-home-29974976 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

Two Truths and a Lie

Guests try to decide what’s fact or fiction while practicing their poker faces. This one is super-simple—you don’t need anything to play it. Each dishes three experiences she’s had with the bride—one of which isn’t true. The person who correctly picks out the lie gets a point. The best part is that the truths often turn out to be wackier than the lies. The dirtier the better.giphy 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

The Lingerie Game

On the invitations, ask each guest to bring lingerie gifts that match their style. While the bride isn’t looking, hang them around the room. Once everything is set up, make the bride go around the room analysing each item. Then, have her guess whom each gift is from. At the end of the day, she goes home with a new lingerie wardrobe!4bf1edcf-665d-434b-b42a-8abfd95dbd40rs_768.h-300x225 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

Challenge 101

Have everyone pick up one risque task for the bride to complete by the end of the night ranging from the mild to the wild as the night grows old. Remember, the wilder the better. Always!giphy 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

Quiz the Groom

A week or so before the bachelorette party, come up with a list of questions to ask the groom. Make sure to include a mix of questions from really personal intimate questions, to funny embarrassing questions. Ask the groom and note down his answers. During the party, ask the bride the same questions and make her guess her fiance’s answers. If she gets it wrong, she takes a shot. But, if she gets it right, then the rest of you take a shot.fadd8525-67c4-4489-a7fa-d46c5b0c448crs_768.h-300x225 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare lets you say things you’d never say out loud and do things you’d have the nerve to do only after drinking alcohol. So, come up with some amazing truths and dares, and make sure the bride regrets it for the rest of her life. This is a light, fun, playful game – that has the potential to get very dirty, very fast. Don’t bog it down with anything negative, unpleasant, or serious. Play this game when you’re well into the party and very drunk.giphy 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings


Get creative and walk your bride-to-be through a memory lane of mistakes with “Ex Charades.” Put the name of her ex-boyfriends, lovers, one-night stands, and boys who crushed on her in a fishbowl, and take turns acting out the people. Make sure you put a small tidbit about each person on the slip in case one of the girls doesn’t know him!0aefe2ec82504ffea6985d7d85080433-225x300 10 Quirky Bachelorette Party Game Ideas! Weddings Bachelorette parties are fun and creative, bringing the bride tribe together. These game ideas are sure to make you have a fun night you won’t remember (For all the right reasons, of course *winks*).

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