Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding

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While planning a wedding, finding the right venue plays a very important role in all further arrangements. In fact, most of the wedding-related decisions revolve around the venue that is chosen. And when you live in a prime area like Anna Nagar, you are blessed with a ton of options from all over the city and many within your own locality. While that is exciting, you’re also wondering if other requirements at the marriage halls in Anna Nagar are as fulfilling as much as its proximity. Well, with the variety of budgets and specifications available, the answer is probably yes.  

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1. Amma Arangam C.K.N.C

Amma-Arangam-1024x682 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

Redefining every celebration with absolute glamour and glitz, Amma Arangam C.K.N.C is a swanky luxurious property owned by the government. Newly built, it is one of the city’s top 5 biggest wedding mandapams. Catering to the high-income groups in the city, it is meant for those extravagant wedding that involve a guest list of about 1000 people and more.  From the floor to the ceiling, from the stage to the chandeliers, no compromise has been made on the aesthetics of the property.  They have a separate dining space and 12 high-class rooms. Parking space does full justice to the vastness of the hall and the long guest list that comes along with it.

Address – E-7, 3rd Ave, Block E, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102

2. DK Kalyana Maaligai

DK-Kalyana-Maaligai-1024x768 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

Ideal for budget marriages, DK Kalyana Mandapam is almost impossible to get during the prime wedding season due to its soaring demand. It is one of the oldest marriage halls in Anna Nagar. The credit for the same goes to the captive venue for its cost and the commendable services. While the dining hall has a capacity of 150 pax, the wedding hall can accommodate 350-500 guests. With the number of wedding they have executed, it is safe to say that they can pull off any event in style. In addition,  five rooms are available at your disposal for you to get ready at the venue as well as to just rest in between the numerous functions. You could go to any extent of creativity with the decor. They are flexible like that. The venue does not permit non-vegetarian food.

Address – 116, 3rd Ave, Anna Nagar West, W Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040

3. PSB Mahal

PSB-Mahal-1024x494 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

Located near SBOA school, PSB Hall is well-known among the marriage halls in Anna Nagar. With a seating capacity of 350 and floating capacity of about 600 guests, it makes for an ideal venue for a small to mid-sized weddings. It has an adjoining dining hall that has a capacity of 150 pax. The venue in itself could take your wedding to a whole new level. They only serve vegetarian. There is also a sufficient valet parking space. Decoration arrangements and the decorators are absolutely your decision.

Address – No 586 W Block, School Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040, Near Sboa CBSE School

4. Paradise Party Hall

Paradise-party-hall-1024x682 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

A special venue for a special occasion, Paradise Party Hall is a centrally located venue. Furnished with a wedding hall that can accommodate 350-500 guests, it has a well-planned 150 pax capacity dining hall. Two rooms are available that are actually much needed for the bride and groom to get dressed up at the venue without the hurries and worries. While the lighting is warm and welcoming, the interiors with the creative pillar designs are surely intriguing and aesthetic. The management is appreciable as they are very understanding of the client’s choice of caterers and decorators. It is one of the preferred marriage halls in Anna Nagar to host a mid-sized ceremony.

Address – No.145, AA Block, 1st floor, 3rd avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040

5. Suprabha Mahal

suprabha-mahal-1024x628 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

Located at a ten-minute distance from Anna Nagar, Suprabha Mahal is known for its strategic location and great maintenance. The venue permits only vegetarian food.  They provide you with cooking fuel, as well as kitchen vessels for cooking. The hall has a capacity to seat 500 guests and hold a floating crown of about 1000 guests. With a dining hall capacity of 250 pax, it ensures that your guests don’t feel congested. Decoration wise, your only option would be to use the in-house decorators as they are not comfortable with external vendors.

 Address – 22, Vellalar Street, Mohan Ram Nagar, Mogappair West, Mogappair, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600037

6. Kay-Em Royal Mahal

kay-em-royal-mahal-1024x658 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

Established in 2015, Kay-Em Royal Mahal is a huge hall that is easy to locate and commute from all modes of transport. As the name suggests, the hall does not fall short of your expectations with its vastness and grandeur. It claims to be versatile for organising not just weddings, but birthday, meeting, conferences and exhibitions as well. The interiors allow you to get as creative as you want with the decorations. It can accommodate 600 -800 guest. In addition, bigger events with a guest list of 2,000 can also be organised by joining two halls. 6 air-conditioned rooms are provided. Ample parking space is also available. A bonus to all you party animals. They don’t just permit you to bring your own caterer and decorator, but they also permit alcohol.

Address – 1961-C, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Pioneer Colony, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai 600101

7. Chinnaswamy Marriage Auditorium

chinnaswamy-hall-1024x708 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

If traditional yet modern is your way of being, then why not book a venue that reflects the same? A minute away from DAV Girls School, Chinnaswamy Marriage Auditorium would be ideal for medium to large scale wedding. This 4000 sq.ft property has a capacity to seat 700 guests and can accommodate a floating crowd of about 1200, while the dining hall can seat 250 pax. In-house or external caterers, only vegetarian food can be served. When you don’t have too much time to spend on other arrangements for the big day, you’d be happy to know that they have tie-ups with decorators, caterers, photographers, travel agencies and beauty parlours, that could reduce your workload drastically.

Address – R40/1A Mogappair Main Road, Mogappair East, Chennai 600037

8. Vijay Shree Mahal

Vijay-shree-mahal-1024x590 Ultimate List of Marriage Halls In Anna Nagar To Host A Memorable Wedding Venues Weddings

Vijay Shree Mahal is not just one of the biggest marriage halls in Anna Nagar. But it also happens to be one of the biggest in the city. It can hold about 1500 guests at once and seat about 800 guests.  Alongside, there is a 150 pax capacity dining hall and 9 spacious rooms too.  You could really use this property for organising a large-scale wedding. They guarantee to provide you with all the assistance required for organising an event of this scale. Providing you with the best of caterers, unique flower decorations, music artists, photographers and what not, they are nothing but a dedicated team working towards your special day. In addition, the generators ensure a smooth flow of your event.

Address – P1/1, 3rd Ave, New Avadi Rd, ICF South Colony, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040

Genuinely hoping this list of marriage halls in Anna Nagar helped you in some way! For more information, you could always reach out to us. Our hustle and commitment to help you organise memorable events with utmost ease will have you in awe!

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