Wedding Day Style Ideas For The Dapper And Dashing Grooms

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Wedding style

Fashion and style may seem complex when you decide to get too deep into it in the quest to be perfect. We say so because on your big day you would be the centre of attraction with all eyes glued on you! As such, you have to make sure that you are in the best of your appearances. However, if you have an experimental or even mundane sense of style, wedding day ideas might become difficult. This is why this guide will help you in deciphering your wedding style!

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From sadris to tuxedos, the Indian wedding style look book for grooms has evolved quite a lot over the years. Thanks to the destination wedding scene, people have even begun to colour coordinate their outfits with their partners and also with the venue. As a result, the scope of experimenting with your wedding styling has increased very much. Not only this, but good photography and designers have been successfully able to force the new age grooms to look like the celebrities they style. How great is that?

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However, some sort of confusion always prevails while deciding what to wear. This is why we thought of compiling a wedding day style guide, especially for the grooms. In this guide, you might be able to get inspiration of what your wedding day ensemble will look like. Whether it will be Ranveer Singh traditional yet fabulous or Justin Bieber conventional yet crisp, you decide!

Wedding Attire Style For Grooms


Quite literally, florals have been everywhere. From Nehru jackets to kurtas, florals have an elegant charm to them. The best part is that with a floral colour combination, the possibility of colour coordinating with your partner is increased. A floral Sadri looks excellent with plain straight pants or even a pleated dhoti. Not only this but if you feel experimental enough, then your wedding day sherwani can also be an all floral affair. A pro tip while incorporating this idea in your wedding day style is that you must keep the rest of the attire plan, lest you end up looking like a Christmas tree!

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Print On Plain Attack

Well, this has to be one of the most popular ideas which have reached almost every man’s wardrobe in the form of wedding essentials. A plain Churidar pyjama and kurta looks excellent with a printed Nehru jacket or a Sadri. The printed jacket adds a pop of colour to the otherwise plain attire. Moreover, you can experiment with the type of print on this jacket and even incorporate your style into it! Trends say that creams and whites are topping the charts, but that shouldn’t stop you from choosing a pyjama or kurti in another colour. Moreover, good Mojri will make the outfit even more impressive!

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An Offbeat Colour

Gone are the days when only a golden-coloured sherwani or a red-coloured pyjama would be the go-to attire of all grooms in India. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, in his designs, has proven that grooms, just like the brides, can experiment with everything about their wedding day style. And the colour is only one of those elements. Whether it is dark emerald green or a pastel blue, a quirky colour can also make your wedding day outfit look amazing. If you are going for such an exciting colour, then make sure to choose your accessories accordingly!

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The Majestic Shawl

Perhaps, this look was popularised by Virat Kohli, but rightfully so! The shawl over the sherwani makes a groom look nothing short of a king. It provides that uniquely royal charm to the entire ensemble. Many designers have produced beautiful outfits as a result of their take on the shawl. The best thing one can buy while taking a shawl is to match it in contrast. A bold emerald or maroon-coloured velvet shawl will provide a show stoppers look on any plain sherwani. However, how you choose to style your shawl is totally up to you!

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Thanks to Sonam Kapoor’s elaborate white sangeet outfit, the chikankaari embroidery has begun to hit the trends again. Chikan is a traditional embroidery hailing from the Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh. What’s more interesting is Chikan is usually done on light-coloured fabrics and looks magnificent with a white on white approach. The elegance of Chikan is unmatched, which is why you can also consider sporting it for one of your functions on the wedding day. With some nice Mojris, this look will certainly make a mark!

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Kurta With A Twist

If we can experiment with the standard colours, then why not the entire fabric of the kurta? Yes, you read that right. For a groom next door, all the outfits mentioned above are fine. But for a fashion-savvy groom, they might sound a little mundane. Thanks to the Indian wedding designers, the quintessential kurta is not dull anymore. It can be a cowl bottom, draped to the side, pleated near the slits, and even asymmetrically arranged. Doesn’t that sound interesting? All you got to do is to pair them up with cigarette pants and some wedding loafers. Your ‘straight out of the wedding lookbook’ ensemble is ready!

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Tux It Like You Do

If you would love to suit up for the reception, then don’t worry. We won’t abandon your choice on this list. No matter where the trends go, a classic remains a classic. Tuxedos for long have been one of the outfit staples for men at weddings. Moreover, a classic reception outfit should be on a western note, as you must have already worn a traditional sherwani at during your wedding rituals.

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Even though the tuxedos present a classic look doesn’t mean that it has to be boring every time one wears it. You can choose a different fabric for your tuxedo for an added glamour. The pastels paired with deeper toned accessories are a great hit. You can also become experimental with the accessories that you choose to sport with your tuxedo. Some quirky cuff links along with a statement brooch would like you’ve been professionally styled.

Accessories To Up Your Wedding Style


No matter how formal or quirky your outfit is, cufflinks always up the game. They look stunning with formal as well as traditional wear. Invest in good quality cufflinks such that they last you more than the wedding. Also, if you’re up for some fun, choose quirky cufflinks and make your outfit as detailed as possible!


You know how brooches have made a comeback. Not just for women, but men too. A sherwani or a coat, both can be made to appear top-notch with a great brooch.


We suggest you invest in both formal and traditional shoes. Some nice black shoes will compliment your tuxedos. On the other hand, elaborate or plain mojris will go perfect with your sherwani.

Grooming Essentials For Wedding Style

While you think that outfits will be your Saviours throughout the festivities, you’re wrong! You will have to consider some grooming tips as well to meet your outfit top-notch and also to look your best!

Upgrade Your Haircut

You must make sure to visit the salon at least a week prior to the wedding. This ensures that in case your haircut hasn’t turned out according to your expectations, there still some time to grow it out! Also, look for a sleek haircut and seek advice on the way you should be styling your hair on the big day. Stick to what looks best on you, instead of experimenting at this time!

Get A Professional Bearded Look

Being a man, you would know how a perfect shave makes or breaks a look. Consider getting a hot towel shave to ensure that the skin doesn’t face any irritation. Moreover, a shave provided by a professional would make sure that the facial hair is trimmed as close to the skin as possible. Not only this, but the entire look will also not be compromised in case you want something specific!

Treat Yourself

Going for a massage before your wedding festivities is a perfect idea to escape from the madness. A stress-relieving and a gentle body massage reinvigorate the body. It will also help you to braze yourself to the crazy party days that are yet to come! You might also consider getting a facial done because it helps significantly in removing the dirt and grime from the skin.

Always remember that whatever outfit you choose, you must give enough time for refitting. Don’t leave anything for the last moment as sizing might become an issue, in case you work out regularly. Also, wear whatever you have with confidence, and you will look your best no matter what!

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