What Is The Price Of Wedding Decoration In Chennai?

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Indian weddings are known for the grandeur and festivity. Wedding decoration plays a crucial part is setting the theme for the occasion. Wedding decor doesn’t work just as a theme but also brings out the celebratory mood, oozes out happiness and serves as a great backdrop for all the wedding pictures. But, amidst all that celebration it is crucial to plan your financials accordingly and make sure you reap the best out of it. This article will, however, give you a fair idea about wedding decoration price in Chennai

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Wedding decor should be planned according to the place where your wedding is held and should be within your budget. The approximate cost for wedding decorations in Chennai ranges between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 4,00,000/function. The wedding decor costs depend on how much your budget accommodates. Also, it varies according to the decorators you choose and your bargaining skills to derive at the best price. But here comes the next question, what are the types of wedding decor and how much they cost?

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Wedding decoration is very complex. Some people prefer themed decorations while others prefer something very simple. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options to choose from, according to their preferences and how much importance they place on decor. Here are the types of wedding decorations you should consider having at your wedding!

Stage Backdrop

The stage is a very important part of your wedding decoration. This makes for the background for all the pictures and for every small ritual at your wedding!

floral-wall What Is The Price Of Wedding Decoration In Chennai? Weddings Not only that. The stage decor is also important to accentuate your wedding theme. Here is the breakdown of the costs.

The stage decor can be done with drapes, real flowers, artificial flowers and lights. People generally opt for a mix of these because it’s cheaper and looks better. The mix decoration of flowers, drapes and lights ranges from Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 60,000 depending on how grand you want your stage to look. However, the starting price of the wedding stage decoration with only real flowers and lights is Rs. 60,000. The cost of the floral decor varies according to the type of flowers used, whether it is a seasonal flower and locally procured. If real flowers are out of your budget, then you can opt for artificial flowers which can be done for Rs. 30,000 or lower. If you’re opting for just drapes and lights for your stage backdrop, it will approximately cost Rs. 30,000.

floral-wall-with-greens What Is The Price Of Wedding Decoration In Chennai? Weddings

Other factors that decide the wedding stage decoration price are the size of the stage, creativity and complexity of the decor.

Theme Based Wedding

With destination weddings becoming more popular, couples often prefer to opt for a particular theme for their wedding. Say you have a favourite movie, wouldn’t it be nice recreating your favourite scenes from that movie on your special day? Thematic decors can push your decor budget a bit on the higher end. A theme-based wedding decoration budget can range anywhere between Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 4,00,000. This also depends on the amount of creativity and work it takes to put together the decor of your choice. You could also choose a thematic wedding decor that complements your wedding outfits. For example, using the same colour palette. It will make an amazing and fun backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Bollywood-theme-726x1024 What Is The Price Of Wedding Decoration In Chennai? Weddings

Wedding Mandap/Altar

The wedding mandap/altar is an important structure in Hindu weddings, Muslim wedding ceremonies and destination weddings. It is the primary structure where the wedding ceremony is conducted. Altar decors are usually adorned with flowers and drapes. If your wedding is happening late into the evening your altar will also be having lights to give focus to the main area. The price of mandap decoration with real flowers and drapes starts at Rs. 50, 000. However, it can cost more depending on the amount of decor you need and the surface area. But, for mandap/altar decors with artificial and paper flowers, the pricing starts somewhere around Rs. 30,000. The cost varies according to your requirements and needs.

Decor Cost For Christian Weddings

A dreamy fairy-tale church wedding comes alive only with the clothing worn and the decor. As a result, a lot of importance is placed on the venue decoration to make the occasion surreal.  Christian wedding decor can be comparatively a bit costly. The aisle decor and the welcome arch adds flavour to the entire wedding scene. The cost for Christian wedding decor in Chennai ranges between Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 depending on the type of flowers and drapes chosen.

wedding-aisle-decoration-design What Is The Price Of Wedding Decoration In Chennai? Weddings

Venue Decor

The venue decor is one of the crucial elements of wedding decoration. It spans over a large area, adds beauty and sets the mood for the entire wedding irrespective of whether there is a theme or not. Imagine having only the centre stage set whereas the venue is left undecorated and raw! Not a sight to behold, right? Hence investing in the venue decoration is equally important. It offers a takeaway experience for your wedding guests and if done well will gasp in admiration at the entire setup.

outdoor-wedding-decor What Is The Price Of Wedding Decoration In Chennai? Weddings

The venue decor in Chennai is time-based. A reception decor for 6 hours will cost you maximum Rs. 60,000. If it’s for the reception and the wedding ceremony (on the next day) on an average it will cost Rs.  1,40,000. A Brahmin wedding venue decor tends to cost a bit more and will be around Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 for the reception and wedding ceremony.

Wedding Lights

For wedding functions set in the evening, the entire venue needs good lighting arrangements. Likewise, outdoor wedding spaces (especially for the evening) need clean and crisp lights. Proper lighting arrangements not only make space look beautiful but also adds brightness and warmth to the entire place. Hence, it is important to consider options like fairy lights or small fluorescent bulbs in different colours for a magnificent appeal. No doubt, it is a more creative way to light up the entire space. Similarly, wedding lights enhance existing wedding decorations.

Wedding light decorations in Chennai start at Rs. 20,000 for indoor weddings and about Rs. 50,000 for outdoor weddings. Needless to mention, the more elaborate your requirements are, the prices will shoot up accordingly!

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Wedding decor is very creativity and creativity has no bounds. Hence, you have to make sure you choose a decorator who will be willing to give you the best for your budget and preferences. It is good to familiarize yourself with the current market rates before approaching the wedding decorator. Also, you need to go around and ask different decorators and compare before zeroing in on one decorator. Or you can save yourself the hassle and pain of this long process and opt for a much easier process.

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