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Once you have fixed the date and found the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, it is time to give serious thoughts to your wedding hall decoration. Whether your wedding is in a hotel banquet hall, open lawn, kalyana mandapam or even a community hall, the decorations that you choose will make it uniquely yours. In fact, the significance of wedding hall decorations is also prominent in many cultures and religions. The sight of a decorated venue in itself is enough to enhance the festive mood of the celebrations. You might have secured one of the best wedding planners and wedding photographers, but it is still a wise idea to have a hold on your wedding decorations by at least knowing what to include and not.

Wedding hall decorations include more than the stage decorations. It consists of various other decor elements that too have to be designed in accordance with your wedding theme/style, venue and preferences. As a result, we have created this wedding decorations guide to help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. By following it, you will at least not miss out on the main wedding decor elements.

Wedding Stage Decoration

It is the area of your wedding venue where wedding rituals and ceremony will take place. It is generally highlighted with an elevated stage area.  Needless to mention, with the onset of the wedding ceremony this space turns into the focus point with the entire crowd’s eyes fixed on it! Therefore, it is necessary to make this spot look attractive and beautiful. A traditional Hindu wedding will take place in a mandap. Depending on your budget you can either erect your own unique and elaborate mandap or use the one provided by the wedding hall. In either case, the mandap decorations can be done with flowers, drapes, special lights like diyas, candles etc. In addition to the mandap, you can set up other decor items like idols, colourful seats for the bride and groom and the close family members etc.

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Reception Stage Decoration

Wedding receptions are generally hosted with a grandeur and pompous. Even if you are not planning to spend a lot, you can still keep the reception decoration simple and elegant. Idea is to make the reception stage area stand out with its appeal. Equally important is the fact that it creates a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs. You will be literally spoilt with ideas by your wedding decorators when it comes to the reception stage decor. Discuss and decide with your decorator on the theme, colour palette and the products to be used like the type of flowers, lighting etc.

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Other Wedding Hall Decoration Elements

As mentioned earlier, there is a whole gamut of elements that fall under the category of wedding decorations. Below is a quick glance at some of the important wedding decorative considerations:


Centrepieces are typically placed at the centre of the guest tables and thus the name! As a gesture to your guests, it is only appropriate to make the table look attractive. Easier said than done! If you wish to keep it simple, use floral centrepieces which most couples commonly use. However, if you desire something unique then there are many elements to consider. In such cases, the choice of centrepieces should be in proportion not only with the size of the table but also the overall area of the room. The colour needs to be consistent with other elements used in the venue and stage. There are many options to explore like candles, diyas, crystal bowl, greens etc to create a one-of-a-kind centrepiece design. It is, however, important, to find a balance such that it adds to the overall ambience of the place.

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Lighting plays an important role to set the mood and brighten up your wedding venue. Wedding lighting is meant to enhance and highlight the décor elements. So whether it is for your indoor ceremony or outdoor reception, you have to plan the lighting arrangements in advance. This includes the areas in the venue that needs light decorations and the type of the light to be used.

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Furniture Draping

As part of your wedding decorations, you also need to decide on the type of draping on your venue furniture. Draping the chairs and tables make them look stunning and again there so many ways of doing it. Depending on the look you desire in terms of the overall theme of the room you can choose from elaborate draping designs to just a small ribbon on the back of the chair. The colour palette and the material of the drapes are also important as that will also add to the ambience and mood of the occasion.

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Aisle Decor

Though aisle decor is not mandatory, definitely a decorated aisle looks better than a plain one. Laying a coloured carpet or scattering some flower petals itself can achieve a great aisle look. And if that is not enough, you can adorn it with some beautiful prop, flower vases or crystal pillars.

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Floor Carpets

Bet you didn’t give a serious thought about carpets as a decor element! It is so common and taken for granted that it is often missed out at the wedding. Areas that may need covering/highlighting with a carpet include the stage, aisle, staircase etc. You have to discuss your requirement with the venue coordinator or wedding decorator.

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Entrance Decoration

The entrance area will vary according to the venue. In a wedding hall, it can be the entry door to the main hall or the entire pathway from the gate that leads to the hall. Whatever kind of entrance it may be, make sure it is not left out. You can opt to use flower garlands, bouquets, or any other elements that you think will add to the beauty of the entrance.

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Welcome Signboard

The big day is finally here! You need to place a wedding signboard at the front of the venue to welcome your guests and it also lets them know immediately that they’re in the right place. Most wedding venues have a signboard facility. However, if you want to align the signboard with your wedding theme, it needs to be included in your decor list.

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Ceiling Decoration

A well-designed hall usually will have ceilings with contemporary lights, fancy chandeliers etc which is enough for the venues upkeep. However, some venues may not be blessed with this type of details. In such cases, you may want to decorate it with drapes, lanterns, bunting etc.

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Outdoor Venue Specifics

Unlike an indoor wedding hall, an outdoor venue space may have some specific requirements like a canopy for guests seating area, decorative lights etc.

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Favour Table Setup

Want to thank your family and well-wishers for gracing your wedding celebrations? Wedding return gifts are a beautiful way of doing so.  You have innumerable options like goodie bags, personalized mementoes, saplings etc. You will have to plan the table set-up, packaging etc with your wedding planner.

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Wedding Car Decoration

Wedding car decoration also is an integral part of wedding decorations. You can either get it done yourself or outsource it to the experts. And believe us when we say experts, we mean it. Irrespective of the model and make of the car, it can be transformed into a  carriage straight out of the fairy tales!

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You have to decide on the scope of the above decor elements for your wedding decorations. We hope you find this article useful to plan your wedding hall decoration.

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Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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