9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding

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Different Types of Lehenga for Wedding

Hello brides!

When it comes to a wedding, the first thing that you actually go shop is “Bridal Wear”. Besides the excitement and expectations, bridal wear is technically important too ūüėČ Further down the shopping lane for a wedding, you might find yourself struggling to make choices and it would all come back to the bridal wear! What kind of decor design to choose? what color flowers? What background will suit for portrait photos? And even the groom is not spared! Hardly anybody would bother what color does he like. The shopping guidance for him is what will compliment the bridal wear!

Now, bridal wear being that crucial, check out the types of bridal wears that are available, trending before you go shopping or else you might find yourself exhausted into days of window shopping!

Mermaid or Fishtail
A-line 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings

Looking like fishtail, they’re tight at the knees and¬†flared from calves. Also, they’re tight around hips and¬†waist and are ideal for rectangular and¬†hourglass body shape. Halter neck choli or¬†corset blouse goes with the design. Furthermore, the dress designs utilize the fabrics like brocade, jacquard, Georgette, Art silk, etc. This type of lehenga will be highly suitable for slim body shaped person. You can wear this fishtail for any kind of grand celebrations.


Georgette-Semi-Stitched-A-Line-Lehenga-Choli-In-Yellow-Colour-LD0265692-A-1200x1799 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings Looking like the capital letter ‘A’, they’re tight around waist and¬†flares out at bottom. Furthermore, they’re¬†perfect¬†for hourglass and¬†pear body shape. Also, the designs utilize the fabrics like brocade, jacquard,¬†Georgette, cotton, chiffon, etc. Moreover, different lengths of blouse may go with the design. A-Line lehenga will look elegant for brides of all body shapes.

grandiose-net-zari-work-a-line-lehenga-choli-3774-800x1100 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings

It comprises horizontal panels of fabrics, creating flare and¬†leading to increasing volume. Also, they’re¬†perfect for hourglass, pear and¬†petite body shape. Furthermore, the designs utilize the fabrics like brocade,¬†Georgette, jacquard, etc.¬†Long choli goes with the design.If you are planning to attend any traditional wedding, then this¬†Panelled¬†lehanga will be an ideal choice for the occasion.

Shararaex_alb105-1 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings

Sharara has been quite a popular type among the brides for a long period. Now, it has been considered to be a part of lehenga type due to its ethnic look. Long or short kurtis go with the design type. Furthermore, they’re¬†perfect¬†for apple, hourglass, pear,¬†straight and¬†rectangular body shape. The fabrics utilized in the¬†dresses are brocade,¬†Georgette, cotton, jacquard, crepe, etc. Also, the dress has flare and pleats. Moreover, the dress has pants. Muslim brides usually go with sharara as they are comfortable and give a unique bridal look.

With Long Jacket
gc2041-d 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings

If you are a bride looking for some latest wedding lehenga, then this lehenga with a Jacket would be a perfect choice for your big day. The design goes with long and floor-length jackets. You can see this lehenga will be imprinted with zardozi embroidery or delicate weaving on velvet. Also, the combination is perfect for hourglass, inverted triangle and apple body shape. The fabrics utilized in the designs are brocade, Georgette, jacquard, etc. Furthermore, the dresses are available in beautiful colors. You can use this lehenga for your wedding reception.

Straight Cut Design
1280x720-dhg 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings

As the name indicates, the straight cut lehenga has a straight skirt with no heavy pleats. It’s one of the most liked design. Also, this design goes with choli (blouse). The design has¬†slits on sides (near hemline) and doesn’t become wider or flare like the rest designs. The designs utilize fabrics like¬†brocade,¬†jacquard,¬†Georgette, etc. Furthermore, the design type is ideal for hourglass, apple and straight body shape. Moreover, the design is perfect for all body types.


ombre-lehenga 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings Brides who are planning for something unique can wear this Ombre for an eye catchy look. This dress generally has two or more shades of a color. Also, kurti and dupatta go with the design type. Moreover, the variation in shades makes the dress beautiful. Furthermore, the dresses have beautiful colors. 

Panel length or Flared

6078_original 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings The design type has lots of folds (pleats at the hem) and volume. Furthermore, it is ideal for hourglass, apple, straight and pear body shape. Also, the design has a wide flare and makes a full circle towards the hem. Short choli goes with the dress design. Moreover, the fabrics utilized in the dresses are Art silk, net, Georgette, raw silk, etc.

Half Saree Lehenga

maxresdefault 9 Types of Lehengas for Wedding Weddings

Half Saree Lehenga is a type of lehenga that is inspired by the traditional South Indian saree. The dress looks like a saree for the reason that the design has the dupatta to drape with the lehenga. Furthermore, the fabrics utilized in the dresses are Georgette, cotton, jacquard, brocade, etc. Also, it is generally like a low flare A-line dress.

A perfect lehenga will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day! If you are a bride who is puzzled of your wedding, don’t forget to visit Bigfday for complete wedding solutions!

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