Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic!

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premium wedding photographers chennai

A culturally rich and cosmopolitan city like Chennai is a thriving hotspot for talented photographers. There is absolutely no dearth for wedding photographers in Chennai who can live up to any style and budget requirements. Being pampered with choices is a good thing but it can also make the task of choosing the right photographer challenging. And so we decided to take up this daunting task on ourselves and present you a platter full of premium wedding photographers in Namma Chennai! All of the photographers mentioned on this list are brilliant and would be a great choice for your big day.

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We have taken a number of factors into consideration while tagging the photographers as premium. This includes covering luxurious weddings, cost per shoot, exotic and innovative pre-wedding shoot, the number of weddings covered etc. And yes, the listing is in no specific order of importance.

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Photography-GIF Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Studio 31

Studio 31 (S31) was founded by Pranesh Padmanabhan in 2010 when he was still an aspiring photographer. As a matter of fact, a brigade of over 40 full-time employees works on standardized procedures to create magic. They are the only wedding photographers in Chennai to be ISO certified due to their extremely streamlined processes.

They specialize in photorealistic wedding photography and videography. With more than 400 weddings captured alone in 2017 (3000+ in total), Studio 31 is a great choice for couples to work with.

studio-31-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Arun Titan Studio

Arun Titan Studio was founded by Arun Titan about 7 years ago with the vision of raising the bars for candid photography. Armed with a degree in Visual Communication & Fine Arts, Arun’s ability to portray emotions in his photos is exceptional.

The young and enthusiastic team aims to capture the essence of every wedding they cover in a truly mind-boggling way. They amaze us with some beautiful wedding moments captured time and again.

Being the official photography partner for covering concerts and promotions for A. R Rahman and Vijay TV are some of the milestones in their success kitty. In short, they make a great choice as wedding photographers due to their super-professional and client-centric orientation.

arun-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Zero Gravity Studios

Established in 2012 by the creative duo Ajay Ben and Vikas Alagarswamy, Zero Gravity is one of the largest photography studios in Southern India. Their work in the area of candid wedding photography is internationally recognized.

A distinctive in-house style coupled with fast turnaround times ensures they consistently deliver a premium product. They have worked on assignments in Coimbatore, Madurai, Bangalore, Colombo, Maldives, Malaysia and more.

A strong team of 50+ professionals ensures your wedding photographs always look beautiful and natural, with an extra cinematic feel.
zero-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Focuz Studios

Focuz Studios is the result of a common artistic passion for capturing the beauty of love and nature shared by its co-founders Chandru Bharathy and Saranraj Annamalai. The company was found with the vision to change the Indian wedding photography scene from being traditional and monotonous to technically sound and candid.

Like most startups, they had a very humble beginning and a shoestring budget. But today Focuz Studios has carved a niche for itself with its unique photography style and photojournalistic blending. Likewise, the small yet extremely talented team is equipped with the latest tools and a unique post-processing style for world-class output.

They have spread their wings not o with their excellent work. To summarize, one look at their portfolio and you will know why they are premium wedding photographers to work with.

focuz-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Aju Photography

Founded by Ajay Krishnan, Aju photography, are is an award-winning wedding photography company in Chennai. A fine team of passionate photographers with advanced pieces of equipment, pioneered techniques, and state-of-art faculty ensures that your wedding pictures are the talk of the town.

Apart from weddings, they have done exemplary work in baby photography, outdoor photo shoots, and corporate events as well. They are, definitely, a great choice for wedding photographers in Chennai considering the value and quality they offer for your money.

aju-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Vipin Photography

Vipin was introduced to the camera since his childhood, thanks to his father’s profession as a photographer and we must say his work clearly illustrates this fact.

Vibrant. Creative. Artistic. These are some of the words that instantly pops up when you look at his work.

By and large, he specializes in live event photography. In fact, his passion for capturing real moments in a creative and authentic way makes him stand out.

vipin-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings Picturemakers

Parveen Padmanabhan and his task-force combine their extensive experience in making Picturemakers a premium brand in professional photography services. By quickly adapting to new technology platforms for shooting and editing and giving attention to minute details, Picturemakers has made a name for itself.

In light of their popularity, the team has handled several luxurious weddings in the past 6 years. They attribute their success to their deep-rooted relationship with clients coupled with their professionalism. Their smart use of colour saturation and innovative frames shows instantly in their work.

picturemakers-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Studio A

The internationally acclaimed photographer, Amar Ramesh, is the driving force of Studio A. He is well-known in the industry for his photojournalistic and documentary style photography.

In a short span of 8 years, the team has covered over 350 weddings, mostly for high profile political, industrial and celebrity families. Amar’s aesthetic sensibility undoubtedly reflects in his work. Not to mention, their flair for using terrific lighting and stunning backdrops.

They have worked not only in India but also in the US, UK, Australia, Greece, Dubai and more. Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor wedding, the team aces in taking shots that will have you obsessed with each and every picture.

amar-col Premium Wedding Photographers In Chennai Who Can Capture All The Magic! Weddings

Whether you’re looking for artistic or classic portraits, we’ve selected the absolute best wedding photographers in Chennai across all styles. Though each of them has their own strengths, the one common attribute that makes them to the list of premium wedding photographers is their commitment to creating a timeless collection of wedding photographs.

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