Wedding Planners In Chennai With The Most Fan Following

Weddings are a magical event where two families merge together as one. As such a big event is about to happen you are bound to make it perfect. Countless hours are put into planning the perfect wedding. Planning a wedding is the most complex task to do. When that comes to your mind you tend to overthink of all the possible ways for it to be done. Which can be pretty overwhelming. That would probably be the last thing you want during your wedding to overthink. Wedding planners are many in the count but you may wonder which one to go for.

Worry no more for here at BigFday we value your requests and set up the top ten wedding planners in Chennai rated 5 Stars in their facebook page. They are each unique in their own way. Below is a list of wedding planners who can create the ambiance that you dream of and make your big day a memorable one.

1.The A-Cube Project

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The first on our list is an innovative wedding planner company that is known for their artistic way of designing weddings. They have been going strong since 2012. They have brought joy to so many families that entrusted their big day to them. The founder, Ambika Ankit Aggarwal says about what keeps her going, “Most favorite part of it all, is the reaction of the clients, post our work, the many hugs and praises & their reviews on our Fb page & various portals we are active on”. Their work is done with so much finesse that they started getting clients from all over the country. They would come up with designs that would suit your theme wedding.

2.Shribha Wedding Planners

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Shribha has been planning weddings since 1990. Their expertise is in floral decorations. They even have Feng Shui plants, which are considered lucky. We all can use a little bit of luck in our lives. Don’t you agree? Especially on our Wedding day. They have a lot of themes you can choose from that best fits what you are looking for in your wedding. The best part is that they would come to you first with the ideas and ask you to choose the one that you need. They are quite cost efficient too. They also offer services like Car Decoration, Hotel Lobby Arrangements, Boat Arrangements, Bouquets,  Chocolate & Flower Basket, Fruits & Flower Basket, Valentines Day Arrangements, Wreaths.

3.Red Thread Eventz29495766_2090998467842738_3914174559233769472_n Wedding Planners In Chennai With The Most Fan Following Weddings

The next one on our list is Red Thread Eventz, who focus more on the Wedding Decorations. They have been up and running since 2014. They brought joy to countless families in the past four years. There is also no repetition in the design, so each wedding is a unique one.Their style is also quite versatile. They make you feel like all the pressure that comes with planning a wedding is nothing. It would be as though a huge weight has been lifted off your chest and all your work has been done for you. After your wedding, you can also call them to plan your child’s first birthday as they do birthdays and other events as well. They also work with various photographers and caterers in the city, so they can pretty much take all the weight off your shoulders in wedding planning.

4.Marriage Colours

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Marriage Colours is truly a unique wedding planner company. You name the type of venue you need they will deliver with finesse. It can be a beach wedding, rooftop wedding or even a backyard wedding, they will not let you down. Because of their innovative ideas, they have become a big hit in such a short period of time. They have venues, caterers, photographers and DJ’s on the go. All you have to do is give them the green light and they would work on your wedding like a race car. They will not stop until you are satisfied with the work they’ve done.

5.Addo Creations

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Our next company started planning events from 2009. This company is quite different from all the other ones on our list. They offer services like candid videography and still photography, catering services which is as good as home food floral & stage decorations for the pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremony, luxury car rentals for the bride and groom, makeup & hairstylist. They also have a  henna artist. Musical services like Sangeet, Light Music, DJ, Light and Sound System. In addition, their newer services include Digital Carpet, Live Telecast Streaming, Helicam Video, LED TV Screen Projections.

6.Samaritan Events

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While you may think weddings are best done indoors this company will make you feel otherwise with their previous projects. They have done so many outdoor weddings it makes people speechless. The way they plan and decorate a wedding, you will feel royal. That, in fact, is their target to hit, to make people feel royal, elegant and classy. This company is run by Beulah Richard and they have been up and running since 2014. Because they specialize in outdoor weddings do not mistake them for the talent they show in indoor weddings as well. Samaritan is quite diverse and can pull off any kind of wedding that is put in front of them without losing the elegance.

7.The Knottt

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In mid-2013 two school friends came together to organize a sangeet together and ended up starting their future business. Siva Dhanya and Gautham Reddy are the founders of The Knottt. They were named as one of the best wedding planners in Chennai by Wedding Style Story, The Shopsterz. We absolutely love the kind of work THE KNOTTT has been doing. They don’t miss a single detail and make sure the client is absolutely satisfied. Gautham works towards making changes, if any, even at the last moment. Happy clients are what they believe is their key to success. Their aim is nothing but perfection when it comes to planning weddings.

8. The Dream Theme

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Our next pick for you is The Dream Theme. In 2013 Meera Ravishanker and Rumaiza Fathima two architects at the time started The Dream Theme. These two geniuses are a force to be reckoned with. As architects, they would have learned about designs and colours but they implemented that to planning weddings and events. They have also won awards like “Best Upcoming Wedding Planner and Best Use of Flowers at GIWA ’16 – The Great Indian Wedding Awards.”. Since then it has only gone uphill for these two as they have expanded to the USA from dec’17.


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Nakshatra is a Helios Event Wedding Brand that provides a professional wedding management service that delivers pro-active, innovative and tailored wedding solutions. Nakshatra has handled many high profile and NRI weddings. They equally enjoy planning smaller scale creative weddings. They offer other services like Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Mehendi, Sangeet, Haldi, Baraat, Roka. Photography and Videography, and also the invitation and catering services.

10.Athithi Wedding Planners

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Last but not least, is one of our oldest and the wisest one Athithi Wedding Planners. They have been planning weddings since 1980’s. Kalyanamalai Mohan started working in the field of wedding services over 40 years ago. He was the founder of the nation’s most trusted matrimonial brands – Kalyanamalai. Athithi wedding planners are the brainchild of the pioneers from Kalyanamalai. Now you see why they made it to our list, they have experience in planning a wedding like no other.

Now there are a few of our picks who do really good work but aren’t active on social media.

Sumyog Wedding Planners

Sumyog is run by Rekha R Rangaraj and Vidya Gajapati RajSingh. They offer End to End solutions in Wedding Planning and Theme based parties.

Mehak Wedding Planners

Mehak is a wedding planner company that specializes in the floral arrangements and chocolate baskets. They were found in the year 2000.

Floral Hut

Floral hut opened in mid-2007 and have been decorating weddings, birthdays and many other events. They specialize in floral decorations and bouquets.

Dream Day Designers

Dream Day Designers was found by Dhanusiya in September 2015. They have been planning and decorating since then.

Bonding Decor

They have an impressive portfolio which includes elegant mandaps and aisle accessories, spectacular venue and foyer decorations, contemporary flower arrangements.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and patience, here at BigFday we will help you with not just finding the suitable wedding planners but also wedding decorators, bridal makeup trials, to help you find venues, also where you can buy the perfect wedding rings and more…

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