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Wedding planning services

Have you seen those beautifully magnificent wedding pictures on Instagram? Do you wonder who gets those things done? Well, it’s the wedding planners. Wedding planners have created a revolution in making your wedding a breezy and effortless affair. If you take the aid of wedding planners for your big day, then you get to enjoy and cherish every moment of your wedding minus the confusion. How great is that? This is why in this post we will talk about some of the best services that a wedding planning company can offer you!

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Wedding planners have created an entire revolution in the event planning business. They have brought about this trend where every individual gets to have a wedding of their dreams. Whether it is about getting married like celebrities or having a plain yet Instagram worthy ceremony, planners get it done! However, there are a few services that one must specifically look for in wedding planning services. These have to do with the process as well as additional services that families need!

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Do you want to know more about these wedding planning services? Read this space for more!

Destination Wedding Venue Arrangement

Destination Weddings have taken the Indian wedding scene by a storm. Everybody loves to have a fairy tale wedding at a heritage hotel in Rajasthan or even near the Bosphorous Sea in Turkey! If your wedding planners have a tie-up with suitable venues, then availability does not become an issue. Moreover, if your wedding planners are able to assist you in deciding a good location, then a lot is taken off of your head. As such, always look for this service while selecting wedding planners for yourself.

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Wedding Food And Menu Assisting

If at all you look for wedding planners who do not help you regarding food, then you still have a lot to worry about. Food is the most critical factor in Indian weddings. India is a place where food preferences change according to geography as well as customs. This is why food is supposed to be perfect for your guests. However, approaching a caterer apart from your wedding, planners can become a hassle. This is why if your wedding planners provide a recommendation, the menu becomes an easy thing to decide!

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Design Of Different Events

The most exciting thing about the Indian wedding is that there are a plethora of events. From Mehndi to Sangeet, every function comes with immense scope for creativity. However, it becomes a lot easy for the couple’s family if the wedding planning services include the décor and design too! Nowadays, the appearance and choosing of different flowers and even importing them from different countries are also taken care of by wedding planners. Therefore, if you have the budget for tulips, then ask your planners to get them, especially from Holland!

Bride And Groom Styling

Many times wedding planners can also recommend some excellent stylists for your wedding. Also, if you look up very famous makeup artists and outfit curators online, then getting a quote from them might become a complicated affair. Moreover, it has been observed that excellent stylists also keep very occupied, which is why they might charge exceptionally high. As such, if the wedding planning services from your planners can accommodate styling, then it might lessen your overall pricing!

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Entertainment For The Guests

Hiring a good MC is often tricky. But good anchors are also very difficult to look for and utilize. As regular people, you must not know these people as well. Moreover, the trend of hiring choreographers for well-done dance performances has also increased. As such, the wedding planning services should also include recommendations for these people as well. You can also consider hiring professional dancers in case you prefer not to dance yourself! Not only does it provide entertainment for the guests but also takes your event one level up!

Venue Selection And Hire

You wedding planners should also be able to assist you regarding selection of your venue. Usually, five star hotels may be able to provide you their ballrooms on a discount if your wedding planners approach them. This however, is not not possible if you personally do the thing. Wedding planners may also provide services of hiring the staff. You need chefs, waiters and other additional staff for effortless functions. Wedding planners can easily assist you in finding these personnel.

Guest Accommodation  (For Outstation Guests)

This is quite an obvious fact that you will need some hotel rooms even if you’re having a city wedding. Your outstation guests will certainly not be managing their accommodations on their own. This is why, you can approach your planners to assist you in finding affordable rooms for the same.

Proposal Setting Services

What makes a proposal great? Well, it’s the moment! Who will remember the moment if the photographer is not there to capture it in his lens? How will you feel if the vicinity is not perfect? This is why wedding planning services can also provide proposal setting too. They can assist you in popping the questions rightly and secretly. A good band singing your significant other’s favourite song and some firecrackers on the sky are always an excellent option to consider. Therefore, ask your planners for the same!

Pre-Wedding Photography And Videography

What is the best way to announce your wedding? Of course, it is the pre-wedding photography. Photography is the best way to exhibit your happiness. This is why photographers are always in huge demand. Now the concept of videography before the wedding takes place is also very common. This is why if a photographer, as well as a videographer, is associated with the wedding planning firm, then it becomes straightforward for the bride and groom to arrange for them.

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Wedding Invitations

After all the preparation is done, what is left? One of the essential parts of a wedding is the design of the wedding invitation. If you are having a big fat wedding, then your request should also look like a piece on its own. Nowadays, designers try to make a tie-up with wedding planning firms such that the bride and the groom can directly avail the services from their wedding planners itself. The designs of the wedding invitation have taken all-new levels now and require specific attention. Ask your wedding planners for wedding invitation designers in case you cannot find them yourself!

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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is also one of the most critical parts of a beautiful wedding. All the famous people, along with bloggers, rely on top-notch photographers to make their wedding look extremely impeccable to the public. Fortunately, photography is not only for a few. Wedding planners can also recommend individual photographers that they know, for your wedding. Because photography is one of the essential elements, you must let the professionals do the job! This is why assisting in wedding photography is also an excellent wedding planning service!

Gifts For The Guests

One must have heard that saying that even though you might get married most luxuriously, there will be at least one guest who will complain. In such cases, gifts are essential. However, finding something that will suit all ages and preferences becomes quite tricky in case you are the bride or groom yourself. If your wedding planning agency can provide assistance in deciding the gifts for the guests, then it’s excellent!


If you are having a city wedding, then transportation might not be a big issue. But in case you have planned for a destination wedding then the transit of your guests becomes your responsibility. Transportation requires a lot of comforts because nobody likes to get exhausted before the wedding festivities. Thus, transportation is also one of the most crucial wedding planning services that a wedding planner can provide! However, this transportation does not have to do only with switching cities. In big resorts and heritage hotels, you will need small cars that commute inside the property too. In cases where the hotels don’t provide these cars themselves, wedding planners should assist!

Honeymoon Destinations And Packages

Your wedding planners are not just there until the wedding gets over. A right wedding planning agency should also provide certain additional services such as honeymoon packages too. Honeymoon packages are a great opportunity for wedding planners to enhance their business and also makes the couple’s life a little more comfortable as they do not have to look for other travel agents!

So there you go! The wedding planners are not just there to put your fairytale wedding in execution. They must also practically help you regarding everything associated with your wedding. Ranging from food to honeymoon destinations, excellent wedding planning services include the minutest of details apart from the decor!


Plan Your Dream Wedding!

End-to-end planning for your wedding by the highest rated event planning company in Chennai (5 Star - Facebook)

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