Wedding Venue Checklist: Questions You Must Ask Before Booking

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wedding venue checklist

Girl, you got engaged! Great!! Now that you will start preparing for the big day, its time to prepare your “to-do” list in the order of priority. Picking a wedding venue is not only one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning but also a crucial one. If you are very specific about your wedding details, surely you don’t want to settle for anything less when it comes to the wedding venue. Hence, follow our below wedding venue checklist and take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

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Not all venues are the same. Thus, you have to evaluate each type and most importantly feel confident trusting a given venue to make your day a memorable one. Also, it will save you a lot of time for better things like celebrating with your near and dear one. So, ask these questions to your venue and evaluate the venue for all its pros and cons before making the final call.

Is The Venue Available On Your Desired Date?

Though this may sound like a pretty obvious question, if don’t have a specific date in mind you may forget to enquire about the availability. Venues especially the popular ones tend to get booked in advance for Muhurtham dates. Also, weekends and vacation periods are popular choices for weddings. Some of the venues can be booked as early as one year but 6 to 3 months is the standard duration.

Hence, it’s better to have a few wedding date options. Enquire with them preferably on phone about the venue’s available for the desired dates  This way you will not only save time but also the disappointment of paying them a visit and realizing the venue is not free for your dates!

file15-2 Wedding Venue Checklist: Questions You Must Ask Before Booking Venues Weddings

How Many Guests Can the Wedding Venue Accommodate?

It is important you opt for a venue that can comfortably accommodate your guest. The venue space should not be too big or too small for your guest list. Compromising on the guestlist for a specific venue is typically not the case when it comes to weddings. Hence, you have to find a venue that will be perfect for your guest count. Hence, the venue’s capacity, both for seating and the floating crowd is a deal-breaking question.

Ensure you and your fiance, work out an estimate of guests expected for the wedding and reception. And when you talk to the venue, this should be one of the primary questions you ask.

What Is The Venue Cost And What Does It Include?

If you find a venue that is available for the desired dates and can accommodate your guests, then you need to check if it is financially viable. Some of the venues have a fixed “hire fee” for space. This does not include catering, electricity, clean-up, furniture etc cost. Whereas banquet halls have a per heading price which includes everything. It is important to make sure you check the total cost of hiring the venue.

If you have set aside a specific amount for the venue from your wedding budget then hidden extras will hinder your plans. Hence, you cannot afford to miss out on enquiring about the extra. For, example if the price is inclusive of all taxes, how many hours does it cover, etc.

Is There Any Wedding Ceremony & Reception Combined Package?

A combined package allows you the flexibility and convenience of marrying and celebrating your entire day in one magical location. It really does make things so much easier to coordinate with guests and suppliers.

What Are the Payment Plan Options and Cancellation Policy?

It is important to be clear about the payment and cancellation policies of the venue. This includes deposit-amount to block the venue, next payment schedule etc. Also, enquire about the procedure to cancel the booking if the need arises.

Some other aspects you need to know are the mode of payment via cash or any digital payment mode is acceptable. Another vital detail in your wedding venue checklist is insurance liability. If any mishaps occur during a wedding ceremony, then who is liable to bear the loss.

Does the Venue Offer Accommodation For Guests?

If you have outstation guests and the wedding venue is far from other accommodation options then it is worth asking about accommodation facilities, along with the number of rooms available, etc.

Having guest accommodation within the venue or in its vicinity is convenient for you as well as your guests.

What Equipment And Décor Do The Venue  Provide?

You are obviously going to need a stage, tables, chairs, linen, etc for the wedding.  Some venues provide them complimentary whereas in others you will have to rent them. Also, if you have a special requirement, for example, a havan kund, for the wedding ceremony, you must ask if they will be able to provide it or you have to arrange for yourself.

Does The Venue Have A List Of Preferred Vendors?

Sometimes a venue will have a list of vendors like caterers, decorators, photographers etc. from which you must use. Hence, it is worthwhile to check this with the venue. Ask for their list of favourites and it might actually be a good idea to hire a vendor who has worked at the venue before!

Start-organizing-the-food-selection Wedding Venue Checklist: Questions You Must Ask Before Booking Venues Weddings

How Early Will The Venue Be Available To Start Setting Up?

Decorators need at least a few hours to set up the place. Thus, the day before or early in the morning of the event day are the usual options for set-up. But if the venue has another event just before your function, you may want to know the time the venue will be made available to you. This information is also useful while you communicate with your wedding decorator.

mandap-min Wedding Venue Checklist: Questions You Must Ask Before Booking Venues Weddings Is Car-Parking Space Available?

Though this may seem like a trivial matter, believe us on the actual wedding day it matters a lot. Having enough car parking space leaves the venue entrance clutter-free.

Ask your venue car-parking questions to make it easy for your guests! Will there be enough car parking spaces for all of your guests? Will there be someone to show your guests where to go from the car park?  The last thing you want is your guests walk for a mile to reach the venue after parking their vehicle!

How Many Restrooms Does The Venue Have?

Make sure a venue has enough restrooms to accommodate your number of guests. This is a very basic necessity in a venue. The absence of a sufficient number of washrooms and clean restrooms is a big turn-off. If it’s an outdoor venue, you may want to add extra portable bathrooms to accommodate your needs.

file7-4 Wedding Venue Checklist: Questions You Must Ask Before Booking Venues Weddings

Is There A Fine Print In The Contract?

Make sure you read and understand all the terms of the contract to avoid any disappointments and hidden costs at the time of the wedding. For example, if you want a firework display at your wedding and the venue doesn’t permit them then you may have to prioritize and decide.

These are some of the important questions that you need to ask your venue while choosing a wedding venue. One should carefully evaluate the wedding venue for these queries and see if it fits your requirement.

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