Wedding Venue Price In Chennai: The Complete Guide

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Venue prices in Chennai

A wedding is a momentous occasion in one’s life as it celebrates your love for someone. Not to mention, a wedding also means celebrating the day with people who matter to you the most. And, hence, most of us wish to make the ceremony as unique and meaningful as possible. That’s why choosing the right wedding venue is very important. Wedding venues usually take up a large proportion of your wedding budget. In fact, when you start the process, the costs of venues can be intimidating. What is the wedding venue price in Chennai? What factors decide the venue pricing? Through this blog, we have tried to address some questions like these and the financial aspects of renting a venue in Chennai.

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Choosing the venue is generally the first step in your wedding planning process. And to start shortlisting the venues, you have to set aside a venue budget from your wedding budget. The type of venue, location, etc. you can opt will largely depend upon your budget. Hence, to help make this process easier, we have broken down how much a venue should cost you on your big day.

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Average Wedding Venue Prices In Chennai

The cost of hiring wedding venues depends on your guest count, menu and specific requirements. The average venue price in Chennai is approximately Rs, 2,00,000t for 200 guests if the per plate charge is ₹1000. This cost includes only food. Moreover, the prices of accommodation and banquets are all different and will vary according to the hotel you choose. Based on a couple’s preference and specific requirements, the venue cost tends to change. On average, you can expect to pay about 50% of your wedding budget for a venue.

Types Of Wedding Venues And Their Costs In Chennai

Kalyana Mandapam

A Kalyana Mandapam is essentially a massive hall with a seating area for a lot of guests. If your guest list for your wedding day is more significant than a thousand, then Kalyana Mandapam can be an ideal option to choose from. Not only are these spacious, but they are trendy in the city of Chennai. Usually, the food is served in separate halls, and the parking is also available. In case you want to house your guests, you can also inquire about accommodation services in case they provide any.

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The Mandap is set on the stage. One can get this decorated by professionals to make a fantastic impact. Moreover, this wedding venue will be great for people on a budget. We say so because even if your guest count is high, you can rent a majority of these Kalyana Mandapams in Chennai for expenditure under eight lakhs. Kalyana Mandapams have a fixed rent irrespective of the guest count. Hall rental fees in Chennai varies from Rs. 50,000 to 5,00,000 for one day. This does not include other costs like catering, cleaning, electricity, furniture etc.  You can also enquire about specific packages which may also cut down the price mentioned above!

Banquet Halls

Chennai being a big bustling city offers a number of banquet halls to choose from. Many big hotels also provide these services. One can select any banquet hall depending on their guest count and budget. Banquet halls are closed halls inside hotels. This means in case you require accommodation services for your guests, you can quickly get them in the same hotel as that of the banquet hall.

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Many five-star hotel chains in Chennai have banquet halls which have a good capacity of people that they can accommodate. Moreover, these hotels also provide additional services such as catering, DJ, decoration, etc. which some of the Kalyana Mandapams don’t! For a guest count of 100 pax and an average package of Rs. 1200/person, a banquet hall will cost you approximately Rs. 1,20,000 lakhs. As your guest count and menu preferences vary, the banquet hall venue price in Chennai will also change.

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Restaurant Party Halls

Nowadays, renting restaurant party halls has also become a convenient way to organize a great engagement or reception parties. The best thing about booking such a place is that one can quickly get catering facilities at the restaurant with delectable food. You don’t have to look for catering elsewhere. A variety of different restaurants these days come with beautiful and themed décor. However, if you wish to make the venue, then you can bring in decorators of your own. Cost to hire this type of venue can be anything from Rs. 80,000- Rs. 1,50,000 for about 100 guests based on the choice of your restaurant, menu and additional services.

Additional Wedding Venue Costs

When it comes to the cost of a wedding venue, there are a lot of expenses that you might not have anticipated. These costs can affect your overall budget massively, which is why you should know about them. Here are a few of these little-known expenses:


If you look up prices of different wedding venues online, then the chances are that they won’t be mentioned inclusive of taxes. This way, the actual budget will come out to be more than what you imagined. Usually, the entire cost will be told to you only if you inquire at the venue. Thus, you are advised to choose a place with charges that are a little lesser than your budget so that you can adjust the extra costs.


One has to make sure that they tip all the workers nicely. Tipping is essential because it gives the impression that you appreciate what all the workers are doing. However, if the amount is too big for a commodity, the tip should also be according to that.

Fees For Hiring Outside Vendors

At a number of locations in Chennai, outside vendors are not allowed. There will be several brands and in house catering services that are provided by the hotel that you won’t like. In such a case, hiring from elsewhere is essential. As such, you will have to pay the minimum specified fees accordingly.

Factor That Influence Wedding Venue Price In Chennai

There are many factors that directly or indirectly drive the price of venues, such as:

  1. Event Date: If your event lies in important dates such as festivals or the wedding season, then the chances are that your venue will cost you even more than what is the average.
  2. Location: Elite locations, including sea-facing or venues located in the center of the city, tend to charge more.
  3. Bundled Services: Your wedding costs will also be increased based on the other services that you require. Accommodation, planning, decoration, etc. tend to increase the cost.

How Can You Save Money While A Booking Venue?

It is quite an underrated fact that weddings in India cost huge. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t save up on venue prices in Chennai while booking. Here are some ways in which you can save a lot of bucks while booking a venue:

  1. Off-season: As mentioned above, off-season charges are usually less than the average. This is why you must pre-book as much in advance as possible. You can also choose to book a venue that is not very popular. For instance, if you want to have a beach wedding then book a place outside the central city. These locations tend to cost less since they don’t like in the central area.
  2. Enquire for Packages: Many hotels and banquet halls provide packages with additional services to reduce the overall payment. Enquire about these. People are able to save a lot by selecting appropriate packages.
  3. Blank Canvas: Avoid choosing blank canvas venues as they put the entire burden on you. You have to take care of all the things by hiring appropriate staff, which increases the overall budget.

Now that you have gone through the article, we sincerely hope that you’ve got a better idea. It would be best if you did your homework before making a deposit, and that will create a massive difference in what you end up paying.

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