Wedding Venues In Chennai – Which One Is For Me?

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When it comes to wedding venues in Chennai, options are simply endless. Different formats, sizes, prices, feel etc.! Whether you envision a fairytale wedding in a hotel ballroom or a romantic beach wedding, each one has its own pros and cons. Our handy pros and cons list will help you find “the one”. Here is all you need to know before you hire a venue.

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How To Evaluate My Venue Requirements?

Your task of shortlisting the wedding venue will be made much easier if you start by deciding on your wedding style. The choice of venue must align with the kind of atmosphere you wish to create! So as a precursor, there are two important factors that you need to consider first:

What Is My Guest Count?

Brainstorm with your fiance and establish a tentative guest list. Having a ballpark estimate of guests is essential before you even start shortlisting the potential venues. For example, if you have more than 400 guests, your search will narrow down to venues that can accommodate that number. Typically, if you have more than 150 guests, mostly hotels or a Kalyana mandapams will suffice your requirement. Whereas for a smaller group of 100 or less, a restaurant party hall may be more affordable.

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How Hands-On Do You Intend To Be?

If you want to minimise the hassle of wedding planning, then probably a hotel wedding with all-inclusive packages will suit you best.  You can rely on its full infrastructure and in-house team. However, if you wish to oversee every little detail yourself, an exclusive outdoor venue or marriage hall

Banquet Halls In Hotel

A hotel banquet hall is a popular venue choice for getting married. As they offer full-service planning and catering, it is convenient in many ways for you and your guests.  From star-rated hotels to boutique hotels, Chennai has a range of banquet halls spread across the city.  Most of the 5-star and 4-star category banquet halls are located near Guindy, T Nagar, Teynampet and ECR. Apart from this, every neighbourhood has some popular banquet halls.

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The banquet halls charge on per person basis which covers the venue fee, catering, electricity, set-up and cleaning etc. The cost ranges between Rs. 800-3500 per person. Hence, expect to spend approximately Rs. 2,00,000 for a wedding of 200 (at Rs.1000/plate). Of course, if you are having a fancier wedding, the cost will be much more than that. CLICK HERE for exclusive deals on top banquet halls in Chennai.

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  • Bundled Package: As banquet halls offer a complete package inclusive of venue, food, table-chair rentals etc, it makes budgeting convenient.
  • Experienced Staff: They have the full infrastructure and professionally trained teams to manage every aspect of the event. From event co-ordination to operations to catering, the experienced staff take care of even the minutest details.
  • In-house Accommodation: You can book rooms for your out-station guests in the hotel itself and not look elsewhere. In fact, some hotels offer wedding packages that include free honeymoon stays.
  • Quality And Consistency: A trusted hospitality brand with  great reviews means that you can be confident in your choice


  • Less Flexibility:  You have to use the amenities and items that they provide. Similarly,  they do not allow outside caterers. Also, they will be very particular their banquet policies like the event end time, loud noise etc
  • Total Cost: For a large guest list in a premium hotel, the affair can get pricey.
  • Limited Scope For Decor: Needless to mention, your wedding decorator has to work with the given hotel decor and interiors. The floor-to-ceiling height, lighting, natural light etc add to the overall effect your wedding decoration.

Kalyana Mandapams

Kalyana Mandapams or marriage halls are traditional wedding venues and  Chennai has plenty of them.  With over 1500 mandapams in the city at your disposal, you are indeed spoilt for choice. It explains their popularity with the masses too. If you wish to host the ceremony and reception in the same place, then this type of venue is a fantastic venue choice. However, you also have to be ready for a lot of hands-on vendor coordination.

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Kalyana Mandapams charge a flat venue hire fee. In other words, it is the venue space rent. However, this fee does not typically include extras, like catering and electricity consumption. While some venues can provide these options as well, others are happy for you to take care of them yourself. Kalyana Mandapam rent in Chennai ranges between Rs. 1,00,000 –  6,00,000 for full day. CLICK HERE for exclusive deals on top Kalyana mandapams in Chennai.

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  • Budgeting: Though Kalyana mandapams are not cheap per se, there is more scope to save money in certain areas.
  • Works Out Cheaper For Large Gatherings: As you pay a flat fee, the option is comparatively cheaper for huge weddings.
  • Facilitates Overnight Accommodation: When you hire for a full day, the mandapam is available for overnight also. Also, most of them have a provision for a few rooms. So close family members can stay in the hall itself. This arrangement is very convenient for early morning wedding muhurthams. Moreover, you can save on hotel room rent for outstation guests.

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  • Variable Price Components – Some of the costs are not fixed and may surprise you towards the end. It is thus advisable to discuss your wedding plan with them and take estimates for the variable components like electricity.
  • Meticulous Planning: You have to organize and coordinate every aspect of your day. It can be quite stressful.

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Outdoor Venues

If you want a blank canvas for an amazing and creative celebration then outdoor venues are for you! Set along the beautiful shoreline of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is blessed with some magical beaches. As a result, there are plenty of lovely beach resorts. The idyllic scenery, soothing sound of water hitting the shores in the lap of luxury makes Chennai an ideal destination for beach weddings. Likewise, you can also explore the open lawns in the city.

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The resorts usually charge on per person basis.  The average cost is between Rs. 800-1000  per person. CLICK HERE for exclusive deals on top outdoor venues in Chennai.

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  • Natural Backdrop: When you have the beauty of nature working in your favour, who needs a lavish decor? It provides a unique backdrop not only for your wedding but also for the photographs.
  • Blank Canvas For Decor:  Sky is the limit for using your wedding decor creativity.  You can work wonders with flowers, dramatic lighting, flowing drapes, danglers etc.


  • Susceptible To Harsh Weather Conditions: Weather has a mind of its own and there is nothing much that we can do to control it.  Apart from the vulnerable weather, you have to consider the temperature changes also.
  • Rentals Required: If the venue does not have an indoor space, you may have to erect a shamiana or tent.  This is an extra expense. For some venues, you may have to the tables, chairs, and other peripherals.
  • More Planning: Outdoor venues require more organization and vendor coordination. So either be prepared for extra planning or hire a wedding planner (means extra expense).

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Restaurant Party Halls

Is an exceptional gastronomical experience for your wedding guests a top priority? Then maybe a fine-dining establishment would fit the bill perfectly. If you wish an intimate and less traditional celebration with finger licking food, then a good restaurant is worth considering. This is a good option, especially when you have tied the knot in another location and hosting a private reception in Chennai for a select few.


Like banquet halls, restaurant party halls also have a per person pricing policy.  Price ranges between Rs. 400-1000  per person depending on the restaurant and choice of menu. CLICK HERE for exclusive deals on top party halls in Chennai.

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  • Food Variety:  Restaurants are in the business of making good food and hence you can expect a variety of food and drink choices.
  • Ambience: The atmosphere is usually more intimate and laid-back.
  • Well-Trained Staff:  Prompt customer service is a priority for many restaurants. Regardless, make sure you book a restaurant that has experience of managing big size parties.


  • Limited Space: Restaurant party halls are compact and suitable for small gatherings. Hence, you may not have enough space for an additional set-up like dance floor etc.
  • No Accommodation: Guest accommodation is not usually available on site.
  • Not  Suitable For Wedding Ceremony:  They are appropriate for post/pre-wedding party. A separate venue for the wedding is usually necessary. Even if space is available, there may be some restrictions like conducting the “homam” ritual.

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Remember each venue type has its own charm.  And your ideal venue is the one that matches your style and requirements.  Hopefully, the above information will steer your venue search in the right direction.  Now all you need is our ultimate wedding planning guide for Chennai and you are ready to go!

Hassle-free event planning is our passion! Our planning team won’t rest until we help you discover the perfect venue and host a memorable event. Enquire with us about venues with exclusive packages and top event professionals in Chennai like photographers,  decorators,  makeup artists etc.

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A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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