What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book

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what to ask your wedding photographer

Your wedding pictures are meant to preserve the beautiful memories of your big day. They have to be a true reflection of you, your love for each other and your wedding day. Hence, you need to find a photographer whose work style matches your temperament and basically someone you can entrust the most important day of your life. Communication is the key here. The couple must discuss their expectations, likes, dislikes etc with their photographer in advance.

You must read this article if you:

  • Have just started your hunt for a wedding photographer but finding it difficult to shortlist
  • Are about to meet the shortlisted photographers but not sure what questions to ask

If any of the above best describes your situation then here’s what to expect and what to ask your wedding photographer before meeting them.  It will help you to filter and decide if there is a match! 

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questions-to-ask-your-wedding-photographer What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book Weddings

Do Your Homework Before Meeting The Photographer

Follow The Cues On Social Media

There is no doubt as millennials we like to do our research before we buy anything. Reviews are of vital importance in the decision-making process. Social media is an amazing platform to check the photographer’s portfolio and get a glimpse of their work style through client feedback and testimonials. And whether or not they have a social media account, their work is being discussed by clients and potential clients on core forums.  Apart from the reviews, the other things to notice are how active they are in sharing sneak peeks of their recent work on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts. What kind of rapport they have with their clients? Is it friendly or too professional? Does it look like they enjoy their job? Look out for cues that will convey the photographer’s personality and see if those qualities are important to you!

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Read Their Blog

Some photographers illustrate the photography experience of the weddings the cover through their blogs. Each wedding is unique and how the photographer captured that uniqueness. Reading these blogs is another great way to know their work style. Similarly, this is also a good opportunity to understand their post-wedding work process. Is there anything that they do differently? It is always better to know what to expect and if that excites you.

what-to-expect-when-meeting-wedding-photograper-1 What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book Weddings

Check Photographer’s Availability

Once you kind of like a photographer, the very first thing you should do is checking their availability for your wedding date. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of time researching them only to realize they are already booked. Save yourself the time and pain.

Pinterest The Shots That You Specifically Want

It is probably a good idea to spend some time looking for recent wedding photography on Pinterest etc. Save the images you like so that you can discuss the shots with your photographer. Unless you mention what is significant to you, the photographer won’t know and probably will not capture them.

What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring?

Be sure to ask the right questions when it is time to meet the photographer in person. Towards the end of this session, you should have an answer to the question ‘do we click‘?

What Is Your Wedding Photography Style?

Photographers often have a comfort zone that they love to try and play with. They may use photography lingo like being candid, photojournalistic, documentary to describe their work.  Ask your photographer to compare his different works to illustrate the different styles. (Tip – look for a photographer who is adventurous and creative.  You are sure to have an unusual collection of pictures that truly capture the spirit of your wedding.)

Will You Be Photographing My Wedding?

You have to clear with regards this especially if you are talking to a big wedding photography company who have freelance photographers working for them. In that case, make sure you know in advance who will be the photographer for your wedding and talk to him/her before the wedding. If the photographer works solo, then obviously the answer to this question will be “yes”.

wedding-photographer What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book Weddings

How Many Photographers Will Cover My Wedding? Will There Be An Assistant?

If you have a large-scale wedding with more than 500 guests, then you will probably to need two photographers. For a small wedding, one photographer should be enough. Hence, your requirement depends on the scale of your wedding. Especially if you have a big wedding, make sure that the photographer has prior experience of managing that scale and is comfortable working on that level.

What Types Wedding Photography Packages Do You Offer?

Get down to business and inquire about the different packages they have and their pricing. Mostly, the photographer will pitch their most popular package first, inclusions, approximate number of pictures taken etc. This is also probably a good time to discuss your budget and your requirements for that budget like candid photography, traditional videography, cinematography etc. Understand if they are flexible to customize the packages to suit your budget.

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What Is Your Refund or Cancellation Policy?

While it is important to know the price of your wedding photography, it is also equally vital to be informed about the cancellation policy. Contingencies are inevitable. Make sure that the cancellation/refund policy is reasonable and as per the industry standards.

What Will Be The Schedule?

Understanding a the schedule for the day is crucial to ensure that everything you have discussed and want to happen, happens. Your photographer must have good time management skills and he should be able to give you a photography timeline for the wedding day. For example, when will the couple portrait be taken?  Being able to effectively plan and stick to the timetable means they can capture the whole event properly.

rev-4-2 What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book Weddings

Is There Anything Unique About Your Process?

Hmm…. don’t you want to know why you should hire them? Well, hear it from them! Chat with them about their processes and what makes them better than the competitors. How quick is their editing process? Do they use any special lighting gear? What kind of back-up plans they have in case of an emergency, especially if the photographer works solo?

When Will I Receive The Proofs?

You don’t want to wait and follow up for months to get the first glimpse of your wedding pictures! Find out what are their average turnaround times to send you your images. About 15-20 days is the standard wait period.

Have You Shot At Our Wedding/Reception Venue Before?

It is definitely a bonus if the photographer is familiar with the venue. If they have worked there previously, you should see the pictures taken by them at your venue. A could be a good way to compare if they match up to your expectations. And if they have not worked at your venue before, check if they will be scouting the place. Though it is not necessary, it would give them a better insight like the layout, ideal spots for portraits, lighting etc.

Have You Worked With Our Planner/ Decorator etc?

Again, it is not mandatory but if you have already finalized your wedding decorator/wedding planner, it is better to mention about it. It would be nice to know if at all they had any prior unpleasant experience. Prefer to opt for vendors who have a comfortable working equation.

Talk About Your Requirements

This is the time to speak your heart out. If there are any specific requirements like poses you desperately want to shoot, photo-booth etc?  Discuss your ideas and they will let you know what works and what does not.

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How To Book You?

Obviously, if all goes well you would like to hire the wedding photographer. Allow the photographer to take you through the process and other details like when is the advance due, instalment schedule etc.

rev-1-min What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Book Weddings

We hope this blog helps you to come out of the unknown territory and realize what to ask your wedding photographer on the first meeting! Word of caution is to allow the photographer to take the lead and solve your queries. If have any questions or want similar wedding related tips, ideas and inspirations check our blog section on the website.

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Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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